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R.M. Williams Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boot (Dark Tan) $449 (Was $649) Shipped @ RM Williams


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Description from site:

With the same look as our best selling Craftsman boot including the single-piece Yearling leather upper, chisel toe and flat heel, the Dynamic Flex is characterised by its combination leather and rubber sole, providing added flexibility and softness underfoot. A removable supportive insole allows room for orthotic inserts.

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  • Anyone got any thought or experience with the dynamic flex craftsman? Worth the $449?
    Looking for comfy work shoes.

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      Yes. Good. A lot to pay but comfortable.

    • +3

      I have similar questions too - Dynamic Flex vs Comfort Craftsman would be good from those with experience.

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        Dynamic Flex have greater arch support - which will be either quite comfy or quite uncomfy for your particular foot anatomy

        I have a average foot arch and found Dynamic Flex relatively uncomfortable compared to Comfort Craftmans. I also found my heel rubbed rather hard on the back of the Dynamic Flex, too. These comparisons were with the same size boot

        If you're going to spend $400 on a pair of boots, surely it's worth going in store and trying a few models on first. Once you lock down the model and size that fits you, you can confidently buy what you need online at a later date

        • +2

          100% ^^^^^

          I recommend all my friends get sized up first and if they don't want to pay retail (which is why we are here after all), then wait for the next sale.

          Personally I think it is one or the other. The CC's suit my feet really well and I can wear them all day, while the Dynamic Flex was very uncomfortable and I couldn't wait to take them off when sampling both pairs before commiting.

          This is a great deal if Dynamic Flex is suitable for your feet.

        • +1 for this.

          You really need to try them to see which is best.

          Dynamic Flex I found uncomfortable as the arches were way too high.
          Comfort ones felt perfect, so I went with those many years ago.

          • @xordis: Damn I bought it lmao I don’t have any issues with my feet. 🦶

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      Dynamic flex for me is going well some 5 years later and 1 heel block. Comfy af

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      They told me it's essentially the same boot, but with the Dynamic flex you can remove the inner sole which I swapped for a softer one. That and the bottom sole is made of rubber and leather rather than just rubber.

      • -2

        Also doesn’t have a big metal chunk in the sole, so ok in airports

        • +5

          Both Dynamic Flex and Comfort Craftsman have fibreglass shanks.

          • @japes: Really? That must be a recent change as I was told differently in the store last year .

            Yep looks like they’ve upgraded some of the other models to have the airport friendly shank.

            • @mackaxx: I think that they’ve used fiberglass shanks for several years now

            • @mackaxx: Pretty confident they've always been fibreglass for the Comforts.

            • @mackaxx: Been wearing the Craftsman for years. Never had any issues with my domestic work flights

    • +5

      Dynamic flex has an airport friendly shank so you can just walk through the airport security.
      Rubber and leather parts to the sole.
      It is a better boot IMHO and an absolute no brainer at this price.
      I get ten years out of each of mine of almost daily use, with just heel block replacements every three years or so.

      • +4

        Do you go back to RM for the repairs/maintenance, or a local bootmaker?

        • +4

          Local boot maker that has the blocks.
          I live in Brisbane so use addwest in West End.

          I will also add that the DF might take a bit longer to break in. The Pair I am wearing now is two weeks old and still pinches a bit where one big toe is slightly longer than the other

      • How much for heel block replacements? Thanks.

        • It is a while, too long to remember. I remember being surprised. About $50? Wild guess.

    • +1

      Thanks for the replies guys. I ordered them off the back of your recommendations.

    • +1

      Had both - Loved the dynamic flex. Rubber soles help. Have 4 pairs, 1 pair hitting 10 years

    • I find comfort craftsman significantly better than dynamic flex. I do have a slightly weird foot though.

    • Great for work, do roughly 10000 steps a day in these and they are so comfy compared to any other business shoe. The rubber is great on slippery surfaces too.

    • Back in my day, they used to be around $449. It's like a supermarket jacking up the price and having 30-50% off.

      Cynical me thinks that they increased the cost to cover the overhead of having to repair the soles within warranty.

      A few cobblers told me to avoid two piece soles like the dynamic flex. I bought two pairs anyway over the years. They both eventually split at the seams within a year and I got RM to replace them.

      When the replacement soles split out of the warranty period I paid about $150 to replace the soles with single piece soles.

