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Fiji Airways Flight: Brisbane (Depart 13/2/2024) - Los Angeles (Return 3/3/2024) via Nadi from $878 @ flightfinderau


Clicked through to check out one of the dates on @FlightFinderAU's earlier deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/816990

And found that half a dozen online travel agencies have Fiji Airways flights from $878-900ish. Good deal if you're travelling light (potentially no bags included.)

See attached screenshots for the dates I found. Hopefully some of you can find similar bargains should you need them!

The flight times are quite good for a non-direct service, and the planes are excellent late model ones. Just be aware that flight changes can be an issue with these online agencies - so best if you're sure you want to travel on those dates when you book.

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  • +5

    Nadi is the worst airport for a layover

    • +3

      Nadi is the worst airport for a layover

      Have you tried doing a long stopover then hitting one of the nearby hotels instead?

      • 6 hours was enough of a layover, Fiji was never on my travel bucket list when comparing to the likes of Hawaii and the Bahamas.

        • +15

          6 hours was enough of a layover

          I was just thinking that instead of sitting in a stinky airport for 6 hours, you can get day passes at the nearby resorts and spend maybe 4 of those hours at a pool with a cocktail instead.

          comparing to the likes of Hawaii and the Bahamas.

          Honolulu airport is also terrible, and no-one is stopping over in the Bahamas to anywhere, it would take you 24 hours just to get there.

    • -5

      Nadi is the worst airport for a layover

      What about for a barrister ?

    • +1

      Much better then Goldcoast airport..and yes, you should have just gone across the road to the 2 hotels lounged by the pool, paid $5 for swim in the pool and downed chilled Fiji Gold lager from the tap..

  • +2

    I spent 2 weeks in Fiji but I didn't feel the love.
    I'm sure you guys have had a different experience so what is your feeling about Fiji as a tourist?

    • +13

      The flights to Los Angeles , not Fiji

      • +1

        It transits through Fiji

    • +9

      Been to Fiji several times in the past but now it is so overpriced I would give it a miss. Resort prices are on par with Australia, yet the staff get paid maybe $3-$5 an hour.

      • Went to Warwick resort more than a decade ago.. one of the restaurant charged $12AUD for a main dish.. FJD was half of AUD back then and hourly wage was around FJD$2…

      • +4

        Fiji is such a rip off, they think u are a walking atm there and they charge 5 star prices for food that is rubbish quality.

        I'd never go back…

  • what is your feeling about Fiji as a tourist?

    Only went once and didn't rate it. It seems to be geared toward people/families who want to stay in a tropical resort all day. I prefer to get out and about and mingle so much prefer somewhere like Thailand. It's longer flight, but once you are there everything else is better. Cheaper, better food, better looking women, better services offered by the women 😉 and weed is legal.

    • +15

      And an STD is just a bonus you get to come home with. lol

    • +1

      We travel with much the same philosophy - Family of 4. We love Thailand and SE Asia. We like to get away from the tourist traps as much as possible. We consider a good day as one where we did not see another farang. The same experiences can be had in Fiji. Stay up in Ba for a bit :). We've had great times at eco lodges on the islands as well - no power, no frills. Each to their own.
      Agree, it is hard to beat SE Asia though.
      [EDIT]… Actually re-reading your comments we do diverge quite a bit towards the end. Maybe don't bother if that's what motivates you

    • +8

      “better looking women, better services offered by the women“ … I hope you checked the hardware before hand. Thailand is the world capital of lady-boy.. lol

    • +2

      It seems to be geared toward people/families who want to stay in a tropical resort all day

      I don't understand why people would book such a holiday when they can do the same in any resort in Queensland and less traveling time?
      I tried to go around but there is nearly nothing to do, ZERO restaurants unless you go to the capital city, the local fresh market reminds me of what is the poverty, there is NOTHING! Even a local product such as coconuts, they were old and we were told that they could be only used for cooking! TAXI is another issue especially during evening time.
      Fiji is poor and expensive and it doesn't offer the proper environment for the tourists so you would be better choose other destinations.

