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IKEA+Sonos Symfomisk Wi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker 2nd Gen $143.65 + Delivery ($5 C&C/ $0 in-Store) @ IKEA (Free Membership Required)


Co-developed by Sonos, piggybacking off this deal, seems to be the cheapest price yet for these

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • This or Sonos one SL at $185?

    • Listened to symfomisk in Ikea and sonos seems richer sound.

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      Sonos for sure.. easily

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      You buy this if you want surround sound but want to hide the speakers. This will also have much higher WAF

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        What is WAF?

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          Guarantee you won't be sleeping on couch/in kennel

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          Wife Acceptance Factor

    • One SL.. I have 4 of each and to me the Ones are much better

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    These can be paired with Sonos Arc and Sub as surrounds to complete a home theater setup.

  • Is the sound any good from two in stereo? Is the software/app any good? Do you need anything else from the Sonos ecosystem to make it really worthwhile?

    I am considering two for the back of my theatre and the wireless feature is attractive.

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      I had a Symfonisk Picture Frame and then just pulled the trigger on 2 x One SL and a Sub Mini.
      The app was very good to use for either the Symfonisk separately or for the new One SLs + Sub Mini set, but can’t seem to make single Symfonisk to create a surround with my new One SLs + Sub Mini setup, weirdly enough.
      But then I could make the whole surround system setup on Apple TV so I can still use them all.

      Sound wise, the Symfonisk sounds decent, and the pair of One SL is excellent, I would highly recommend the Sub Mini to go with either setup you have to complete the full experience.

      • Cheers, mate.

      • So you have to buy the power cord separately for $10 a pop? Whaaat!

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    Can you pair Symfomisk Bookshelf Gen 1 with Gen 2 for arc surround?

  • I have a single Play 5. Anyone has tried to pair a 5 with these?

  • If anyone with some tech knowledge could assist a novice me, I have an old 90s Bose lifestyle 5 stacker, which I love the look of, no speakers and no subwoofer. But would love to set it and use it for all my old CD’s and somehow connect a couple of Sonos speakers to it. But these are obviously wireless. Is there some sort of plug in I can connect to the Bose to allow it to wirelessly connect to a couple of Sonos? And as such don’t think I need a sub woofer as it will only be in a small study. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

  • That’s excellent, thanks for your help, really appreciated it. Looks like I could use the Sonos Port! Cheers!

  • wow, that was quick, coming up $169 for me :-(

    • Discount is applied at checkout page.

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