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Nintendo Switch OLED + Mario Kart 8 + 3 Months Online Sub $449 + 5000 EDR Points | Legend of Zelda: TOK $59 C&C @ Big W


Great price on this Switch bundle.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - $59

Full credit to Vooks.

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    Amazon should match the bundle eventually

  • Has the big W catalogue leaked anywhere yet?

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    Probably get cancelled

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      Why? I've been seeing Switch OLED models for 389 - 379 for the past 1-2 years, what makes this exceptional?

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        Big W

      • Where?

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        They are pissed they got their pricing error cancelled.

        Anybody grabbing that $20 spiderman 2 shouldn't have been surprised to have it cancelled.

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    What do we think, will this be the best price on the OLED Switch this side of Christmas?

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      IMO, $449 is the standard discount price for the OLED Switch itself.. With this deal you're also getting Mario Kart 8 + 3 Months NSO + 5000 EDR (Worth ~$25).

  • This or hold out for Switch 2 next year?

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      If you already own a Switch, I would wait to see what the Switch 2 has to offer.

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      If you don't own a Switch buy this and trade it in to EB Games when the 2 launches.

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        Or just wait.

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          But that means a summer without playing Switch games.

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      get this. game catalogue is complete

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    I want a Mario Wonder bundle. Hopefully they release one!

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    I'm tempted to get the OLED Switch (have posted previously about wanting 2 Switches - one to be a portable only device, the other to be exclusively kept on the dock). But run into doubts about it, for one thing I obviously should keep the OLED as the portable (better battery etc compared to my April 2017 unit)….. but I'd be too scared to take the NEW device out and about (thus defeating the purpose of having 2 Switches lol).

    I'm keen to see what they do with a Switch 2 - I'm hoping for backwards compatibility, don't fancy having to re-buy many titles yet again haha.

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      Why do you want two Switches? They're so easy to dock and un-dock.

      • +11

        I wish I was rich to understand these kinds of first world problems

        • +1

          Rich kids these days… So ungrateful and vicious…

      • one hacked device that can run homebrew and one with a much better screen, new joycons and online capability i imagine

        • Hacked switches can be taken online. Just need to reboot in to stock firmware.

      • The prospect of a new unit (better battery life + fancier screen). I just like the idea of starting fresh. I'm very aware it's a case of more money than brains, alas I haven't done it yet. There's every chance I will (even before the Switch 2 is confirmed/released) but it's just a thought bubble idea for now.

        I've been tinkering with the idea of a second unit long before the OLED existed - when the revised model with the slightly better battery came out, yet I've still not pulled the trigger. If the price was right (similar to the cheap price I purchased the Switch for back in 2017) the trigger would be far easier to pull.

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          Just use the one you already have. Better for the environment as well. If you really want two and just buy another one second hand.

          • @nomadspartan: Outside of playing the older games (NES/SNES via NSO) or less gruntier titles… the battery life on my unit isn't the best these days. Hence why a new unit is appealing.

            Yes I can play it docked or with the power cable connected directly to circumvent that aspect. Even when using it hand held I'm usually lying down or my body is half curled into a ball on the floor.

  • Any bigw gift card apart from regular 5% off from woolies.

    • maybe see if JBhifi will price match (Just not sure if they will on bundles)
      15% off gift cards is due soon at Coles

      • everyone is talking about that 15%, will be hard to find any stock. lol

        • +6

          Last year I got to my Coles at around 10am and there were no cards left. A Coles employee mentioned that a particular ethnic community had absolutely decimated them. A bit like they do with baby formula. They're within their rights to do so, but yeah… good times.

          Edit: downvoted for stating a fact. Nice.

      • What bundles though really? It’s one item in a sense but also multiple in one? I’d try to argue it and buy at jb hi fi ^^

  • What’s the cheapest way to buy Tears of the Kingdom? I have $20 in Woolworths Everyday Rewards. Should I wait till Xmas.

  • Zelda is pretty neat with his sword and stuff

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      Zelda is actually the name of the princess, the guy with the sword and the green suit is named Tingle.

      • +1

        I thought the princess was Sharon?

        • +1

          That is another green hero series: Shrek.

      • Where’s Link?

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    can you use the 10% discount from Woolworths reward this ?

    • +1

      T&Cs say not on gaming consoles

  • +3

    This is a black friday sale? lol.. so bad.. This console (no matter OLED version and including game and sub) is like 6 and a half years old. $400+ still.. lmao

    • +2

      It’s Nintendo Switch, along with Airpods and iPhones it’s been one of the hottest kids wishlist gift items for almost seven straight years. Nintendo can charge what they want.

  • Makes me recall when I bought my 2DS with MK7 bundled. It's always MarioKart, isn't it?

