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Coles Mobile 1-Year Plan 160GB (120 + 40 Bonus) $125 (Was $150) @ Coles


Cheapest long expiry plan with international inclusions and more data than the amaysim deal. Renews $150/year 120GB. Activate by 28/11/23 to receive bonus data.


  • 120GB data
  • Unlimited standard international calls and text to 15 countries
  • Unlimited standard national calls and text
  • Up to 50GB rollover when Autorecharge is used

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  • +3

    Good deal, inB4 someone says Floptus.

    • +1

      Hack also

    • Floptus, Hellstra, Vodafail. They all have nicknames. YMMV depending on where you live.

  • +4

    internet is not that good lots of dropout

    • +2

      This. I have been with them for the past one year. I am aware that it is on the Optus network, but never had so many dropouts in the past though I was with providers using the Optus network. I am not going back as the issue continues till today.

      • +1

        I can third this. Came from Boost and the speed and dropouts are a big turn off. While I did save money, I probably won't go back. Also, no esims if that is something you need.

        • I can fourth this. So many dropouts in Sydney cbd and eastern suburb. Used boost before this and rarely have any issue.

    • I've had it for 2 years and my wife for 1 years. No issues till today other than the Optus blackout couple of weeks ago.
      Used all carriers in the past. Worst was Vodafone

      • I’m with voda at the moment… i can assure you optus is the worst experience i had so far… I’m moving to boost soon

    • Avoid if you depend on data.

  • +7

    What network is this on? Oh…

    Hard pass.

    • Soft pass for me, currently in a yearly plan on Kogan mobile

  • eSIM?

    • no amaysim has eSIM

      • +1

        Yep using amaysim, considering jump the boat without proper black Friday deal.

  • +3

    I think optus may bring some new offerings with new ceo to win back some customers… If you can wait

  • Oh no where is the 60gb plan?

    • +1

      no longer with us 🪦

    • That stopped for new customer on the 9/11. I think existing customers can still top up. I’m about to find out. Also you get the 25Gig rollover for saying sorry.

    • +1


    • Amaysim loyalty offer… recharge last year 60gb 365 day plan for $90 and increased data to110gb. Might be targeted email that was sent to me about 1 month ago. Just taken up the offer now as its best offer I have seen this BF that suits me. Also received 60gb sorry data ontop which expires 31 December.

  • How does Cole's network work in Perth ,anyone gave them a go?

    • +2

      Yup. Its Optus, no issues SOR

      • Cheers NOR here

  • Is this valid for existing customers as well?

    • new service only

  • I am with coles. Can i still get it

    • Yep if you port out & back.

  • +1

    Why wouldn’t one go for Woolies considering it’s 10% off on groceries ?

    • +4

      Maybe they already have wws insurance that gives them 10%, or maybe they can pay $35 get 12 months everyday extra to get 10% as well. 125+35 is still cheaper than 170

      Ultimately, they may not shopping at wws, cos some of their items are already more expensive than other.

  • Just bought these Sims last week. Haven't activated yet. Would that mean if I activated before 28 nov I'll get the data or only applies to those purchased this week?

    • Same here.

      • +1

        talked to chat, seems like wont get the extra 40gb. Will try activating one tomorrow and see. Apparently its a new product chat said.

        I bought 2 of them for 99$/each (with another 10% discount) so i can't complain haha.

        • please post here if success or no - the catalog says it may take up to 72 hrs for bonus to show

          • +1

            @ziggy1312: hi ziggy, i checked my mobile data from boost. i still got like 500mb left till december. decided to wait a few more days before i activate it.

            I went to coles, the packaging looks exactly the same. I think better to wait a few days prior to 28/11 before activating just to be sure.

          • +1

            @ziggy1312: activated one this morning. showing just 120gb :(

  • -1

    had 4 sims in 2 phones dual sims and travelled Australia QLD SE, Cairns, WA Perth, Bunbury and walked cape to cape
    Rated in this order. Though very variabled depending on where we were.
    Boost = Telstra, Lebara( Vodafone), Telstra mnvo(telechoice), Optus ( Coles)

  • OPTUS they use.

    • +2

      A perimeter around the subscribers create.

    • I feel like it’s the same people who go back to Harvey Norman no matter how much hate..

      • -1

        It would make sense if Harvey Norman offers the lowest price for your favourite TV. Optus isn’t event the cheapest.

  • Is this available for existing customer to recharge?

  • -4

    Optus network.

  • Considering this is on Optus would it be the same service to Spintel? Currently on them and they're canceling my long running $10 a month plan for $22 a month, more than double of what I've been paying.

  • Is this in store only? Can’t see it advertised on the Coles Mobile site.

  • +1

    Just though I mention here that the Amaysim deal can possibility go as low as $85.75 refering to My conversation with v1nn1e.

    As for the signal drop out issue, I am confuse by a few of the comments, are we pointing the finger at Boost or Optus?

  • +1

    Just bought in store and can't even activate the bloody SIM Card. Contacted support and said it's being escalated? Is this just Optus being optus? What a piece of S**T

    • mine took a few hours for coles to send the activation code from the till to the portal. Purchased @ about 10 am , was able to activate about 12

      • Seems like network was down. Managed to get through in the arvo too.

  • Just noticed this message on the website:

    "The $20, $150 and $200 plans will be discontinued on 6 December 2023 and will no longer be available for purchase online by new customers"

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