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Shokz OpenRun Pro Bluetooth Headphone - $156.64 Delivered @ MobileCiti eBay


Shokz OpenRun Pro Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphone

Use code to get 20% off currently reduced price of AU $195.80 (RRP$269) bringing it down to $156.64 delivered. Cheaper than the recent 'Shokz Black Friday PreSale' at $174.

Currently on sale everywhere else for around $187/$188/$189.

Not sure if code is stackable with cashback.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Tempting to get a second pair…

  • bought the non-pro version from Amazon yesterday and dispatched…

    • For an extra $8, this could be an upgrade if you return it.

      • What's the difference?

      • is it a free return from Amazon AU? never returned anything so far

        • +1

          yes, just follow the steps in your account

          • @Olli: Thanks, buy first then

            • @wangsk: also its like 30day return window…

              • +1

                @Olli: Thanks
                Return eligible through Jan 31, 2024

    • i bought the regular openrun mini from jb hi fi @ 134 and used it. i guess i can't return it now.

  • -4

    Own charging plug? Pass… Should be USB c

    • +5

      as much as I agree, owning the aeropex one, the magnetic snap on charger is quite convenient, not sure where a USB-C plug would fit space wise

    • +1

      I have been using the same cable for 3 year and I can tell you its one of the best cable ( I got like 3 spares). the magnet snap is quick and hassle free, so I don't understand this "anything that doesn't have USB C =Bad" mentality.

      • Not about quality but convenient, if going for long trip and forgot or lost the cable or just fall or damage (by user action or chew by dog)….. When people complaining about non standard charger mostly because of this.
        Same as having lighting port on iPhone. At the end apple they give up.

  • Black is out of stock 🫠

    • @salvsum black is back in stock

      • Thank you, I placed an order 😁

  • black sold out. ffs

  • +3

    I bought a pair of these earlier in the year and they are by far the best headphones I've ever owned. I do wish I could take them swimming with me but unfortunately need to purchase the other pair for that, which are 4GB stored limited.

    I initially wanted these for gaming use, as I separate discord voice chat from main speakers. I was finding with traditional headphones that the noise cancelling was actually worse for me, as I needed to hear out for fiance calling so would have to wear only one cup over the ear. These have changed that concept entirely, can hear conversations crystal clear while listening to voice or music.

    I've now taken these into work and am able to concentrate far better while still being attentive which has been a hindrance of autism. Definitely recommend, solid audio quality and some actual decent bass to boot.

  • why it does not give me the discount? it says "This code can't be applied to your order."

  • +2

    OpenRun Pro is great for running!

    Use them 3 or 4 times a week, thanks for the post!

  • +3

    I've been using Aftershokz since the first two generations, and after going through three pairs with a daily driving time exceeding 20 hours, I'd like to share my insights, albeit a bit casually. Here are a few points that might be helpful:

    1. The new magnetic charging is a step up from the mini USB I remember. It eliminates the rubber cover of the old socket, which is a definite improvement. I keep three charging cables—one at home, one at work, and one in my small carrying satchel bag—meeting my charging needs.

    2. Regarding the choice between mini and standard, check the official website; it's pretty self-explanatory. I'd recommend the standard one, and here's why in the next point.

    3. I've been on the hunt for headphones I can wear while sleeping, being a side sleeper. I ended up using my daytime Shokz by wearing them like a stethoscope, letting them hang through my chin. This way, I've had no issues with losing an earbud and can sleep comfortably.

    4. I wore my second pair during shower for half a year, and the rubber end that touches your temples quickly came off. Not something I'd recommend.

    5. I snagged the $173 deal a few days ago as a backup spare, aligning with what I'm willing to pay.

    6. Originally designed for cyclists to enjoy music while staying alert to surroundings, this applies to the workforce as well. It's definitely better to have them on at the office if your priority is to "wear and forget" and only keep one pair of speakers with you.

    7. On the downside, even with Aeropax, the microphone's quality isn't great. People on the receiving end of your phone call are likely to hear more background noise than usual compared to other earbuds. It's a pain point for me. I know they have a product with a microphone attachment, but I chose to ignore it as it would look awkward listening to music on the street with a microphone on your jawline.

    • Do you need to use the App?

      • What app? It's quite easy to set up, kinda brain dead normal Bluetooth connection like one button two actions, press and hold or press and hold longer, you may need to google the way to connect more than one device but this gadget doesn't require any app to copilot

        • refer to this website, the Pro can pair with the Shokz app

          "The Shokz app is decent. It has two EQ presets that you can use to adjust their sound: 'Standard', which is the default setting, and 'Vocal EQ', which improves vocal clarity. Using the app, you can see the battery life, control media playback alongside volume, switch the voice prompt language, and turn on and off multi-point pairing. You can also update the firmware and switch the app language."



          • +1

            @wangsk: oh yeah, thats an IOS only thingy which android user dont get to explore. those mentioned function is neglectable anyway.

            you can change EQ by pressing volume + and - at the same time for 2 secs.

            android widget shows connected device battery easier so battery life display is not critical as well.

            the sound quality is decent for daily but dont expect full cover ear level experience, stand EQ meets all my needs in different environment.

  • No black left 😔

    • @KB57 black is back in stock.

  • +1

    the code doesn't stacked with openrun pro mini…

    can someone fix it?

    • Same! Was looking for 'mini' but the code doesn't work for mini.

  • Ill sadly never be a buyer for these, though the tech sounds cool, with autism and overstimulus im looking to block the world out when im out thanks :)

    • +2

      wish you all the best.

      • cheers, hehe it would be interesting to try :)

        • +1

          If you ever get a chance to try it, give it a go, I have relative on the spectrum and it helps them to focus for some reason. All the best to you too.

          • @SeiraS: thanks, good to know, if i come across someone with them ill have a crack

  • Bah black out of stock

    • +1

      @lawyerz black is back in stock brother

  • For those who want the black colour, this one is about $164

  • Bought for $174 last week. They are so good I'm not even mad about the price difference (well… Maybe just a tiny bit).

  • +1

    looks like black is back in stock. just bought

  • How do these compare with a generic $20-$30 bone conducting set that can be bought on eBay/Amazon etc? Thank you!

  • I'm getting an error trying to apply the code?? Any thoughts?

    • Its because my account is a USA account. trying to rectify that and now ive missed out on Black :-(
      Anyone know if JB will price match?

      • I encountered the same issue as well before. There's no way to fix it but to make a new eBay account on the .com.au site.

        JB doesn't price match sold out. Your next best bet would be to buy one from Shokz website.
        Check the pre black Friday post. You can get a $15 off code for OpenRun or subscribe to newsletter for 10% off for the OpenRun Pro.

      • JBH has it on sale for $188. Stack with TCN gift cards that are on sale at 15% off this week at Coles (if you can find them) to bring price down to $159.80.

        Next best option would be to try David Jones, currently retailing for $187. Sign up to be a new member for $10 voucher. Comes to $177. Wait for an increased in cashback tomorrow from cashback providers to bring price down even further (currently at 2% with CR).

  • Will these function underneath earmuffs while I’m mowing lawns?

    • it will, i used push lawn mower without earmuffs and it was fine.

      however it will not compete with inear speaker.

  • +1

    This is also on sale for 23390 points on the Qantas Store.

  • +1

    Black is back in stock

  • Is black coming back into stock?

  • I’m waiting for Black as well. Mobileciti team, can you please add few more black headphones?

  • Has anyone received their headphones yet? Mine yet to ship…

    • +1

      ordered last Tuesday, received on Friday 24/11

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