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Free 1 Year NRMA Blue Renewal for Existing Members


Just got the email for my second account

It’s nearly a year since you were gifted our membership program, My NRMA. Gone too fast? Don’t worry, we’re extending your My NRMA membership free of charge for another year, valued at $60.

It’s great to see that you’re in the swing of saving, with $51.05 back in your pocket so far. Here’s to another 12 months of unlimited benefits across Australia. Check out some member favourites below.

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NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)
NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association)

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  • Got one as well this morning. happy days

  • Got one

  • +1

    mine expired 27/10 and got a final reminder yesterday saying the membership had expired :-(

    • +1

      Be patient, they will come back to you sooner rather than later! Been there..

    • +1

      Yep. Ignore renewals.

      • +1

        Thanks for the tip.
        I went to give you a 👍 but my fat fingers went to the neg.
        I changed it, so if you saw a neg come through, my bad 🙏

        • +1

          Well I never got an email. But logged in today to try and access something and my expiry date has been updated another year :-)

  • -8

    What is the point of posting?

    Are you supposed to redeem?

    • +13

      What is the point of commenting?

      Are we supposed to react?

      Damn, I fell for it.

      • -5

        What is the point of commenting?

        It literally tells you that in the comment field.

        Share your thoughts!

  • Happy days!

  • Feel like mine's never gonna expire with all these free renewals.

    • +3

      5 years and counting. They should make it lifetime at this point

      • How do you get these free renewals?

  • I received email but can not find where to accept offer 😅

    • There isn’t anything you need to do, your membership will be renewed automatically.

      • -5

        So it is not a deal as it can't be redeemed.

        It belongs in the forums

        • +5

          Did somebody once tell JV he belonged in the forums and he took it literally?

          • @vengeance88: 🤣 i was going to tell JV the same thing but you beat me to it 😎

      • +1

        Yeah i seen expiry has been gone to 2025 now

        • Still 2024 for me, received the email

  • No VIC?

  • Annoying as a member, won't let you use the member quote area as a South Australian.
    Takes you to generic area without discount, and then the member search doesn't work.

  • Got it…again.

  • +6

    I've had it for a year but never used it. Depending on your situation, it might differ, but for me, it was useless. This serves as a good example of acquiring something simply because it's free, without knowing if it's worthwhile for you or not.

    • +1

      They had changed recently. I feel it is Entertainment book Under the hood now, way more useful than before for me.

    • +2

      Woolies gift cards at 4% if needed, been the only use for me.

  • +1

    RACV, over to you now.

  • Been with them for some time and out of subscription only recently but don't see any targeted email - not even in Junk ;)

  • Currently in silver how do I downgrade and get this? Heh

    • Nice flex

  • +1

    what does it give you? is there road-side assistance?

    • $51.05 back in your pocket

  • Interesting i got the email on 27/10. Don’t know that until you post this

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