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Chemist Warehouse 50% Cashback (Capped @ $15) @ TopCashBack


Capped at $15 per member

Spend under $30 - get 50% Cashback

Spend over $30 - get $15 Cashback


What will stop me getting my cashback?

Purchases made via the Chemist Warehouse app are ineligible for cashback
Prescriptions, Pharmacist only medication, Immunisation services & Covid19 Antigen self tests are ineligible for cashback.
Purchases or redemption of gift cards will make cashback ineligible.
Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account

Referral Links

Referral: random (2778)

Referrer gets $30 and referee gets $10 after $10 of earned cashback.

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  • Is it for new members only?

    • +1

      New and existing

      • -3

        I Chemist Warehouse, therefore I am

    • Title is confusing, if you don't read every word, one might see this as the usual "new members deals" esp since those are the ones that normally give 50% or higher (with TcB).

      Either don't call out members at all, or say everyone.

  • +1

    Right on time, thanks

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      Yeah yeah

  • +3
    • Purchases made via the Chemist Warehouse app are ineligible for cashback

    • Prescriptions, Pharmacist only medication, Immunisation services & Covid19 Antigen self tests are ineligible for cashback.

    • Purchases or redemption of gift cards will make cashback ineligible.

    • Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.

    • If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account.

    • -5

      Damn!… was hoping to order, cancel, and collect a free $15. Oh well…

  • +1

    Was about to buy something, great to know this!

  • +9

    I had major dramas with the first few cashbacks earlier this year, support were no help. I whinged on here and the topcashback rep on here got the cashbacks approved and confirmed for me. thank you.
    This is a good deal. But, need guidance first -

    What is best for tracking
    - phone or pc browser ?
    - which browser ?
    - normal or private / incognito ?
    - cc or PayPal payment method ?

    Thanks in advance

    • +7

      I just discovered they also denied a sign up bonus for me and referral for my wife. I'm going to message the rep and will stop using them if not paid out.

      I don't trust them as it stands now.

    • +5

      Same here. They didn't honour a sign up promotion and support was of no help, even after rising the issue multiple times.
      Not worth the hassle, I'll stick to Cashrewards / Shopback

    • +2

      It doesn't really matter what device or browser, you just need to make sure that cookies are tracked properly and aren't being placed by any other sources.

      The easiest way to do that is to have a separate browser that you exclusively use for cashback. I mainly use Shopback and use their mobile app where possible, without issue, though also haven't had any issues using Topcashback in a browser that I make sure is "clean".

      The cashback sites are generally using the same third party infrastructure in the background to track these purchases which is outside of their direct control. The regular claims on here about company X always failing to track while company Y is great is very anecdotal, and knowing how these sites work, seems implausible. I'd imagine it's more down to luck than anything - these sites can't invent magic cookies that work better than anyone else's.

    • always phone (never had any issues)
      any ….own phone IE

  • Don't get it. How is this applied when purchasing in store? Do you need to add your credit card details on the page?

    • +1

      Have to purchase online and choose click and collect i think

      • But it says it's not valid through the app.

        Confusing shit

        • +2

          Not valid through the Chemist Warehouse app

  • +2

    Topcash just sent me email about we noticed that you appear to have multiple TopCashback accounts, we will unfortunately have to terminate!
    Total 4 account under my address for me and my family members! They are so strange! One account per household?!

    • Ask for help from TopCashBack rep here, he might be able to help.

      • Thanks, good idea

    • @TopCashback AU Rep
      Please help! I just reply the email from Topcashback, already to show proof ID to verify 4 people live in same address! No multiple account. Please follow up. Thanks

      • +2

        These guys should be wanting to build goodwill against the dominant players.

        Some of these decisions are strange.

      • +2

        Hey @Kathiepink, would you be able to drop me a DM with the email address you signed up with so that I can look into this for you please?

        • Thanks! Just sent

        • Hey mate, my purchase from Chemist Warehouse was not tracked. I will send you a DM with the email address. Thanks.

    • -3

      I'm having the same issue at the moment. I signed up other people living in my household and now they're asking each for ID before they can withdraw.

      Kind of a bad look.

      • -2

        Yes, signing up multiple people within the same household - presumably to take advantage of sign up/limited bonuses multiple times? - is definitely a bad look!

