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Western Digital 4TB WD Red Plus 3.5" CMR NAS Hard Drive $126.63 (RRP $149.99) Delivered @ Amazon US via AU


Had this in my cart and it dropped price today, it's a Western Digital 4TB WD Red Plus NAS Internal Hard Drive HDD - 5400 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, CMR, 256 MB Cache, 3.5" -WD40EFPX, but shipped from Amazon US free with Prime.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      How much does a 4TB SSD cost?

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      I was expecting OP or another user to respond with their reasoning for that specific HDD with their setup, so I could respond accordingly, but I guess instead of assuming your/their specific needs, I'll take the handful of neg votes instead.

      Looking at the active deals, you can get a 4TB SSD for $199, 4TB NVMe for $250-300.

      But that wasn't the direction I had planned on going with my response.
      Purchasing this drive IMO is illogical for numerous reasons.

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        I've had 2 x 3TB WD mirrored for past ten years in synology nas and one recently died, so needed a replacement. I don't need much more storage, so suitable for my needs.

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        When I moved from my two bay 2x 4TB NAS to a four bay, two extra 4TBs was all I could afford lol

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    Two I bought back in Jan from Amazon US were very well packaged.

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    You would want at least 8TB

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      Did you just assume his storage needs

      • Maybe he identifies as a Hoarder 🤭

  • Suitable for long term storage of family photos? Suitable for occasional use with an external dock?


  • I haven't had any claims on Amazon US ( AMZ AU Prime member). What's the issue with Amazon US when my drives die ?
    - RMA can take long time? or
    - we have to pay for freight to US ? or what
    Assuming warranty period of 3 years ? Amz US will take care the whole 3 years or only 1 year and WD US for another 2 years ?

  • I had a bunch of these in my cart for 4 weeks sitting around $150 AU each, glad i waited. Going to use 4 of these in a NAS build

  • Are these good for a home based self hosted cloud woth lots of writes? I know they say NAS but what's the experience of others with these?

    • I'm planning to pop a couple in my regular build just for extra non-SSD storage. Was holding out for 6TB or 8TB but these might do. Can always move them to a NAS in the future.

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    i just bought same one for 99$ plus 9$ postage

    • Care to share where?

  • Does anyone know if it comes with 3 or 5yrs warranty? I recently bought one that it said 3yrs warranty on the invoice but back of the hdd sticker labeled as 5yrs

  • Thanks OP, bought two.
    One as a replacement NAS drive, for when a current one dies, and the other to replace my 1TB external NAS backup location.

  • The deal is on again at the same price. 34% claimed currently.

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