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Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA Rechargeable Batteries 4 Pack $19.17 ($17.25 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$59+) @ Amazon AU


This just dropped in price a few hours ago. $1.05 more than the AAA, but cheaper than the $42.25/$38 8 pack that user's were buying.

Combine with cashback today as well.

You can change your Subscribe & Save date here. You can cancel your subscription here. The price is NOT locked in

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    I've heard the IKEA rechargeable batteries are renamed Eneloops.

    • from who?

      • That's what all the Reddit sub-forums are saying. No concrete proof though.

    • Yes they are but lots of reports of the Ikea ones exploding which i've also experienced. I was all in on Ladda batteries until I experienced that and now wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

      • @Villainous Did it explode in the charger or in a device?

        Someone on here weeks ago said the standard eneloop are ikea ladda but the eneloop pro’s are Japanese and not used by ikea. Don’t know if that’s correct?

        • +4

          AAA ladda's in a remote. Burnt a whole in the remote. Lucky it only ruined the remote and didn't cause more damage.

          Yes standard eneloops not the pro's.

      • How about a 20ft pole?

    • It would make more sense to me that the standard Eneloops are the cheaper Chinese made versions still made by or under licence from Panasonic, and that these same ones are rebadged and sold to Ikea for their batteries. Reports are that the Eneloop Pros are made in Japan and still the original really good ones.

      I wouldn't expect that Ikea were the ones that got into the battery business and Panasonic buys their standard Eneloops from Ikea.

      • +8

        The IKEA LADDA 2450mAH AA, 1900mAH AA, and 750mAH AAA batteries are all 'Made in Japan' clearly on their packaging and on the batteries themselves.
        Many threads all over the internet with people checking them and finding exact same capacities and discharge rates as geniune Japanese Eneloops.
        For my money I'll keep buying the LADDA's as they're much cheaper than Eneloop Pros.

        • +1

          Good to know, thanks!

          $10.20 for 4 pack IKEA AA 2450mah
          $17.25 for 4 pack from Amazon

          41% CHEAPER going with IKEA and their 15% sale on now

    • +8

      The IKEA Ladda 2450mAH batteries clearly have 'Made in Japan' printed on their packaging, and are only $12/4-pack. Better deal than these.

      NB: IKEA did briefly sell some 1000mAH ones that were marked 'Made in China' - but subsequently removed that product from their lineup about a year or two ago, probably because they were lower quality.

      • Ah they must have asked Panasonic to rebadge the good ones for them then at that point. Still makes sense to me that they buy them from Panasonic rather than the other way around.

  • +3

    thanks bought.
    funny about battery one day i run out of AA then buy some…
    next month run out of AAA….

  • -2

    Compare to ikea rechargeable battery, which one is better?

  • +2

    LADDAS are the new eneloops, change my mind.

    • Do you mean Chinaloops, or are you saying they have replaced the Eneloop fanbase on OzB?

      A couple of years ago, the chemistry number said they were Eneloop Pro. All Eneloop Pros are Japanese. The standard Eneloops to our market, are Chinaloops.

      Testing confirmed they were most likely Eneloop Pro, They matched their performance and longevity nearly identically.

  • What rechargers do you guys use>?

    • I’ve seen in past eneloop posts here that you can get a Panasonic charger with some eneloop battery pack deals. I just use the premium ikea one not the cheap one

    • Liitokala lii-500. I've got three been hammering them daily for years still going strong.
      Should set you back all of $25. I have others but bang for buck they can't be beaten.

  • Cash back works with sub&save?

    • +2

      Yeah, on initial order only. Let me find exact wording.


      Cashback is eligible for: The first (new) Subscribe & Save order of a product in an eligible category. Subsequent orders are ineligible for cashback.

      Doesn't matter since we all cancel the sub & save after the initial order anyway.

  • Obligatory eneloop post :)

  • Thank you! Just had a bunch of old eneloops and Laddas crap out on me

  • +1

    Having the Sub & Save option on rechargeable batteries is a bit weird.

    • Yeah. I've purchased an electric toothbrush with sub & save before.

  • These are perfect fir the Xbox controller

  • Is this cheap historically?

    • +1

      With inflation… I doubt youd find them cheaper now.

  • Covid really has hit, I remember the good old days at $14-$15 per pop.

    • Just get IKEA LADDAs then.
      Same battery, different packaging, even cheaper than $14.

      • Not the same. I have both ikea and eneloops. I have hardly any Lada left as i often have to chuck one out due to being under voltage for my charger to recognise. I know i can revive them but what's the point, rather have stable eneloops. So no more Laddas for me.

        • That's interesting, haven't encountered that issue over several years of using them exclusively myself, and it doesn't match up with the experience of others.

          Were you using the high or low capacity? The high are Eneloop Pros, the low are not.

          • @NobalaKoba: I don't know what I have/had. Didn't know there was 2 types of Ladda to be honest. Just went to check my 'box' and didn't have any Ladda in it. Either they are still a couple floating around in devices around the house or all have been binned. They were white in colour if that helps?

            • @whorishmouth: Yeah, there's the high capacity (made in Japan) and lower capacity (made in China).
              Japan only has the one LSD NiMH factory, so both the high capacity LADDA and Eneloop Pro are made in the same factory.

              On average, the high capacity LADDA should do around 1k cycles before they start to die. Strangely, the lower capacity are actually meant to last more cycles, so I'm surprised yours died, regardless of type.

              What type of charger do you use?

              • @NobalaKoba: I have a La Crosse BC-700. I'm thinking i could of had a bad batch maybe? I only bought 12 of them.

  • +3

    any good deals on chargers please?

  • Best batteries IMHO.

    Mine have lasted decades and are still going strong.

  • Thanks got one

  • What do you guys find is the best use case for these rechargos

  • FYI your local council may provide rebates for being rechargeable batteries

    • Which councils? we only have the reusable nappy rebate in Brisvagas

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  • Back in stock again

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