        I don't think wanting to verify that these are real people and not just fake accounts you're making is particularly demanding (assuming they're asking for something you can easily provide).

        • +1

          Explaining the concept of cash back to my parents is hard enough without them having to send "a screenshot of their latest Amazon purchase showing their details" - which is what was requested before they could withdraw.

          Maybe ask for verified ID while signing up so people know what is required. Not just when they try to withdraw money.

          • @kuwahshi: You're annoyed that they are asking for the receipt that you claimed cashback on instead of asking to verify your official ID? That seems incredibly bizarre to me, I have no idea why you'd be more comfortable giving a company a copy of your passport than you would an Amazon receipt?

            Did you refer your parents? If so, it's obvious that they suspect you may have opened up a fake account to get the cash. What exactly are your parents struggling to understand about that?

            • +1

              @callum9999: We obviously see this differently. But my parents worry about sharing information online. Personal receipts and all.

              When you sign up to the site, no information is asked besides a phone number and email. Only when you withdraw the money they worry about identify. Seems a bit backwards. People should know how much information is required during the sign up process.

              • @kuwahshi: Which is why I found your suggestion of having to verify ID to use the site weird - I'd assume anyone would be significantly more wary sharing a copy of their passport/driving license than they would for an Amazon receipt.

                But if you're saying your parents would have refused to join at all if they knew they would have to do this, they're no worse off anyway. There shouldn't be any issue with just leaving the cashback unclaimed.

                I withdrew money from Topcashback without providing ID or receipts. As I've already explained, it's a measure to stop people scamming them (you didn't answer whether you referred them or not - I'm assuming that means you did?). I'm certainly not saying you are scamming them, but your pattern of use shares hallmarks with those who do. I'd agree it would be better if the system recognised that your account already existed at the moment they tried signing up, but I think the number of people horrified at the prospect of having to share an Amazon receipt with them is so tiny, it's not worth their effort to try and implement such a system.

                • +1

                  @callum9999: In Topcashbacks defence their customer support has been more understanding and less hyperbolic than your take on it.

                  • @kuwahshi: I've not said anything remotely hyperbolic… There's a difference between you not liking what I say and it being inaccurate/exaggerated.

                    Everything I've said is pretty easy to demonstrate as fact (and doesn't really differ from what you've already said TCB have told you anyway).

                    • @callum9999: Mentioning I thought it was "horrific" and that I suggested they ask for "official ID" like a "passport" for starters.

                      • -1

                        @kuwahshi: Sorry that's a valid point, the "horrific" reference was hyperbolic. Though only slightly - I think your complaining is absolutely ridiculous. (That's not hyperbole - it's genuinely one of the most absurd complaints I've read this entire year and I don't believe for a second that, unless they're senile, your parents can't grasp the explanation for why they want verification)

                        You did say that they should verify ID at sign up. If it's not going to be official ID then I don't see what the point would be.

          • +1

            @kuwahshi: Having said that one probably would only pay for one Amazon subscription for the whole household. What if everyone in the same household share the same Amazon account? Does this mean they require everyone to have their own Amazon account?

          • +1

            @kuwahshi: Personally I don't see this as a big issue to receive signup bonus's. But I do agree, they should be mentioning that proof of identification and transactions may be required to receive a signup bonus. Although not sure about transactions, as lots of households do share accounts to save on yearly subscriptions like amazon, Ebay and onepass etc.
            It is a signup incentive to get people to use their service, otherwise you would likely be collecting your cashback elsewhere.

            • @kirkleton: I'll stop flooding this page with messages now as people clearly aren't reading them and I'm probably coming across as obsessive(!), but this isn't standard procedure.

              They suspect that they are being fraudulent, and their terms and conditions allow them to suspend/cancel any account for that reason.

              It's nothing to do with sharing accounts - they suspect that they opened additional TCB accounts using fake names so they could claim extra sign up bonuses/referral bonuses that they're not entitled to. All they're asking for is a trivial amount of proof that the person who opened the account exists.

      • So you can’t withdraw now? They terminate the accounts?

        • They close down accounts when people scam them. They originated in the UK, where I used to live, and I know on the equivalent UK site to OzBargain there were hundreds of people talking about opening second/third TCB accounts in order to refer themselves and get free money.

