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Chemist Warehouse 50% Cashback (Capped @ $15) @ TopCashBack


Capped at $15 per member

Spend under $30 - get 50% Cashback

Spend over $30 - get $15 Cashback


What will stop me getting my cashback?

Purchases made via the Chemist Warehouse app are ineligible for cashback
Prescriptions, Pharmacist only medication, Immunisation services & Covid19 Antigen self tests are ineligible for cashback.
Purchases or redemption of gift cards will make cashback ineligible.
Using a discount code or voucher code not posted and approved by TopCashback.
If you return or cancel your order then you will no longer be eligible for cashback and you will see the cashback move to Declined in your account

Referral Links

Referral: random (2783)

Referrer gets $30 and referee gets $10 after $10 of earned cashback.

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  • How long does tracking take?

    • Still waiting on my $20 cashback from joining Ebay Plus on 9th November. Just filed a claim

    • Mine took 43mins between chemist warehouse email and TCB tracking email

  • Can I make 2 separate purchases? 1 to take advantage of the 50% off on a cheap item and another one for expensive purchase to get $15 cash back?

    • +1

      I was wondering/hoping the same, but I assume it's capped at $15 total across the 2 offers.

    • +1

      No, capped at $15 per member

  • Success feedback: I registered Topcashback using a random referral, bought some items in Chemist Warehouse, and referred my friend at about 11 am. Just now received the notification of a tracked purchase from Topcashback. Yeah!

  • +1

    Really it is spend less than $32.99, then 50% cashback (cashback calculated excluding GST). For $33+ then it is a flat $15 rate.

    Now time to find another $3 of goods to spend on to take advantage of the full 50% back

  • +3

    Chemist Warehouse said my everything I ordered suddenly wasn’t available after using this deal- except the $2 wipes. It’s not the first time either. Last they did that it made my cash back inelligible.

    • They've cancelled my order twice already - "Your order has been cancelled due to unsucessful payment."

    • +2

      unlikely to be related to this deal being available if that's what you're implying by saying 'suddenly wasn't available after using this deal'.

      it's more likely that it couldn't be found on the shelves, assuming you did a c&c.. things do disappear (theft, haven't done a stocktake in a while, customer moved it elsewhere, etc etc). the 14 year old picking your order probably doesn't really care whether you're getting $15 off or not since they're not seeing a cent of that money cwh would've otherwise kept.

      but yeah don't get me wrong its profanity that your whole cb gets invalidated for that.

      (used to work there)

  • Looks like it's time for me to finally try the Nautica perfume I always see getting posted here for $20

    EDIT: Unavailable for online ordering </3 Went with the ol' Old Spice instead

  • come on cashrewards/shopback you get the deal as well.

    • Just trying to search … SB and CR do not match rates like TCB do right?

  • Does hay fever medicine eligible? Ie Zyrtec

  • Can you do this more than once on the same account. Or would you have to make a whole new account with a new address and such

    • Capped at $15 per member. Multiple accounts may get terminated according to the comments, unless you provide proof I believe.

  • I pulled the trigger, after the dramas of my first few orders earlier this year not tracking

    Used phone, safari normal and PayPal

    Hopefully it will track.

    • I got pretty quick tracking, within an hour or two.

  • -3

    Not available for click and collect…. right…

    • +1

      if an item isn't available in-store in any decent quantity (> 3) or it cannot be reliably ordered (eg discontinued, supply issues) it will not show up as available for c&c.

      not really sure if that's worth a neg. other retailers do the exact same thing.

      • the stock was fine. I saw it in store…

  • Many items I have previously purchased with C&C are now unavailable for it.

  • Topcashback declined my bws' cashback from the $30 cashback deal back in June because the retailer didn't approve/cancel the order.
    I picked up the order by myself and received what I ordered for.
    Not sure who's being dodgy (topcashback or bws)?

    • I had an issue with BWS (with another cashback provider) recently. I get the feeling that the glitches are at the BWS end.

  • It tracked.

    My confidence in TCB is restored.

  • Tracked in about 2 and a half hours (though order ready for collection in 20 mins…)

  • +2

    What bulldust! Trying to purchase some INC protein only to have it say on the payment page that this item out is out of stock from the store you selected for click and collect. Even though it initially says under stock check that it's in stock.

  • bought something which Woolworths does not sale and it was on discount at CW :)
    their website says your visit has been recorded.
    took a screenshot with date and time for the pc as proof.

    also, noticed on their website which say they will beat the higher cashback on otherwebsite - has anyone tried with success ?

    • *Highest Cashback Guarantee

      • I've done it heaps of times now, all approved. Very good on them for making that policy.

        • cool will give it shot at some point. thanks.

  • 7 tubes of redseal… Tracked 😬

  • Tracked without issue on both mine and my partners accounts.

  • Trust the company at your own peril! I have been waiting WEEKS to get cashback transferred to a bank account and it is still not completed. This is completely not like my experience with cash rewards or shopback, and more in line with pyramid schemes. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever actually see my money back?

    • +1

      Not sure what's up with you and TCB, but all my payouts are completed and paid into my bank in just 4 days. I've done so many payouts already worth >$3000. You should hit up customer service.

    • TCB have been good. Have had a couple missed ones but quick to manually adjust. And also been quick to approve SB/CR 100% pizzahut rate matching.

      I have had more problems with SB Westpac than TCB.

  • +1

    Ordered last night, still not tracked. Should I be worried? 😟

  • Didn't track for me, but did for my partner.

    Submitted a missing cashback claim.

    Would be great if there was a browser extension or something.

    • It just tracked, 13 hours later

  • Ordered on me and my partner's account last night, still not tracked this morning for both.

    • Still not tracked. Just ticked over 24 hours.
      @TopCashback AU rep can you please assist.

      • @excusemesir could you please DM us your email so we can look into this for you?

        • Thanks rep for your help. Much appreciated

  • Ordered at 9:30pm last night, tracked two hours later.

  • Order placed, didn't track. Picked up order. Lodged missing cashback claim. Wait up to 3 months for claim process.

    • How long did you wait before lodging claim?

      • Over 24 hours. They have now sent me an email, saying claim put on ice, and giving another day for tracking to possibly appear.

  • I made several transactions and all tracked!

  • Mine has not tracked as well. Ordered last night. Lodged missing claim, but says on ice until 7 days pass.

    • +1

      you still can lodge missing cashback claim. the automated response said can take a few months but it should be ok. Mine not tracked, need to lodge. Did 3 with them, only 1 auto tracked, the other 2 need to claim. Probably last straw and won't be using them in future unless it's worth the effort

  • I ordered on Tuesday and still no tracking …
    @TopCashback AU rep can you please assist?
    I already DM'ed you my email

  • I saw this deal, signed up, bought. Nothing tracked. See many are also having this issue too. I’ll also lodge a missing cash back claim

  • Didn't track

  • Not tracked.

  • Not tracked, have had good experiences with TCB previously and this is a first for me

    • Same, all other purchases tracked except this one, already lodged a claim.

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