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[Westpac] eBay: 15% Bonus Cashback ($25 Cap), Chemist Warehouse: 20% Bonus Cashback ($15 Cap) + More @ ShopBack


Hey mates, hope you've been enjoying that November early-bird Black Friday period and have been keeping eyes out for the best deals. Just wanted to give OzB a sneak peak of the Westpac Bonus Cashback rates we are running this Black Friday to help some folks plan ahead.

You'll definitely be hearing from me again later this week, I'll be sharing some sweet upsized base rates to go alongside some of these Bonus rates, as well as some amazing Challenges as well to help you make the most of the period. Have a good one mates, sing out in the comments if you need.

Westpac Lounge Black Friday Bonus Cashback Details: (Available 24th of November 12:00am AEDT to 11:59pm AEDT)

Online Store Cashback Rate Cashback Cap
eBay Australia 15% $25
Chemist Warehouse 20% $15
Rebel Sport 15% $25
Coles 15% No Cap
Target 15% $25
BWS 20% $20
Apple 10% $50

HOW TO: Access the Westpac Lounge:

  • Go to the Westpac Lounge banner in the ShopBack app or web browser
  • Link your eligible Westpac debit or credit card to your ShopBack account, which will give you access to exclusive bonus Cashback offers.
  • Shop using the same linked Westpac card and earn that sweet Cashback

Referral Links

Referral: random (4115)

$40 for referrer, $20 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Users will need to fulfil the referral criteria within 180 days from referee's sign-up date to unlock cashback.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +3

    Hope eBay can stack more codes

    • +1

      Hope we can also use eBay Plus monthly codes.

      • +2

        That’s a big ask. Don’t recall shopback allows it

      • That’ll never happen unfortunately as the codes are unique

        • On Shopback app, it does say (Valid on Codes: BF20AU, BF22AU and BFDEAL)

  • +1

    Wowee, these are good upsizes. Please make sure Customer Service is aware of them so they don’t later deny they ever happened!

  • +1

    can you partly pay with ebay gift cards and still qualify?

    • Ye I’d like to know this for eBay and Apple

    • Yez, Has always been the case for eBay and Amazon.

    • +2

      Yep, eBay gift cards are good to go.

      • What about Apple?

        • +4

          Yeah purchases paid for using gift cards at Apple are valid, if redeeming Westpac Bonus remember to partially pay with your Westpac card.

      • Does this mean 15% cashback on Westpac portion or 15% on total?

        • +7

          For eBay gift cards are fully stackable, so you can partially pay using gift cards and partially pay using your Westpac card, and the Bonus will be based on the purchase amount as a whole. Some promos/store are not like this, but for eBay % Westpac Bonuses, you're good to go.

          • @gotyourback: Where can we find the info for which stores work like this. It's not on the store pages or in the Westpac lounge. From this thread we've determined eBay and Apple, are there any others? Amazon?

            • +4

              @Buyer0fBargains: Amazon also yep, it's based on whether the store allows regular Cashback on purchases paid for by gift cards. Some stores will only pay Cashback on the portion not paid for by gift card, and others will reject purchases where gift cards are used as payment. If you check the store's terms on our site, it'll usually say. If you're every unsure, let me know and I can chase it up.

      • Hello Rep

        I joined cashback for the lenovo + westpac deal and made my first cashback to buy a laptop - but it didn't register then I'm getting a circular runaround from the shopback site support for a week :|

        I waited days as advised, then filed missing shopback, reply after days said to email the invoice, i emailed the invoice and the reply after days said to file a missing shopback .. circular loop thats taken a week to get back to the start.

        Please I hope you can help me to resolve this, to confirm the cashback quickly or let me know it's not going to happen so I can cancel the order before lenovo ships it.