          I don't think asking people who have multiple accounts registered in one household to prove that they belong to different people is as horrific as kuwahshi seems to find it. Especially if all you have to do is email them a copy of an online receipt.

  • Awesome deal!

  • Sweet, half price baby formula! Thanks for posting

  • Of course this happens after I just stocked up on my most expensive items.

  • Hope it all goes smoothly once I become a member.

  • +1

    Anyone else getting Unavailable for Click & Collect for Panamax and Advil?

  • Got my full cashback for their last deal without any issues. So put my trust in them again this time and ordered something (that I don't really need).

    • Which browser

      • I haven't used anything other than Chrome in at least 10 years

  • +4

    The item I want you is not available for click and collect. Not worth it to pay the postage.

    • +2

      yeah same for me, was wondering if anyone else had this.

    • +1

      Yes same, a bunch of items I want are not available for click and collect for some reason

  • Is nicotine chewing gum eligible for this

    • should be!

      • +1

        Ah never mind, they've jacked the price from $31.50 to $40.50

  • presciptions eligible?

    • No. It's noted here.
      OP should really add more info to the deal noting exclusions, conditions etc.

      • Report button isn't as scary as it sounds, you can 'report' that a description needs more details / changes

        Isn't just a scary button for posts which need removing, just a way to contact mods

  • I also recently notice that they didn't track well. Multiple purchases with different stores, never got tracked anymore. Already raised 2 largest purchases, took awhile. Gave up to use them again.

    • Hi @yht, sorry to hear that your previous transactions haven't tracked. Please can you confirm whether you've submitted in a claim as we'd love to look into this for you.

  • Hi, will the purchase be tracked through iOS safari ?

    • +1

      It has been tracking mine in safari. You may need to disable any ad blockers though.

  • +2

    never had issues with Shopback and Cashrewards but since but with TopCashBack never tracks. had to raise claim on both occasions I used them
    and yes I didn't had any blockers on in browser.

    will give it another shot if doesn't track I won't bother with this lot again. they need to improve their cookie/session tracking.

    • My first topcashback deal with the toilet paper didn't get tracked, however this time it got tracked instantly.

  • What's the expected timing of the item being tracked? It's been twenty minutes and I've seen nothing :-S

    • Mine was overnight and didn't track

    • UPDATE. Timing was about 2 hours to be tracked.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    My issue with them is you have to earn a certain amount of non promotional cashback to withdraw promo cashback. Dodgy imo

    • +1

      What do you mean, what are non promo earnings? I've withdrawn my cashbacks without issue.

    • +1

      Where are you getting that from? There's nothing mentioned on their website and if I try and withdraw promotional cashback it doesn't try and stop me or mention a limit?

      The only thing I can think of is that if you use a referral link, you don't get the $10 bonus until you earn $10 in cashback, which very obviously isn't remotely "dodgy".

      • +2

        Yeah so for the referral bonus you have to earn $10 of non-promotional cashback, which at normal rates takes ages. Looks like they may have updated this though as my referral seems to have cleared with only promo cashback

        • How on earth is that "dodgy"? Are you claiming you weren't told that before signing up?

          • @callum9999: Because when you sign up via referral, the text says you can withdraw once you earn $10 of cashback. I think it's reasonable to assume ''earning $10 of cashback' would include $10 obtained from bonus cashback promos, not just flat rate 1-5% cashbacks.

            The T&Cs (https://www.topcashback.com.au/dyn/tafterms-nov-dec-2023/) say:
            "To be eligible for the $10 Sign-up bonus, the new member must sign-up via the referrer (existing members) referral link.

            To then be awarded the bonus, the new member must first reach the threshold of $10 in payable cashback. The sign-up bonus will be redeemable via the member’s account and can be withdrawn via bank transfer or Paypal only.

            You must earn the $10 cashback within 180 days from your sign up date to release your $10 sign up bonus. If the $10 threshold is not met within this 180 day period, the sign up bonus will no longer be valid and will be cancelled on the new member's account.

            $10 sign-up credit is non-transferable.

            The $10 sign up bonus will become payable once the $10 earnt cashback has achieved payable status ."

            Can you tell me where that says it excludes other promotions? Because I can't. They only tell you via chat when you ask that the $10 threshold does not include any promotional cashback amounts, which I think is dodgy.

