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Seagate EXOS X16 16TB ST16000NM001G SATA 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM US$189.19 (~A$289.52) Delivered @ Eastdigital HK eBay


A fantastic deal. East Digital is running a deal for the next 5 days. As per the previous deals warranty is 3 years via them.

Also ST12000NM001G Seagate 12TB Exos X16 512E 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s- (A$222.19) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/276131162915

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • -2

    Don’t trust OEM, all refurbished.

  • Wow looks like over 100 drives sold over the past 2 hours going by the listing and still going.

  • Exos or the ultrastar?

    Just need a drive to dump videos that wont sound loke a 747 taking off

    • I have the 16TB HC550 myself in my Synology but the price on those over the past year have gone way up.

  • Do they do well as NAS drives for my synology 920+?

  • Looks like all sold out. Congrats to those that got in at that price.

    • +1

      Thanks OP, managed to grab one. I actually really needed the additional storage and the other HDD deals so far haven't been as good $/TB wise.

  • ahh bugga! was gonna get a couple! snooze/lose :(

  • ah dammmm sold out! I would have bough 6!

  • Sas drives are still in stock

    • +1

      Are you sure you want SAS ?

      • Can explain a bit more? No knowledge about sas.

        • My daughter is fluent in three languages: English, Sarcasm, and Sass. Oh wrong Sas

        • +1

          SAS is Serial Attached Scsi, i use them in all my home servers, they wont work on a sata controller even though connector is similar, however sata drives will work on sas controller.
          Sas drives are faster and last longer basically.

          Be aware many sas drives won't be recognised is windows Linux environment until you low level format and change sector size, most come with non standard eg 520 or 522 sector sizes etc

          I currently have 160 x sas 12g, 6tb drives doing chia mining

          • @Wayne7497: Is chia mining worth it ?

            • @Ifndefx: In short, no, and hasn't been for quite a while.

              Source: I have a 1.1PB home lab and did Chia farming for a while.

      • Yes I am

        • +1

          ok cool, some people think they can slot them into their everyday desktops.

  • +1

    It’s always there in Chinese market like taobao with similar price line. Though they clearly claim those are mining disks and they usually give warranty.

    Not sure about this though

    • Mining drives are perfectly fine, about an hour to write a plot, then they sit there in idle doing nothing very minimal wear n tear.

  • Generic firm ware is mentioned in their listing. I assume that flashes it all?

  • +1

    Looks like its back in stock. I was able to purchase 2.

    • just saw that too. but they added shipping to the order now.
      i went for the x18 model. actually not a bad deal at all.

  • -2

    why is this such a great deal for $315 delivered when you can buy it normally for $360 delivered

    • 12.5% off is a pretty good deal tho

    • +1

      The postage on that is $130 for me.

  • What's the best way to pay since it's in USD?

  • +1

    Careful people. Fairly sure these are used miner drives. The Date of Manufacture of mine is August 2021 (I purchased one a week ago).

  • -3

    Seagate, perfect for people who want to lose all their data. Expect to hear clicking noises within a year.

  • So used enterprise drives with an unknown amount of spin up time, but selling as brand new on eBay?

  • +1

    Received my order. Drives look new. Although mfg date is Aug 2021.

  • +1

    Received my two ST1200NM001G's today. Look brand new with no visible damage. Seagate verify comes back valid (no OEM warranty of course). Date of Manufacture = 25/12/2022 for both of them.

  • Has anyone had issues with their drives? I can hear mine start up (a whirring sound), a series of clicks for a few seconds and it spinning down and going down to idle. Is anyone able to confirm if this is normal behaviour?

    I am unable to see it in the bios but can see it in windows through 'disk management', but am unable to initialise the drive (I get an error: "the request could not be completed because of an I/O device error.")

    • +1

      No issues with mine (two ST1200NM001G)

      If you can't see it in BIOS that's no good. Have you tried:
      - reseating the power & SATA connections
      - verifying the drive is legit with serial numbers at https://verify.seagate.com/
      - lastly, contacting the supplier for their recommendation / replacement

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