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eufy Security Eufycam 3 S330 4K Wireless Home Security System (4 Pack Solar) $1349 Delivered @ Device Deal eBay


Cheapest I have found.

Security eufy 4K Wireless Security Camera with Integrated Solar Panel, Face Recognition AI, Expandable Local Storage, Forever Power Outdoor Camera, Spotlight and Colour Night Vision, No Monthly Fee. eufyCam 3 4-Camera Kit.

• Examine Every Little Detail in 4K: Enjoy photos that are so sharp and clear that you can make out licence plates up to 10 metres away.

• View Colour at Night: The F/1.4 aperture and built-in starlight sensor let in all available light to display accurate colour.

• Stay Charged with Everlasting Power: Never worry about the battery needing to be charged. Two hours of direct sunshine are all it takes to have endless power.

• Is there no sun? No issue: Even in the cloudiest weather, the built-in 13,000mAh battery lasts up to 365 days.

The Power of BionicMindTM AI for Your Security Discover the full potential of your security with BionicMindTM, a facial recognition system that uses self-learning AI to distinguish between family members and outsiders.

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  • Damn I want this, where's Jimmywingdings

  • They had this for this price direct on their web site for the same price during the black friday sales (I picked one up for $1339 with a $10 off coupon code at the time). Mine hasn't arrived yet but looking forward to it when it arrives

  • Can someone pls. tell me if this is the same system found on Amazon? eufy Security eufyCam 3 4-Cam Kit, Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 4K Camera with Integrated Solar Panel, Forever Power, Face Recognition AI, Expandable Local Storage, Spotlight, No Monthly Fee

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      Yes they are the same

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    Was looking at buying a Homebase 3 off eBay then thought I might have a look on the Eufy Refurbished site, ended up getting the 2 pack 3C with Homebase 3 for $449, grade C though.

    If you don't mind it's grade C refurbished, this 4 pack Eufy 3 is selling for $999.


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      Have you received them yet? What does grade C refubished look like?

      • No , I literally just ordered before this deal was posted. From other OZBer's experience it sounds like grade C only have some minor decorative scratches on the front panel of the cameras. That's why I took the risk.

        • Yeah as long as the lenses aren't scratched I don't really care.

        • did you receive the grade C refurbished yet? any more feedback on what it looks like?

          • +1

            @zackiew: Yes I did. Other than a few minor scratches and some stains (I was able to remove them afterwards), everything is working fine.

            The product was obviously used for sure as the manual has oil stains on it and the cables were tightened with rubber bands but these are expected and the main thing is they work.

            I was kinda surprised that Eufy still allow return with conditions like that but with the price I paid for I am not complaining 🙂.

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        This is from asking eufy directly:
        Please know all scratches are very minor and most certainly do NOT affect the functionality of the camera. Most scratches are on the body of the camera and any light scratches that may appear on the front of the camera are not over the lens at all. A grade B camera is essentially brand new but will not have the protective film on it that a new camera will have, meaning that it's batteries are essentially brand new also. A grade C camera is one that may have seen 2-3 months of use. As the cameras are a sealed unit unfortunately the batteries are not replaceable, hence why only devices that have seen a maximum of 2-3 months use are able to qualify for Grade C.

        I ordered a grade C, and there's a couple of minor scratches on the front, but none on the lens.

        • +1

          Awesome thanks for taking the time to post that info!

        • Great info. I bought a 2k Pro "B grade" with 2 cameras for $260 plus 5% Topcashback. I didn't want to commit to spending too much at first as i only really need to put the cameras in the front of my house.

    • How was your grade c condition? Scratches on the cover or lens glass etc

      • From the above post.

        A grade B camera is essentially brand new but will not have the protective film on it that a new camera will have, meaning that it's batteries are essentially brand new also. A grade C camera is one that may have seen 2-3 months of use. As the cameras are a sealed unit unfortunately the batteries are not replaceable, hence why only devices that have seen a maximum of 2-3 months use are able to qualify for Grade C.

        I only ordered mine yesterday.

        • hi duece, did you receive your camera yet? How did the grade C look like?

          • +1

            @zackiew: I purchased a grade B. The cameras had a few marks/scrathes however the lens were fine. Both cameras are working well so far.

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    Great price for a great system.
    Have one installed and working very well. Huge advantage not needing wiring to setup the cameras, and with the solar charging they can be installed up on the eaves where access would be hard if batteries need to be manually recharged.

    One thing I didn't realise before buying was that these cameras connect direct to the Homebase via their own wifi, and do not use your wifi. Range good.
    And the Homebase works best when directly connected to your router via ethernet.

    • They reliably stay on just powered by solar, all year around? I have the generation before these that are charged via micro-usb with a homebase 2. They do the job but I find having to take em down charge em and then getting on a ladder to reposition them every 4-5months a bit of a hindrance.

      • If they get a few hours of sunshine they can recharge about 4% per day.
        So far after nearly 2 months they seem to be holding their charge with solar only power ok.

