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AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU $583.20 Delivered ($568.62 eBay Plus) & Redeem Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora @ Computer Alliance eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Damn, it just keeps going lower. Pulled the trigger earlier already but this one comes with the game too!

    • So did, but from umart so a little more expensive but I can pick up tomorrow (SA problems) and not have to wait. Was going to just upgrade my 3600 to an 5800x3d but with the price of this and relative future proofing with the an AM5 mb if kinda made sense just to go for it.

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    Dang that's cheap. 536 dollars with 6% giftcards and eBay Plus.

    • How much value did the gift card you bought had?

  • Damn it. I still don't know whether to get this or an Intel.

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      If you play a fair amount of games, get this. It goes toe to toe with a 14900k in terms of fps, for half the price.


      • Dark rock pro 4 good enough to cool it?

      • I haven't yet decided whether it'd be best suited to what I want it for. Originally really wanted a gaming rig, but now it feels like the Intel would be better for ai and art applications. I know how good this CPU is for gaming though, that's what makes it hard to decide

    • For pure gaming there is no competition. By far the best value as well in this price bracket.

    • Do you want Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? If yes, get this.

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    I prefer 7900(no x), but this is more than 100 cheaper, but also running hotter (for itx)

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      it’s like <75W

  • What's the chances of getting Avatar with a purchase within the last month?

    • A code is needed from the retailer in order to claim it. Unless the retailer you bought from is willing to let you return and re-purchase (or they have spare codes and willing to give you one), I don't think you will be able to get it for free.

    • +1

      always just ask

  • whats a good motherboard and ram for this, any good deals?

  • Was hesitating this over an 7600 PBO’d…. seems like probs max 10-15% performance gain gaming at 1440p (game dependent)…. for like 1.8 x the price. Decided that for the most part I’d be better off putting that extra into a higher GPU

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