      • +1

        Difference is once you factor in return flights, accommodation, daily expenses ect - you can add 1 zero to the end if this was done in QLD.

        • +1

          if this was done in QLD

          QLD is slightly more expensive but again if you plan to stay in a resort, then you can go to QLD.
          Did I say that food in the resorts (if not included) is bloody expensive?
          In QLD you can choose one day save money on food and another in restaurant but in Fiji it's always 5 star like food prices.

  • Do we know what ticket these are as standard? As long as it’s not lite it appears luggage up to 30kg is included

    • +1

      From the screenshot, it looks like the nobags fare. Baggage is expensive, about $300 per suitcase one way.

      • +2

        Yeah Fiji super cheap flights to USA are such red herrings because of it. Basically the Scoot of North American flights.

      • They have a fare with bags for less than $300 extra return.
        The tix we booked direct were $80 more than the cheapest OTA, at $1060 rtn with 30kg bag.

  • Nadi airport has had a makeover right? Is it any better now? I went to LAX on Fiji air years ago and the layover sucked (nowhere to sit) and the food on the flights was almost inedible. We only flew with them because it was cheap.

    • +1

      The airport is like a country shopping centre food court. Three choices, and a bookshop. Fairly modern, but not luxurious in any way.
      There seemed to be enough seating with several flights intersecting while we were there.

      • That’s a shame. I went through in 2013 and yeah, nowhere to sit, very few food or shopping options, but old and run down.

      • What are the three choices?

        • +2

          Burger king, a pizza counter and a bar with sandwiches/pastries.
          Sorry, I didn't go to any of them.

  • +1

    I flew the Sydney - California via Fiji return earlier this month.
    The stopover in Fiji for a few hours was boring, but at least got to stretch the legs - Cairns airport has more going on.
    Plane was good, service was nice for economy.
    Preferable to Qantas.
    Would go again to save a couple of hundred.

    Only issue I had was I could not transit duty free alcohol bought and sealed in SFO. I think this is actually about Australia not accepting Fiji assurances, as transit passengers were searched again for liquids before boarding the Australian leg.

    • +1

      It’s a Aussie thing. Had the same in Thailand and malaysia airport recently on route to Australia

  • +1

    Can you select your seat? Fiji Airways are notorious for selling cheap tickets where you can't select a seat - you might find yourself in the middle seat sandwiched between two large Fijians

    • You can select a seat, but it costs. An exit row on the US - Fiji leg was over $200. A normal seat with nothing special was $20, from memory.
      They also have the “bid for Business upgrade” thing, but it was approximately as costly as just buying a business ticket.

  • -4

    I had the worst experience with Fiji airways

    • +3

      Cool story bro

    • Fiji Airways has also improved its ranking in the Global Top 100 airlines, leapfrogging from 36th in 2022 to 15th in 2023 to finish ahead of Qantas (17th), British Airways (18th) and Air New Zealand (19th).21 June 2023

      • That was the reason I bought the ticket, I rang their phone system and I was on call with them for more than 1 hour each time. Fare change specifically for these cheap fares is challenging so ensure you 100% use it on the day. I tried postponing 1 day and fare difference was nearly double the actual fare price, and I hadn't bought a cheap ticket too, buying new tickets for the following day was cheaper which is what I did. Didn't make sense at all

        • That's two hours quicker than QANTAS!

    • +1

      same here

  • +1

    The lounge at Nadi is supposed to be nice, unfortunately LoungeKey was DOWN when we tried to get in and they refused us entry. Having to kill 2 hours with a toddler in the main waiting area was not fun… the food options are terrible. But at least flying with Fiji was good!

  • 6 hours transit is a bit too much. I did this from Syd and only transit 2.45hrs which perfect timing for stretching your legs

  • did they rebrand from iWantThatflight?

    • Two different sites and different companies

      • this error sometimes come on their webpage.

        they must be pulling data or some sort of association …?

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