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SONOS Roam Portable Bluetooth Speaker Black/White $186 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Not seen a Roam so low before. The catalogue seemed to list it as $199 but the website has it for $186 (just ordered one).

No further discount on the JB Business/commercial site, and the wireless charger isn't on sale (but is cheaper on business/commercial).

MegaBlitz Catalogue entry: https://catalogue.jbhifi.com.au/2023/11/19-bf-cat/10/index.h…

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    The Good Guys have it for $185 pick up


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    2 cents: the battery life for these is horrid.
    I've owned multiple UE booms and then bought this (to sit along side a beam and 2 x symfonisks). It seems to need to be charged every second time I use it, making it practically worthless as a portable speaker.
    It has a "resting" on mode, to enable it to be switched on remotely. This can be turned off, which I do. But even when that mode is off, the battery life is truly terrible.

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      I hear it's super common for them to die around the year mark or just after…I think the Sonos Move 2 might not have that problem but also costs a LOT more

      • That shouldn't be an issue with ACL, but still alarming

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      I barely remember to charge mine and I’ve never had an issue with the battery. Sounds like you might have a dud.

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      Thanks so much for that information.

    • Helpful post..

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      thanks. buying the boombox instead.

    • OK Boom(box)er!

    • Seriously!

  • Sound is great, battery is terrible

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    I have one of these. A superb unit with great sound.

    Recommended - especially at this price.

    • Does it run Google assistant when it’s only connected to a phone or does this pair via wireless and act as a Google nest speaker?

      • You can use Google Assistant without a phone but no idea what a nest speaker is.

        • Sorry R4, i meant google home nest mini :)

          Looking to replace the google home nest mini and have the portability functionality for BT

  • Is there such thing as a ip67 speaker with 3.5mm audio out?

  • sound is poor in comparison to other similar priced speakers

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