        Balance is how much activity the camera detects and position of camera for sun exposure.

        • +2

          I have one in my driveway that goes dead in 3.5months because there's a lot more activity. The others with low to no activity last as long as 5-6 months depending on the weather.

          I would be more inclined to buy it if the solar panels were attached separately so I can place it on the roof to get full sun exposure.

          • @plentifoo: Is it true that the manual says to place it OUT OF the sun (in indirect light)?
            Ambient temps of 25degrees?

            • @lordra: Well I'm certainly not doing that. Perth Summers get up to 40 degrees and while it's positioned under the eaves I'm pretty sure it gets direct exposure to the sun. The white surface of the camera has turned yellow presumably due to the UV exposure. It's still holding up fine after 2years+ though.

      • Have had mine for about 6 months now. Maybe more. Hadn't had any one of them go below 85%

      • I’ve had mine for a year, all north and west facing. Never had to recharge them manually, the solar panels are good!

      • I have had my set like this for 10 months now and the two out front have recorded over 4200 videos in that time, and about another 2000 detections each - they are both still sitting at 100% - stayed at 100% right through winter as well.

        It is brilliant not having to charge them - it if fit and forget.

    • How is the wifi range.

      • Its very good. Mind you the HomeBase 3 has its own 2.4Gz wifi network with proprietary protocol.

  • I looked into it and for that price its a tough buy. Also, they don't work when your internet is down or has a power outage. Best to get 3 or 4 eufy s40 instead. Anyone wants to comment on what their experience has been like with these ?

    • Wouldn't this record to a SD card or something in the homebase unit or do they only record to the cloud?

      • If it's anything like the older gen, it's all cloud based. I think some of the recent recordings might be saved on the homebase but the historical stuff goes on the cloud I'm sure.

        • The blurb on the Homebase3 says this though so I was looking at purchasing it to replace Reolink cameras that record to the cloud.

          • Expandable Local Storage, No Monthly Fee: Protect your home and your wallet. Save recordings locally with no ongoing costs. 16GB of storage built-in and expandable up to 16TB.
          • @fraid knot: Thanks for enlightening me. Mine is a homebase 2, don't think it has expandable storage. But it wasnt a huge consideration for anyway, I reckon with 16gb I'd get what I need from it before it gets sent off to the cloud anyway.

            • @plentifoo: With no monthly fees why would they give you any cloud storage? I imagine it'd just be what's saved in the Homebase
              Afaik Homebase 2 has 16gb of storage, but isn't expandable like the 3

        • +1

          Not sure what your products are but mine are all local

          Cameras have no storage/SD cards but store videos to a local homebase, and not stored on cloud at all unless you pay subscriptions (optional) to save your videos on their clouds

          Obviously their servers will be used as the middle man to show you recordings via their apps but thats it

      • My understanding is that the camera doesn't have built-in storage. Once power is down, the homebase is down and footage can't be stored. S40 has built-in storge and can continue to work during outage.

      • It does record to the home base (upto 1 terabit) but the issue remains the same. No power or if the wifi drops there's nothing.

  • -1

    Lol wireless, one flipper zero can wipe out all these cams in about 5 seconds

    • Agreed

    • Pretty sure the flipper zero can't do wireless and will only detect IR or RF frequencies. I looked at them and they seem about as useful as carrying around a Broadlink RM Mini with a power bank. Even with the wifi devboard I doubt they'd be able to do much if you have set a decent SSID password and use WPA3.

      They have good social marketing though….

  • +1

    Thanks, Op. now to buy a house to fix these.

    • -2

      I have a cardboard box, prime real-estate location, hey close by, $999 a day, CHEAP!

  • In the Box:

    ✓ Printer Type
    ✓ Copy
    ✓ Pages Per Minute (PPM) - Black
    ✓ Pages Per Minute (PPM) - Colour

  • -4

    They only record for 15ish seconds. I regret my purchase

    • +1

      That can be adjusted via the Eufy app - camera - power manager
      from Optimal battery life - which records up to 20s, to Optimal surveillance - which records up to 60s, or to customized - where recordings can be set up to 120s per event

    • @ttacx where did you buy from and how much?

  • Any idea when it expires? Couldn't find it, thanks

  • Price beat at Bunnings to get extra 10% off

    • Since when do they price match eBay?

      • Oops sorry missed that bit, thought it's on Device Deal own website. I think the issue isn't really with eBay, it's the coupon code needed. I've recently had price beat with 3rd party seller on Amazon without any issue

        • It was this price on Cyber Monday so I went to Bunnings for 10% price beat to get it for $1214.

    • +1

      Amazon has it for $1354

    • Bunnings won't price beat with the coupon. Only the full direct price.

  • Does is still have button on the camera that can remove everything it recorded from the storage?

    • Yup

    • +1

      Looks like its a feature

      Will resetting my eufy camera delete my recorded videos?

      Yes, the reset will remove all the videos from the Eufy account. It will remove all the configurations and the changes made by you. This includes the recordings and any other settings. After the reset, you will have to set up the camera again.