            • @Deals For Days: In the bit that you've cut out?

              "Some brands on site don't count towards the $10 threshold required for you to receive the bonus. More information on eligibility and other general referral conditions can be found here, after signup."

              "Some transactions will not count towards your friend’s referral threshold, including sign-up bonuses, New Member Deals and any cashback awarded from the list of excluded merchants below. This list is subject to change at any time."

              "Cashbacks which are awarded as goodwill, incentives or contest cashbacks will not be counted towards reaching eligible threshold for both Tell-a-Friend sign up bonuses and Referral bonuses."

              Though I have absolutely no idea what "non-promotional" means in the context you're using it, given my bonus tracked and went payable with promotional cashback (Pizza Hut) and you yourself have said that your bonus went payable with promotional cashback? If, for example, this Chemist Warehouse offer wouldn't count, I would agree it's misleading. Can you demonstrate that it doesn't?

              • +1

                @callum9999: I believe the bonus cashback I received was a special for Amazon Prime Day. When I contacted customer service, they said:

                "The $10 sign up bonus is credited to your account when you successfully earn $10 in cashback, excluding bonuses within 90 days of you signing up. At the moment, you haven't quite reached the $10 cashback threshold, but as soon as you do, your bonus will become payable."

                Excluding all bonuses a lot broader than just sign-up bonuses and new member deals as the T&Cs say. The webpage doesn't even show me a list of 'excluded merchants' on the linked T&Cs, so I don't see why my Amazon Prime Day cashback earned didn't count to the $10 threshold.

                • +1

                  @Deals For Days: Same. I guess amazon bonus doesn't count

                • @Deals For Days: But you just said it DID count? So did it, or didn't it?

                  • +1

                    @callum9999: No, it didn't count to the threshold. I got the amazon prime day 'bonus' cashback, not the referral bonus.

                    I earnt more than $10 cashback from the amazon prime day sales, but still didn't get a referree bonus because they said it was 'excluding bonuses' which isn't what the T&Cs say.

                    • +2

                      @Deals For Days: Thanks for the clarification. I agree that's dodgy behaviour then! I'd still say their T&Cs would cover them for that as they use vague language, but it's not acceptable from a consumer standpoint.

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +3

    It’s been three months since my last cashback traced, Still the amount is in pending. Whenever the cashback date come nearby, they increase the time. From 3 weeks to now 12 weeks showing in the portal. Is this company even legit?

    • @Bilalsarfraz sorry to hear about this - could you please DM us your email so we can look into this for you?

  • what's the minimum you need to have earned before you can withdraw from topcashback?

    • +2

      Any amount greater than $0.01.

    • +2

      Why not just look at their site? It has all those basic questions answered

  • How will they know if pharmacist only medicine? There is product I normally get from behind counter, high iron supplements, like ferrogen or ferrrograd. But products don't say on their description page that it is pharmacist only.

    • ferrograd can be bought off the shelf at chemist warehouse. it's schedule 2 (pharmacy medicine), not schedule 3 (pharmacist only), so worry not :)

  • Can I purchase multiple times to get $15 cash back from each order under the same topcashback account?

    • +1

      Capped at $15 per member

      • Ok thanks for clarifying!

  • I had no tracking with the amazon toilet paper deal a couple of months ago(my first experience with topcashback) - lodged a ticket via email, and was resolved 2 weeks ago in my favor.. and I was able to instantly withdraw the 24.99 and deposit it into my bank account

  • Anyone know what happens if Chemistwarehouse unable to fulfil the whole order? Eg. Insufficient stock and partial refunds? Does it invalidates the cashback? Thanks.

    • +2

      Not 100% sure with TopCashBack, but with CR & SB, having a partial fulfilment due to whatever reason, will invalid the whole cashback.

      If the alert ever does pop up, Select the "I'll wait until its back in stock" option. Have had to do it a few times.
      There was even once the alert popped up and an hour later the order was ready for pick up… CWH staff just couldn't find the item the first time.

  • Got tracking confirmation!

  • Thanks! great deal!

  • My wife and I just signed up, both ordered several hours ago. Her order tracked, mine hasn't….

    • You got adblocker on your device?

      • +1

        No… Shopback and Cashrewards never had an issue

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