      I bought some Red Back Nevada's at the start of the pandemic and they are so much more comfortable (not a great dress shoe).

    • Of you take care of these they’ll last you at least 5 years. Or you could buy a cheap pair of crap shoes and replace them every year.

  • No 'Wide' Sizes in Lachlan :(

    • There are wide sizes. Just click the "wide" radio button above the size chart. Wide fits max out a UK10.5. I was hoping of UK12 but nooooooo.

      • +3

        You need to try the boots in person - the sizing is very different to your standard. I normally wear size UK9.5 normal width but need a size UK8+H (Wide). I thought I had normal or narrow width feet, but apparently not according to RM Williams…

        • Where can you get fitted?

        • definitely get sized at a RM shop - RM sizes are really different

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    Wish someone would make a nice dress boot like this but with a steel cap for when you got coffee with clients at 9, site consults at 12, then bags with the boys 5pm Friday.

    • +3

      I just use my Assassins. The only problem you’ll have with them is a disobedient dog

      • simpsons references aside, at this rate i am wondering if i really cbf carrying a pair of steel caps in the ute and swapping between them as required lmao

        • +1

          Not knowing what exactly you do I would probably rotate depending on the client. The ones who you know and understand that you need to wear boots on site, and you get dirty as part of your job don’t bother changing.

          The ‘other’ ones who you need to be pretty for, then just put on the decent shoes whilst secretly loathing them for not being a normal human.

          If you can, then plan your week around them so you potentially have some days with just normal clients so no need for another pair of shoes

    • Redwing 2233 is the closest you'll get

    • I've got a pair of Blundstone 787s, super comfortable once broken in. They're not as dressy as RMs but definitely worth a look. Keep in mind that any steel cap dress shoes will scuff easily over the cap and you'll have to polish them more regularly to stop them looking tatty.

      • Nice this might be the go
        Is there any particular go to polish for this type of boot?

        edit, just ordered a pair, surprisingly even had half size options

        • +1

          Ah nice, congrats! Blundstone make a renovating cream but I just use Kiwi black which does a good enough job for me

  • +2

    Flex with those R.M Williams Dynamic Flex

    • +2

      These are mandatory for all middle managers in the city

      • Young libs

        • +3

          Most middle management where I work is woke.

      • +1

        Bill Clinton wore these for his inauguration.

        • This is true

        • Did he wear Aussie UGGs when he & Monica smoked that cigar??

          • +1

            @Wally: Not sure, but pretty sure it was a Cuban cigar & breaking the embargo… what a naughty boy.

  • +3

    Can vouch for the dynamic flex definitely a nicer fit and feel overall mine of 1.5 years is aging well with little maintenance (anyone have a maintenance guide???)

    Was told by sales rep that the sole of dynamic flex is slightly raised and i remember feeling this earlier on -the result kinda gives a more full and filled look as your foot sort of presses closer to the upper leather

    Bit tight at the start like all RMs but now definitely my favourite work shoe, not sure of the name but the dark brown chest nut colour is insane

    • +1

      I just condition the leather with the rm conditioner product once every month.

      I've done nothing else since and it's been 5 to 6 years. 1.5 of it was during covid tho.

    • I wipe it down with RM leather cleaner whenever it gets sticky / dirty. Usually after a night out and lots of beer spills on the shoes. Every couple of months RM conditioner. Polish when it gets scratches

      The conditioner makes a heck of a difference

    • I use Brooks Saddle proofide on my boots, because mine are Pull Up leather which they don't make a specific conditioner colour for (and thus recommend the Natural conditioner)

      Works well

  • thanks order one. Personally feel Comfort Craftsman is slightly better and more comfortable - the added insole on this feels slightly awkard. Nevertheless, this is good at this price

  • Ordered thanks

    Good to rotate use with my craftsman. Very comfortable

  • +1

    You don't see heels like that much nowadays.

    • +1

      You can get 'em.

  • +9

    I've had both the dynamic flex (DF) and comfort craftsmans (CC).
    I prefer the DF as the arch support stops my foot sliding forward when walking compared to the CC.

    The main difference is the innersole in the DF being removable and having arch support comapred to the CCs flat poron comfort innersole. If you use orthodics, DF is the RMW boot for you (note: I don't wear orthodics).

