This was posted 3 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nintendo Switch OLED + Mario Kart 8 + 3 Months Online Sub $448 + Delivery ($0 C&C/In-Store/OnePass) @ Kmart


Link doesn't say anything about the bundle but the picture in the link is the new bundle that includes

Nintendo Switch OLED White Joy-Con Console
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Full Game Download)
3 Month Nintendo Online Membership Code

This item is NOT available for the One Pass Early Access Sale on Wednesday 22nd Nov. On Sale from Friday 24th Nov at 8am AEDT.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +8

    I think bigw is better with 5000 pts.

  • +1

    Stupid question but - is this like a console that can be plugged into tv and played with controllers where the kids can play against each other locally?

    I don’t want them having a portable screen type setup.

    • +1

      Yes. My kids love to play Mario kart against each other on the big tv. This is a very good deal as you need the online membership for extra courses in MK. Go watch a few Nintendo switch unboxing videos on YouTube so you can see what it's capable of.

    • +1

      Yes it comes with a dock that you can keep the console in the whole time if you want.

    • +3

      It’s both.

    • You can zip tie the portable screen into the dock if you want.

  • Link says Friday

    • it says black friday on Thursday 23rd,not actual Friday

      • +1

        they have now updated the date in the listing

        • they messd up and fixed so quick lol

    • +2

      What does princess Zelda say?

    • Damn it. Joke was already made.

  • +2

    Let’s hope this is the last holiday season for the current Nintendo switch

  • I'm so disappointed they aren't releasing a new bundle with Mario Wonder, not bothered about mario kart…

    • i only hope they make more splatoon edition.

  • -8

    People going to be so pissed when the new switch comes out early next year after buying this.

    • +2

      Except it won't, as Nintendo earnings forecast for current finacial year don't indicate a new console. Then they'll be order wait times etc. It'll be 2025 before people have them.

  • +4

    9 year old phone chipset running the console and still this expensive.

    • Seriously, as amazing as it is, its overdue for a new version of the console at this point

  • +1

    Since when did Kmart get back in the gaming space?

  • +3

    How is this over 7 year old console still $448 WOW when the Xbox Series X was $505 a days ago and that's around 12 times faster and probably 12 times more expensive to manufacture.

    Nintendo really need to release the switch 2 already. Pretty sure we will see an LCD version first and an OLED update a year later if not at the same time.

    • +7

      Because the Xbox is a distant third in the sales race, without any compelling games they will stay there, and that’s from someone who chose Xbox.

      • +1

        Nintendo is popular .. also with collectors

    • Probably because Nintendo still manage to bleed the most out of the limited hardware and appeal to their fanbase.

      I'm not a massive Nintendo fan but super Mario wonder and RPG (even though it's a remake) are great fun.

      • Nintendo’s business model is also different to the other market players. They actually make money on each console sale.

        Microsoft loses money on hardware sales - selling below the cost of what it costs to make one to get players into their ecosystem. Sony and PS5 is reportedly a similar story.

    • I think you should run Nintendo since their business seems to be performing so poorly.

    • +1

      $505 was a limited stock deal that was probably taken all by scalpers.

  • I’m currently in a predicament, would appreciate some advice and insight. I own the Scarlet and Violet Edition OLED and am wondering if I should sell it in place of either this bundle or the new Switch console rumoured to release next year. My main issue with letting it go, and I apologise for appearing like a douche collector in saying this, is that I’m concerned it’ll gain value in the future. I understand that shouldn’t be my main concern but as someone that’s let things go in the past that suddenly shot up in value and/or became scarce, I don’t want to repeat any more mistakes.

    • +3

      Why do you want to sell it if it may become valuable then? I'm not understanding.

      • Maybe I didn’t get the point of my question across clearly enough. I mean to ask if anyone is knowledgeable enough or a collector themselves whether or not it may gain value and if it is worth holding onto it rather than selling it now.

        • +4

          If it ain't got a hackable chip and it's not mint condition unopened in the box I'd sell to upgrade to Switch 2 before prices dump.

          Prices for hacked switches might continue to go up now as Sd 8 Gen 3 android devices and above come out and people want to continue supporting games by buying and dumping them to play on android. we can emulate Botw and Totk around 20 fps-30fps now, and it's just the beginning.

          Obvs Switch 2 will get an upgrade and come out with better games so that's what I'd get if I didn't have a hacked switch

          • +1

            @daniesaurs: It's cheap enough to pick up a patched V2 second hand and get it hard modded.

            There's no value in unpatched consoles now that the modchips are available for sub $10 (they were ~$200 just for the chip no install)

            I have an unpatched V1 here that I installed a modchip in just to avoid using the RCM jig lol. $10 and half an hour of my time was a no brainer.

          • @daniesaurs: Cheers, I appreciate your response a lot.

    • +2

      Collecting gaming consoles hardly lucrative… How much does an original SNES sell for?

    • +1

      It won’t go up in value. Keep it until the next switch is released and then get the new one.

      • Thank you for the advice

    • +1

      Keep it. It definitely won't go down in value.
      If you have the original box and everything is in good condition, you can sell it anytime in the future and make your money back

    • It would be pointless to sell it and buy this bundle now, as this bundle will almost definitely be worth less in future (unless it turns out to be a weird very low print variant or something), the Pokemon one will be more likely to hold or gain value.

      If it's still got the box and all manuals etc in very good condition (no tears, dents, water damage etc.), and no scratches etc on the console then it should hold it's value.

      • Thank you for the advice, I’ve decided to pass on this bundle altogether but am leaning towards selling the Switch anyway. I don’t have the original packaging nor some of the cables that came with it so regardless if I keep it or not I’m not sure the console and some accessories alone will fetch near the ceiling of what it could sell for.

  • +2

    Thanks OP - I was going to get the Big W one for the kids christmas present, but I’ll get this deal instead just due to Kmart being in my local marrickville metro and at ashfield and at broadway whereas Big W is only at bunghole campsie.

  • How is this a good deal?

    • +4

      the game and the membership will cost about $80 at this point, (ref: Amazon Mario kart 8 and membership) which reduces the console cost $368 as all time low for OLED models I guess.

  • it is good…

    but maybe we should wait for switch 2 in 2024.
    it said that the GPU will get a 3-5 times boost.

    • GPU will get a 3-5 times boost

      Cool, then it'll finally be as fast as the iPhone… from last year lol

    • Thing is, a better gpu could be good but majority of the games on switch are not about insane graphics or depth of vision, Nintendo has never been about leading edge graphics, more about style of gameplay and that’s why it sells so well even with ‘old tech’

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