        I've sent you a PM with the details, please help! Thank you

        • Hey mate, got about 80+ DMs in the inbox at the moment so it may take me a minute to get back to you, but I will say just generally that missing claims can take a while to be resolved (like typically up to 45 days from submission) as our team need to have the purchase and tracking info confirmed by the store. Once the claim is submitted, the team will be doing their best to assist. Do also note that the team are massively under the pump over the last few weeks so if they get their wires crossed or take a minute to respond, it's not because they aren't helping. Will take a look and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • +2

    Well now!
    This throws a spanner in todays eBay 10% + Westpac 10%! Risk it and hope for better for BF?!

    • +1

      Depends on which one allows codes.

  • Total cap or per transaction cap?

    • The standard is cap per transaction unless stated otherwise. But since this is an up size in 2 days, I can't confirm if that is the case

    • +3

      These are all capped per transaction, mate.

      • +1

        Does that mean, for example that I can do 10 transactions at Chemist Warehouse with 15% off and my total cap would be $15 times 10 =$150?
        That seems too good to be true - please confirm.

  • +6

    @gotyourback anything Amazon coming our way?

    • +4

      Trying our best mate! Can't confirm in advance but they're definitely on the radar.

      • You tease!

      • can't wait no more, bring on the game plz!

      • @gotyourback I've seen the regular 15% offer - thanks! Any more Amazon goodies likely today, eg for Westpac customers?

  • +3

    Will the base cashback for eBay be 10% too?

    • Hmm I am going to take a punt and guess the base will be 10% as well…

  • +3

    Can you make all coupons allowed today please SB ??

    • +3

      More like allow it on Friday + the upsize too. It’s the real BF after all :))

    • Hey mate, that's a call that gets made by the store, not by ShopBack and certainly not by me! We'll always try our best but can't make any guarantees.

      • at least, the upzise part is Shopback call right? didn't use the ebay offer yesterday, hoping for a better one on Friday :)

  • Ha! I almost went through with a purchase today. Just double checked - now I need to hold off until Friday!

  • @gotyourback I had trouble with the Chemist Warehouse bonus 20% cashback that was on last week tracking and got no response from gotyourback. Can you help me out? I sent you a message yesterday but no reply from you.

    • Yeah got a pretty full inbox but will get back to you ASAP.

  • +2

    How does it work with Apple - do you only get the cashback on the portion paid for with the Westpac card? Can you part pay with Gift Cards and get the cashback?

  • Anything coming up for Myer GYB?

  • Will it stack with code BF22AU?

    • It’s not listed now, but I hope it will. Got my eye on an item that accepts BFAU22.

    • If only. I could save on import tax on an item I want.

  • What eBay code is valid?

    • Valid coupons are listed on shopback page


      There is currently 0 coupon

      • Not true. BFDEAL is listed, but eligible items is pretty limited.

        • Ah thanks, I thought they would be in coupons but it is under 'all'

  • I have been so late for this deal and have not got Westpac account. What type of account is best for this please? Choice? Do i need to have a card first? I think it will be too late for this deal right? Thanks

  • Hey @gotyourback, any upcoming increased cashback offers for Aliexpress during the black friday/cyber monday period?

    • I can't 100% confirm in advance because things change, but at the moment I can't see anything locked in.

  • You better hide this and others post from Auntie Michele Bullock! haiyaa

  • Thanks @gotyourback
    any chance Shopback will increase Apple standard cashback as well (which can stack with westpac lounge)?

  • Is this bonus on-top of cashback? Chemist warehouse is what I'm interested in!

  • One in a million is available on the website and eBay for $99.

    eBay has 20% code - 15% cashback

    Website is 10% off - 20% cashback.

    eBay slightly wines by $3 lol

  • Sorry for spam @gotyourback does "auto applied promotions coupons" from sellers void cashback again? Can't unapply during checkout.

    • Hey mate, any auto-applied coupon is all good to go and won't invalidate Cashback.

      • So I bought something with an auto-applied store specific coupon that I also couldn't unapply. The Cashback hasn't tracked. From what you are saying I can still report a missing Cashback if it doesn't show up in my Shopback tracking after a week and that won't exclude it being followed up?

