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Esatto 8kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD80 $567 Delivered (Metro) @ Appliances Online eBay


I was looking for a new dryer and found that the OzB favourite is currently on special $627; with a $60 discount, it comes down to $567.

Excludes: NSW Regional, Northern Territory, QLD Far North, QLD Regional, QLD South East, SA Regional, Tasmania, VIC Regional, WA Regional, WA Remote

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    It's so annoying that they cant/wont ship to ALL the places that they do on their website
    Bought several items off their site and got it delivered no worries, but their ebay store just doesn't ship to me

    • Could be sorted with a phone call by requesting it to be delivered to a different address.

      As far I can tell their delivery team is the same regardless you are purchasing from the website or ebay

      • Nah, I talked to them about it before.
        They said its due to limitation with ebay and there's nothing they can do about it.
        I was told specifically that I have to buy via their site to get it delivered to me where I live.

  • Maybe a better idea to pay $130 more for extra 3 years warranty?


  • Sorry a silly question is this hard to install?

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      Just plug it in

    • During delivery, Appliances online can install it for you by unboxing and place it in the location you want. I have mine stacked with my front loader washer

      • So you have the dryer sitting directly on top of your front loader? I've got no where to store my dryer unless it's either on top of the washing machine (wasn't sure if this was feasible or not) or wall mounting it (which I'm unsure you can do with this one).

  • Can this reside outside of laundry, i mean under cover area in alfresco. i gather one will have to clear the box where water gets discharged. But storing/running it outside in cold will it be expensive to run

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      I put mine in a non-ventilated storage room. It has a water discharge box, top left, and there's an option to connect a hose to a drain (kit included). Not sure about the efficiency putting it outside, but probably won't affect much.

      • how often you have to empty the discharge box…like after every run or something

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          The water container and the linen filter should be emptied and cleaned after each use. The water volume depends on your load, but the tank should able to hold enough water for a cycle. Never used it to the max tho.

  • Can a heat pump dryer be wall-mounted? Like in the kinda laundry unit in a small apartment, above the washing machine?

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      Just stack this on top of a front load. Too heavy to be mounted.

      • Can confirm too heavy to wall mount. Warnings everywhere to confirm this
        Just top mount on top of front loader washing machine

        • Also cannot be mounted upside down which is what most people would do otherwise the controls are out of reach.

  • Also be careful cleaning filter behind plastic door. The metal fins are super bendy and can be easily damaged unless treated with extreme care.

  • Does this require clearing the drain water or something like that ?

  • Been using a similar dryer for about 3 years now, it's a beauty, it's on every day. Takes a long time, but it's cheap on the power. Can definitely recommend.
    Edit: Thought it was the same model as mine, 'tis not

    • Hi, I have never had one. Given you have this, can it be stored outside either in garage/alfresco area or will it be inefficient? Also, if there is no plumbing near by then one has to keep emptying the water, do you know how often. thanks

      • The water just comes out of a hose into our sink, yes it spits out all the water each load.

        • does it have some reservoir to capture water (if you know) and which can be emptied manually

          • @s0805: It does in the top left of the unit. Ours doesn't have a drop of water in it ever, because we use the hose to the sink. I don't actually know how you get the water to go into the reservoir, maybe by blocking up the hose hole with a cap.

            We also just leave our setting on standard cotton, usually takes 2-3 hours, it's not quick, just cheap

            • @Pittyh: thanks for that. I think i must have read in some other post that water can be captured as well if not plumbed in. Thanks for your reply.

  • Great dryer. Can't speak highly enough of it.

    We were originally sceptical due to our 8-year-old LG washer/dryer combo rarely drying items properly.
    Only had the Esatto for two months, but clothes, towels, bed linen etc. always come out dry taking 1 to 1.5 hours.

    If you're stacking it on top of your existing washing machine (can't be wall-mounted), I'd recommend buying a rubber mat to put under the washing machine and under the dryer.
    Significantly reduces the vibration, particularly when you've got both going at the same time.

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    How does this one compare to this Samsung one? https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/samsung-8kg-heat-pump-dryer-d…

    It's on the Samsung EPP Store for $790

    • How only for employees right ?@daniesaurs? The epp store

      • Yes it's corporate EPP

  • Can anyone tell me the dimension of the feet for this thing? My front load washer is 600mm deep, but it kind of curves down at the top, so the top probably only has space for feet that are 450mm apart?


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