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Apple iPhone 15 $1449.99, Pro $1799.99, Pro Max $2499.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Just like everywhere else, limited stock depending on the model, colour, and storage size. Do check back for additional stock.

I successfully requested for a price beat at Officeworks for an iPhone 15 Pro Max 512gb in Titanium black $2374 + Flybuy points.

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    Do you need Costco membership to pricematch at Officeworks?

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      No. Officeworks won't ask for your Costco member card.

  • This is the website price, are these cheaper in the Costco stores or the same price?

    • I've seen product prices more expensive in store, but you can request to get it at the online price if it's still available. Not a guarantee, just my experience.

  • No 256gb model :(

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        I'm not a heavy user + all my photos are saved on icloud.

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    Good luck price beating Costco. You may get lucky but it's excluded from the Price Beat in the T&C's.

    • My mate price matched costco at his local officeowkrs

    • I price matched this deal at Officeworks a couple of weeks ago without issues. No questions asked - they just checked that the product code matched.

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    1) what's the price?
    2) OW (and most places) won't price beat Costco as it's only available with a "paid membership". Where as say Anaconda/Woolies/Coles/etc members prices are ok as it's free membership.

  • Officeworks Price Beat Guarantee

    What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?

    • Commercial quantities and pricing (i.e. a reduced price not available to the public and including Apple Reseller Education pricing.)

    This may be interpreted to exclude Costco due to it being a Members-Only store.

    • You can't buy from Costco without being a member, but anyone can be a member. They've price matched with Costco many times.

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        Just called and got it.

        • How does it work if you call them, do they just google it and check the website they're matching? Do they take your credit card details or do they send you a link with a basket with the item so you can continue the transaction.

  • Calling OW to test my luck now

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      Now i just need to claim TSR at airport.

      • same! see you at TRS queu, bro!

      • Can you please dm me the receipt as I wanted to get price matched with Jb hi fi. Thanks in advance

        • Ur DM is not enabled

  • Price beat 15 Pro 128 GB at Pitt Street Sydney for $1,709.99. Thanks! (Note they place an order even if it’s in stock so you can’t collect straight away.)

    • oh no.. how long before we can pick up?

      • Estimated to be Monday

    • Hey mate, are you able to share the invoice please? Planning to do the same at Pitt St. You can DM me.

  • so is this the best for ip15 deals now?

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      Please see my comment below which might assist.

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    Amaysim has the long running iPhone 15 deals. 128gb @ $1299, 256gb @ 1499 and 512gb @ $1849. You need to add a cheap prepaid $30 plan too which can be cancelled at anytime. Definitely cheaper than any deals at the moment that I have seen.

    iPhone 11, 13 and 14 are also discontinued but subject to availability. Not a rep or associated to them. Just found these deals when searching for iPhone for myself last week but settled on 13 pro max 512gb for myself.

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    Successfully pricematched at OW. They said they used to decline Costco but now include it in their price match policy

  • Thanks mate got a iPhone 15 256Gb priced matched at OW for $1567.Using $1200 ultimate gc saves me another $180 and will get around $150 TRS at airport to start Christmas trip. Bargain!

  • Price matched at OW Keswick SA, but OOS for the model I wanted - so click and collect only.

  • I tried to Price matched one of my local OW but they refuse as I don't have the membership of Costco. Can someone please upload the Invoice of 15 Pro so I can show them. Thanks

  • If anyone has receipt for a 15 Pro Max 1TB price match/beat that they could share would really really appreciate it, whether as a reply here or via DM!


  • Hi, anyone happy to share their office work invoice for iphone 15 promax 256gig please dm me. Thanks

    • +1 likewise please. Thanks!

      • May I also get a copy of a receipt for the same model and specs, thank you in advance.

  • Any guesses if JB will price-match?

    • I tried but unsuccessful

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    OW price beat 5% Costco iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB $2499 Black (No question asked), and backorder in Natural colour, final price $2347 + Flybuys + 15% Discount Ultimate Gift Card. Total Price Paid: $2000

    • Hi @Ace80, are you happy to share with me your invoice ? I want to try in my local office work

    • can you please dm me a copy of a receipt

  • All of the 128GB Pro's are out of stock at Costco, I missed out.

  • Anyone got receipt for a 15 Pro Max 256?

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