    The DF has a combination leather and rubber sole. I don't really notice any advantages / disadvantages comapred to the CC. Can't really comment on longevity of sole as only had DF for a couple of months.

    To accomodate for the addition height of the removable innersole, the DF is slightly taller looking across the toe box and vamp and perhaps not quite as sleek as the CC - but it's a minimal difference. Additionally, the combination (leather and rubber) outersole is red and black which might not be to everyone's taste - I don't really mind it but slightly prefer the CCs rubber sole.

    DF has slightly longer break in for the arch support in my exerience, compared to CC good to go straight away.

    I find the DF better for walking comapred to CCs. In CCs my foot slides forward and toes hit the toe box - if I'm walking more than a couple of KMs this becomes a bit fatiguing though I've walked 10km plus in a day with CCs so its not the end of the world.

    For me, I went up a half size in DF compared to CC. I'd say because of the bulkier innersole DF fits approximately 1/4 smaller compared to equivalent CC.

    Let me know if there something else you'd like me to comment on.

    • is it a flex?

    • +1

      Thanks for the info. Just bought a pair, same size as my CC, but will swap instore if needed.

  • I own a pair of Black & Chestnuts, how does Dark Tan compare regarding colour? Somewhere in the middle?


    • +2

      No, lighter than chestnut with more of a reddish hue

      • +1

        Appreciate it buddy, probably not as versatile then :/

        • +1

          hmm maybe slightly less versitale, but not by much

      • +1

        Too bad it wasn't a pinkish hue, otherwise George Costanza would be all over it

        • 🤣

        • He can't afford it though.

  • +1

    Anyone know if this is available in-store too?

  • +7

    Had to pull the trigger at this price. I have 7 boots prior to this but never owned a Dynamic Flex.

    With my 8th RM boots, I’m ready to step up to the next level of middle managing in the city.

    • +1

      you're definitely in finance

    • I had no idea warrior ninjas wore RM Williams.

  • +3

    If they don’t fit can you exchange at your local RM?

    • +4

      Just called my local RM (Garden City), they say as long as it's in good condition (you haven't worn it out) and you're not exchanging for a different shoe that's not on sale, you can exchange for any colour or size.

    • The website quotes (within 60 days):

      "In-store exchange & return - exchanges only processed in-store"

    • Doubt exchange in store as most stores won't stock the discontinued dark tan colour. Should be able to order in if stock elsewhere though.

    • Highly unlikely. I've chatted to a local store and they said no - they don't stock this colour anymore and you can't exchange for another colour that's not on sale.

      • Can confirm this was also the case. They won't exchange.

        Need to return via website and hope they can send out another size.

  • +6

    Ughhh. I accidentally added it to cart and filled out all my details and clicked purchase. Not sure how I'll explain this to the missus

    • Don't worry, you're not the only one doing that tonight.

    • +2

      Give it to her to give to you.
      Merry Christmas, right?

    • I got these pair last year and she went ape at me then i told her they are a limited edition then she was all good.

  • no idea what my size would be for RM, would this still be available on Thur after I have a chance to go in store do we reckon?

  • +1

    Need blacks!

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Can't resist at this price as DF is rarely on sale. If I hate the colour, returns look pretty easy and no penalty. I've had my DF for a year now - back then I opted for a 8.5 regular rather than an 8W after trying it out in store. When they arrived they were noticeably too long, though an extra insole on top of my orthotics did the trick and now I love 'em. Not going to make that mistake this time!

    • You won't return them as they are a good pair.

  • Do these run true to size, or are they larger?
    I tried to do the measurements on their website but it's coming out a size larger than I normally am. Feel like I need to try on in store before committing.

    • +1

      These definitely are bigger than my usual size ie run large. I'm normally an 8.5 in other brands but for RM the 8.5s were clearly a bit too long for me.

    • +1

      Go in store and try the shoes.

    • +1

      I'm normally US 10. But for RM's my size is AU 8 H (wide)

  • +2

    Bought. No idea why.

    • Das the spirit

  • +4

    Pulled the trigger first pair of RM! Thx OP

    • +2

      Since I bought my first pair 5 years ago, I've never looked at any other brand of boots. Nothing else comes close to the comfort, durability and style.

      • +1

        On a second thought, is the dynamic flex made for specific people lol? I’m not flat footed.

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