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Dyson V8 Origin Extra Stick Vacuum Cleaner $349 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


Dyson V8™ Origin Extra Stick Vacuum (Nickel/Iron/Blue)

Motorbar™ Cleaner head
Combination Tool
Crevice Tool
Mini soft dusting brush
Docking station

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  • This one is avaliable too a little more and seems to just have a few more attachments.

    • You swap the Mini soft dusting brush with the Hair screw tool and Low reach adaptor.

      PS: BFDEAL doesn't work on that listing, so $375.06 with code TOP6NOV.

  • The Motorbar™ Cleaner head isnt the floppy hard floor one is it?

    • No for the hardwood floor one, they call it the Fluffy head

  • So they have 3 models in v8, right?
    What's the difference in them and is 'Dyson V8 Origin Extra' worth extra $50-100?

    -Dyson V8
    -Dyson V8 Origin Plus
    -Dyson V8 Origin Extra

  • Saw post history, 2019 black friday this was 399$. Damn holding on price very well

  • Always tempted to get a new Dyson. My V6 animal I think it is has lasted on the original battery for 6 or more years

    • Same boat. Mine atill works Ok as I only use for light works so it never exceeds 10 mins mark.

      • +1

        Is yours the same as mine in that it will work on normal mode for 10-15 minutes perfectly fine, but if you use the TURBO mode it literally dies in about 10 seconds?

        Also if yours is as old as mine, don't forget to clean that filter that is at the top. It was so dirty when I cleaned it. you can get them for a few bucks on ebay too.

        • I had that issue 1.8 years into my Dyson V7.

          My symptoms were on turbo mode it would cut out and flash blue, which could only be reset by plugging into charger for a second and then either do normal or have it cut out after a second again.

          Rang up for warrenty and they seemed to be pretty confident on it being a common problem. I can't quote exactly what they said but something along the lines of 'Likely one of the battery cells have died. Its a 6 cell battery and turbo mode uses all 6, normal mode only uses 4 which is why it doesnt cut out.'
          They sent out a 'V7 Power Pack & Screws Service Assy $129.00' for free, I replaced it and it's worked fine since.

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            @seravy: doh, if only it was still under warranty. this makes sense though!

        • If you don’t clean that filter the machine will start pulsing, whereby the power stops and starts every few seconds indicating a blockage somewhere.
          You don’t have to wash it all the time but bang it against the side of the bin to remove the excess dust.
          You will also notice the machine is much quieter after the filter has been cleaned.
          Other issue I found was if the brush stopped spinning in the motor head, the connection pins and sockets in the wand need cleaning.

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    Is this a whole vacuum or just a stick?

  • bought.

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