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Lenovo Legion Go 8.8" 144hz AMD Z1 Extreme 16GB 512GB + 6 Months PC Game Pass US$812.01 (~A$1233.86) Delivered @ Antonline eBay


Seems to be $120 cheaper than it is locally with coupons, ten words

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    Linus praised this. Honestly want to sell my switch and buy one.

    • I don't think Linus has reviewed it yet?

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        Quick search and didn't see any review from Linus either. ETA Prime has a review though

      • Yeah, he has a video of it in the works. They werent sent it early to review, so they had to buy it.

        • I’m surprised Linus bothered reviewing something that wasn’t sent to him for free. Then again, can’t blame them for not sending him one. He’d probably butcher the testing, and shit all over it for its inability to do something it wasn’t designed for

          • @XxBargainHuntaxX: You know the main advantage with review samples is getting it ahead of time? The cost of buying a product is tiny compared to cost of producing a video

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              @FireRunner: Linus was literally trying to justify not spending $100 of company employee time to not review a $5000 product thoroughly.

              This was the during the recent heatsink saga

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                @Michael15286: While I agree Linus was in the wrong and completely bumbled the review and handling of the product, his point was that he wasn't willing to commit anymore employee time to re-reviewing it.
                Again he's completely wrong, but there's a difference between not wanting ing to spend x amount of dollars and not wanting to spend x amount of dollars of employee time

    • Anything else is better than the switch

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      You meant Dave2D?

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    This would be perfect if it had VRR. Handheld PCs that can hardly do 60fps should have VRR.

  • Mate who bought it recently says that the AAA games run well on 1080p but struggles in qhd. Also the joystick mapping isnt perfect and have to tweak every time (in comparison to steamdeck)

    • The controller looks uncomfortable too but I guess it’s so that mouse mode doesn’t feel so weird. Does it have a QHD screen?

      • 2560 x 1600

        • +1

          That seems pretty hopeful for a handheld. Games that could show off the resolution 1440p I wouldn’t expect to run on that and games that games that can run in it like emulators don’t need to be in 1440p

          Playing the spider man remaster on a steam deck looks better than I would expect to get out of a 800p screen so resolution isn’t everything. Maybe them wanting to one up the Ally on paper pushed them into a bad move

    • I have the legion go I can confirm that QHD is hopeless for the great majority of games. 2014 games and before can do 60fps QHD. 1080p is also really hard for modern games the best bet is to use 800p and upscale. Also, the legion go RSR is screwed at this point in time which really really sucks because even though the screen scales nicely with 800p it still looks blurry.

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    Local store to deal with issues if any might be nice, especially if they accept change of mind returns

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    I might be missing something here but why not buy directly from Lenovo? Better warranty and I think there is 10% off if you sign up for their newsletter.

    • Oh if you click the link it's $1052 and 52 postage.

      Vs $1299 from lenovo directly..

      • Z1 extreme version is 1499

    • with lenovo 10% coupon it is 1170 dollars for 256gb, over here it is $1052 +52 postage for 512gb and 6moth game pass. im comptemplating on grabbing one but not sure fi the seller is trustworthy

      • You're looking at the z1 version , not z1.extreme.i think. Much worse

  • Not cheap enough to justify the risk.

  • +2

    Downvoting because of Antonline.

    Even US based consumers have had trouble with antonline, god bless you if you got a defective unit and need to return it. Check reddit for all the horror stories. Heck, there's even a site for it, their scammy practices have ran far and wide throughout two decades at this point.


    Even Jarrod's Tech's own 'deal aggregate site' do not display Antonline links - just too much riskes associated with them.

    • Imagine pissing off enough customers until one of them makes website just to highlight how bad your business is.

      And for them to host it for 15 years afterwards.

      • Thats commitment right there

  • Trying to return mine to Lenovo after 24hr of ownership.. the fan noise is not good , in particular the high pitched whine (the sound of air is not the issue). Seems to impact some but not all units.. I can hear the fan whine from about 5 meters away with the device idle at desktop.. beware

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