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Gigabyte WINDFORCE OC GeForce RTX 4070 12GB GDDR6X Graphics Card $855.20 ($833.82 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Stack with the 6% off GCX gift card deal for a final price of $803.89 ($783.79 eB+)

All time low
4070 SUPER 12GB to be announced in January is 10-15% faster than this 4070
If you are shopping the 4070 Ti, hold off as the 4070 Ti SUPER increases VRAM to 16GB


Boost: 2409MHz, 12GB GDDR6X (21000MHz), PCI-E 4.0, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a, 1x HDMI 2.1a
3 Year/s Warranty

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • So do you just buy a $500 and $333 voucher from GCX and use the codes with the BF code on ebay?

    • Don't forget the shopback + pay with Westpac card for cashback

      • Have never used GCX.. so can I just buy 2x $415.41 vouchers and then use both + black friday code + cashback on ebay?

        • +1

          If I do this it comes out to $782

        • No can’t stack codes with CB

      • No coupon/code v likely cancels CB - see T&Cs…. so can’t stack

  • +1

    think it's capped to $40 cashback

  • +7

    Logged in to say HODL

    • HODL for the supers or for better deals?

      • +4

        both, essentially. I would say 4070 Ti is a good card, but costs too much for what it is

        if supers bring the price down would be great. it should cost as much as 4070 is on this deal.

        I say hodl

        depends on what your current card is of course, and how deep your pocket is

        • does the super card have same spec as e.g. 4070 with lower price or has some cutdown on specs?

    • +1

      Don't think the cards’ prices would drop much further.
      This same one was around 829 by Scorptec just last week. Seems like it will drop around this price once new cards are out.

      • Agree. Probs not much more wiggle room for retailers without nvidia cutting from its end…. eg when/if supers arrive

  • +4

    Deal goes till the 30th, so could hold to Black Friday or Cyber Monday to see if there are better deals

  • I'm building for a mate… been out of it the last few years.
    From my research the 4070 is the best value card at the moment?
    For the CPU, is there a similar bang for buck?

    • best bang for buck at which resolution? with narrow bus, fps uplift between generations grows smaller and smaller as you move up 1080p -> QHD -> 4k

      • +1

        sorry, 1440p

        • +3

          I think at this price there's competition from AMD 7800, but they have similar drawbacks, while 4070 is clearly ahead with DLSS and other smarts

    • +1

      I picked up a Ryzen 5 7500F for $239 shipped on Ali Express a few days ago… pretty good bang for buck with scope to upgrade to a 8800X3D potentially down the line.

    • +1

      7800x3d for gaming,

      Couple of deals on here atm for around 550-570.

      • +1

        Overkill for the 4070 tho.

        • i was thinking that…
          can't stomach that price for a cpu.
          hoping to spend around $300

  • Description refers to Ti, SUPER, and Ti SUPER, are these 3 different variants?

    • yes we have 4070 and 4070 Ti now

      incoming are 4070 Super and 4070 Ti Super

      ugly I know

      • +1

        NVIDIA out here trying to completely saturate the higher mid-high end market, damn.

        • +1

          Non super manufactoring stopped, so overlap wont be long.

          • @John Doh: I thought the 4070 would continue alongside the 4070 Super, while the 4070 Ti and 4080 would be replaced by their respective Supers.

            • @Weirdish: Maybe, then we dont how know of much price reduction the 4070 will recieve if at all. Knowing nvidia, they will price the 4070 super between the 4070 and 4070Ti Super.

  • Can you stack these discount coupons on ebay?

    • +1


      • So, how would you use the eBay Black Friday discount along with the GSX gift card? Am I missing something?

        • +1

          You can stack a coupon and pay with giftcards, but you can't use multiple discount coupons.

        • +1

          Perhaps one of the cashback providers will offer cashback with the use of coupon codes for BF.

  • So, $26 more than what it was 2 weeks ago and you no longer get Alan Wake 2.

  • Is 4060 ti for 499 a better value for DaVinci resolve?

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