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Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh Wi-Fi 5 System 3-Pack (Router + 2 x Wi-Fi Extender Points) $249 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Use a discounted gift card for further 6% off:

Also, $245 at Officeworks:

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    5 Router and 2 Points $249

    It is only 1 Router and 2 points…

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      Wifi 5

    • Amended. Thanks!

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    Price in title

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    Isn't the Eero 6 better ? eero 6 is wifi 6.

    • Kogan is selling, eero 6 direct import version for $269.

  • I've got one of these in our house, parents gave a deco. Google product is significantly better, but it's less adjustable. Eg can't turn off 5ghz which is a pain with smart devices, but it still worked alright.

    • Agree, also got one and had to use another router to broadcast different 2.4. even though split on Google nest some smart devices doesn't like it and drop off and reconnected. And no, guest wifi is not 2.4 :)

      • I thought it would give me issues, but ended up being fine on everything I own

    • May I ask how this is better than Deco? I see Amazon has Deco M5 for $179. I have family who make video calls which gets a bit choppy certain parts of the house so looking to shore up the weak spots. I did setup a spare router as extended wifi but it's not seamless.
      I would say the household max usage would be 3x devices video streaming + console gaming.

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        They are two different houses with quite different layouts, so part of it may be related to that. I've just found that I get better coverage and faster speeds more reliably on the nest. I even get coverage in the garage which is downstairs. The nest was significantly harder to set up though. Had quite a few issues and ended up setting up a bridge which worked. Google support were great though. They even tried to call TPG who originally supplied the modem to troubleshoot.

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