  • switch oled = $449
    EDR = -$25
    TRS = -$40.8
    BigW cashback citi credit card = -$20
    BigW cashback latitude credit card = -$20

    Net price = $343.20

    • Except unfortunately the latitude $20 cashback offer ends on 22/11/23 and the bigw sale starts on 24/11/23

      • Probably buy a $100 gift card from BigW before the expiry.
        Latitude also has a $10 cashback for $100 BigW/any gift card from Special Gift Cards.


        • It’s a good idea! And then you can use the long running 5% off big w gift cards for the rest

    • i guess sell the mk8 code, to reduce further if you already own the game.

    • Sorry what is TRS?

  • Is mario kart 8 and mario kart 8 deluxe is the same??

    • yes

  • +2

    Tears is on sale now

  • Do we know if this is going to be available to order online for store pickup?

  • +1

    The website now lists it as being available at 6am on 24/11. I assume that's AEDT (NSW, VIC, TAS, ACT). I'm going to need to set an early alarm. Not gonna be fun for WA residents!

  • +1

    The time has been updated to 5am. Still no time zone listed.

    • +2

      Release date in specification says Fri Nov 24 00:00:00 AEDT 2023. So should be 5 am AEDT.

      • +1

        Great spotting!

    • Thank you. It pays to check the comments every now and then on these postings. I had an alarm set for 6am…gotta do 5am now lol

  • How many bigw gift card can we use? Online I mean thanks. How much do you guys think the mk8 worth? I already own the game.

  • I can't seem to find any mention of the 5000 EDR points on the product page, unless I am blind.

    • +1

      It's in the catalogue on page 2

      • You beauty! Thanks for setting me straight.

  • +1

    with 15% gc, JB maybe better for some.

  • +1

    425am and I just completed the transaction for this from Big W. Bank payment confirmation and Big W email confirmation received.

    • 4:28am SA / 4:58am AEDT - completed and confirmation email received.

      • @redhaze1 and @donquay Did you get the 5000 ERW? I don't see it in the product page and it's only showing "449" points for me

        ETA: There should be an extra dropdown for the 5k ERW similar to the Dyson listing https://www.bigw.com.au/product/dyson-v8-plus-447945-01/p/38…

        • +1

          Putting another one in the cart it says for me:
          You'll collect 7250 points
          Includes 6800 bonus points.

          Looking in my account I have a booster activated for Big W - "Collect up to 5000 points" and it lists this item in the 5000 points section. I also have another booster for Big W - "Collect 3x points" and Everyday Extra - 2 x points at Big W. You might need to activate boosters on your EDR account.

          • +1

            @redhaze1: Thanks! Noticed that too - I have it boosted on my account.

            5:16 AM - completed and confirmation email received!

          • @redhaze1: I think the breakdown for me is: 450 (base) + 450 (Everyday Extra) + 1350 (3 x booster) + 5000 (item specific booster).

        • When in cart before you do the transaction it says you'll collect 5450 points.

          Not showing up in my EDR account as yet.

        • I can't explain why the points are showing differently, but I'm happy so back to bed for me!

          • +1

            @redhaze1: The item now has that 5000 points box like the other one. It's still the same amount of rewards points for me in the checkout screen though.

  • Just had my order cancelled!!
    "Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to supply the below items in your order. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."
    Well done Big D (profanity). Now my money's stuck and wont be able to use the Big W gift cards else where!

    • +1

      Oh no! Did you do it as a click and collect or delivery? I selected delivery to avoid my local store running out of stock before the staff picked my order. Based on previous refunds I've had, you'll probably get a Wish gift card so that can be used in more places.

      • Yep. Did a click and collect. It still shows the product as in stock. Customer care said they are in negative. F knows whats going on with these guys. Thanks for the Wish card info - I was under the impression I will get back the Big W gift card which is usable only in their store.

  • Can I purchase with gift cards and still be eligible for the 5000 EDR points?

    • +2

      Yes, I did that. Paid using a Big W gift card with 5% off through RAA.

      • +2

        Yep. I went ahead with it and placed an order. Closest store with stock was about 45km away due to me thinking about the deal. Looks like a day trip for the fam up the blue mountains lol.

  • +1

    I'm not enjoying the waiting game to see if my order actually succeeds!! I'm hoping they fulfil the delivery orders based on time ordered… Not staff, family, friends, oops none left!

    • Just got the delivery email - yay!

  • Thanks op, grabbed one in store and paid with 5% e-gift card from nrma benefits. Also grabbed a couple of wired controllers for 24 each

  • Ugh anyone get an email saying order is unable to be fulfilled? Purchased at around 6am on Friday.

  • +1

    Bought 2 online for delivery at 445am Friday morning. Tax invoice and Auspost tracking emails received yesterday. Used two $449 value gift cards purchased with 5% RACV discount ($853.10)… with the $80 worth of EDR collected… not a bad deal at all…

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