  • Would someone mind working out the maximum item price to the get $25 with Westpac/Ebay?

    • 25/0.15 = roughly $166.67 (final cashback subject to GST exclusive amounts etc yaddy yadda i think from experience)

  • No exclusions are listed for the Apple bonus. Can you confirm?

  • Does eBay take ages to track?

    I did an order at 1am, no tracking yet.

    • I ordered 9 hours ago and still no tracking. The click was tracked in Shopback though. Hopefully shouldn’t be much longer.

  • Just purchased airpods pro on Ebay using BFTOPDEAL code. Just waiting to see if the cashback tracks or not.

  • added my card but it still says only 5%?

    is the bonus added automatically or should i be seeing it?

  • all good, it popped up when I went from the Westpac app to the shopback app

  • I used Shopback app on iPhone, it took me to the eBay app and I bought on the eBay app. Will it track ok?

    • Yeah that's all good, they've got app-to-app tracking enabled :)

  • looks like Jack has arrived at Chemist Warehouse lol

  • Does westpac bonus have to come from one single order? say one order records $10 cashback, can I make 2nd order to get the extra $5 (cap as $15)?

    • +1

      Hey mate, you can redeem the cap listed multiple times, so you can get up to the full $15 cap per order, not per account.

  • Hey all, sorry for the trouble here but turns out the Apple Bonus Cashback was amended to be capped per user from 4pm, not per transaction and I missed the amendment. If you've made multiple purchases, let me know via DM and I can take a look and help you out here.

    • Ugh I made huge purchase on Coles earlier but somehow the Westpac 15% bonus is gone :(
      Any explanation @gotyourback ?

      Target also gone :(

  • Does this work instore at chemist warehouse?

  • Only shows 5% cashback

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm if the Coles Bonus Cashback (Westpac) gone ahead of schedule? I can't see it on my Westpac Lounge page.

  • Was the target cashback removed? Can't find it anymore.

  • Chemist Warehouse cashback only showing 5% at 10:30pm AEDT

  • @gotyourback I saw Target/Westpac and Coles/Westpac bonuses earlier but they are no longer showing although not expired yet. Can we still get 15% cashback? Thanks
    Edit: Have ordered from Target and will see what happens

    • Same here, I placed an order and noticed that Target was no longer showing. The bonus also hasn't tracked yet, while the normal tracking has occured

      • @kirynflare There is a Target flash sale today (Sat) (10-4) up to 25% cashback ($25 cap). Can't see if all categories are 25%.

        @gotyourback If we cancel and reorder today, would the new order still qualify for the 3 different orders for $10 challenge? Not sure if we can get 15% Westpac cashback for Fri

        • P.S. Target's 25% cashback today is on softgoods only. Hardgoods are 0.5% cashback.
          Would be great if the 15% cashback yesterday can be honoured.
          It's disappointing that ShopBack ended Black Friday promotion early for Coles and Target.

    • I still used Shopback link even though the upsized cashback was gone - hoping SB would honour the original deal. @gotyourback - would you be able to help?

  • Target is gone :(

  • I spent $67 at chemist warehouse but only got $1.30 Westpac bonus cash back. I am so confused 😕

    I think they gave me bonus on the gst amount, instead of the purchase amount.

  • @gotyourback Have sent you DM about missing Bonus westpac cashback. Thanks.

  • Damn always get confused between AEST and AEDT.

  • Didn't realize Target was removed!! Bought something last night thinking it was still included after seeing this earlier in the day. Used Westpac card for purchase. @gotyourback will this be honored? May have to cancel the order if not so be good to know asap.

    • Feels like a misleading ad. ShopBack removed the Westpac cashback for both Coles and Target earlier than advertised.

  • @gotyourback Hey mate, any update on the Target/Westpac 15% cashback that you posted here that ended early? Thanks

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