      Source: https://euffysupport.com/eufy-camera-reset/

      • +2

        Lol makes it kind of pointless, just ensures thieves will also steal and reset your cameras

  • +1

    Solar above a camera is a pain if they are situated under a roof eve..

  • I need ya guys opinion for price protection if I buy this:

    1. Credit Card 1 has 2 year price protection but has to be with the same store
    2. Credit Card 2 has 1 year price protection but can be with any store

    1 or 2?

    • I'd say 2 because it can be ANY store. So come next black Friday, you maybe able to claim.

      I'm guessing the first card is the Coles Master card.
      What's the 2nd card? Can I get one?

      • +1

        coles mastercard legacy price protection correct

        2nd one I don't even think they have the price protection anymore but it is Go Mastercard & 28 Degrees .. they both had 1 year price protection

  • Refurb S330 available on eufy website for $999

    • Pay 30% more for brand new, With full warranty?

      • This product is refurbished - C Grade, which has heavy blemishes and markings. Limited stock.

        Yeah pass.

  • +4

    I've used these for about a year since they were released and this has been my experience:

    - easy to install, i put them in front of the house and needed to buy some masonry drill bits to drill into brick but apart from that it was easy.
    - 4k image quality is good, at night you can set it to 'colour night mode' where the spotlight turns on and you get a pretty decent image.
    - wireless charging (depending on where you put them).
    - works well with the eufy video smart lock we have so everything within one app is cool (talking to mail men when not at home is always hilarious).

    - sometimes depending on which way your house faces, wireless charging is not 100% in winter i've had to manually charge some of the cameras, no issues in the warmer months though.
    - I've added 2 cameras for a total of 6 around the house and 1 camera works intermittently (haven't had time to get it replaced).
    - noted security issues with eufy, also with the base unit if thieves somehow work out where the base station is and take that we're screwed.
    - the biggest thing is sometimes it doesn't capture movement, we had some dog walkers come by the front yard and they're quite visibly in view but when i reviewed the clips to see who didn't pick up their shit, it didn't capture it. I realize this is superficial thing but you'd think a unit costing this much would be better at this. I also understand you can set max sensitivity to capture EVERYTHING but then you'll receive 9129714514 notifications a day, including when wind blows.

    It's a great wireless camera when its all functioning well and you've installed them somewhere with year-round sunlight. But if i could do it again I'd probably invest a bit more money into a CCTV Hikvision unit (cue CCP comments) for the consistent recording.

    • Not sure where you live and how much traffic you get, mine is in Melbourne and decent traffic and through winter it had a solid 90% battery.

      My only issue is that birds try and sit on them ..

  • Agree with all you say.
    I think a wired CCTV solution would be better if a new build, but for me a huge headache in an existing house.

    The Eufy can be upgraded easily in a few years. And if I want more cameras, I can easily add them in (or remove if no longer required). So strong pros.

  • To detract - apart from Hikvision and Dahua, what are the better PoE security cams?

    • I have Reolink and pretty happy with it.

      It has pet/person/car detection which works pretty good. Linked it to home assistant to get some automation.

      Think from memory it cost me under $1K for 6 cameras and NVR. Bought a 5 pack plus 1 dome camera.

      Dome camera managed to somehow get water in it when I was cleaning the roof. It didn't work for a while but after a few days it went back online. At night time you can't see much because of the dried up water droplets, but during the day it's clear as. I just haven't gotten around to cleaning it.

      My folks have HikVision and IMO the reolink app is heaps better.

    • ive got eufy pro2 camera but going to swap this out with tapo c325wb and get an electrician to wire me power to the units. My experience is that whilst the camera says it last up to a year , realistically this doesn't happen depending on what setting you have and when you need to record. if you live in a quiet street then yeah perhaps but i live in a corner so i'm constantly recording movement (when it works) all the time so i probably have to charge it once a month.

      At the time i wouldn't mind but then i started getting annoyed when it missed some movements so i'm changing to tapo so i can continually record and then at least i can go back to any point of time during the recording if i need to review something

  • Has anyone got any issue with Homebase 2 purchased in mid 2022?

    • no haven't had any issues

  • Buy now or wait for Boxing day sales?

    Do you guys think prices will drop?

    • for some reason i feel black friday has slightly better deals than boxing day sales but then again im just taking a guess here

      • +2

        I felt the same last year as well. They were all meh. Didn't spend a dollar on Boxing day.

        • i didn't go this year but heard usual crazyness at DFO, sydney for black friday sales. wondering if people took day off on the friday to go to DFO lol

  • What happens if eufy goes out of business? I presume these stop working?

    • +1

      Essentially yes.
      Same also if Eufy stop supporting their app and later iOS and Android versions don't support the old app.

      I find CCTV systems age quickly as technology advances, so in a few years this could be very old technology and need to be replaced.
      If so, not too hard with this system.

  • thoughts on eufy and tapo being owned by and based in China?

  • +1

    I guess it's boxing day now. I sat on it too long.

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