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Free - DEATHLOOP, Aground, Kombinera, A Tiny Sticker Tale, Asteroids: Recharged @ Prime Gaming


December’s free Prime games -

● December 7 DEATHLOOP [Epic Games Store] — Trapped in a mysterious time loop, players must venture through the island of Blackreef and assassinate key targets before the day resets. To end this cycle, assassins must learn from their mistakes, try new methods, gather information, collect weapons and more, doing whatever it takes to break the loop.
● December 14 Akka Arrh [Amazon Games App] — Fight off swarms of enemies and link combos to protect your life rings and aim for a high score in this fast-paced, arcade shooter game filled with psychedelic visuals.
● December 14 Aground [Amazon Games App] — Survive an uninhabited island with castaways as players must craft, mine and build from the ground up, all while encountering new characters, technology, magic and many more surprises.
● December 14 SeaOrama: World of Shipping [Amazon Games App] — Embark on a thrilling pioneering journey to grow and establish your shipping company by transporting goods, strategizing, investing and more.
● December 21 Kombinera [Epic Games Store] — Save King Kombine from the Kave of Kaos by controlling and combining multiple colored balls simultaneously in this mind-boggling puzzle platformer.
● December 28 A Tiny Sticker Tale [Amazon Games App] — Change the world using the power of stickers in this cozy miniature adventure!
● December 28 Asteroids: Recharged [Epic Games Store] — Survive the depths of space by jamming with the beat to the soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee in this revitalized classic arcade shooter.

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  • Do Prime ever have mobile phone games on their list? I need a good one for my morning commute.

    • +1

      Only freebies for some mobile games I think

    • +19

      just watch porn like a normal person

      • +3

        I actually saw this once! I thought it was something people only joked about. It was at night on a mostly quiet train. Still. I don't get it though. Why out in public when you can't… you know… please yourself?

        • +7

          The plot must've been really good that episode

        • It's the thrill of the action.

          Like posting anonymously on an online website saying whatever you please with no consequences.

          Or you know getting that brain ready for the day.

          Some people listen to music some people watch porn.

      • Just keep the volume down…

    • Do you have Netflix? Apple Arcade? Lots of decent games on both

    • Netflix has football manager

  • +28

    For those of you who are new to Prime Gaming, here are some answers to the questions you are about to ask…

    1. You get free games each week whilst you are an Amazon Prime member (check https://gaming.amazon.com/home on Friday mornings). Make sure you log in to that page under the Amazon account that has a Prime subscription. Click the button marked "Weekly Game" to filter the currently available games. Varied DLC is also available for free by clicking the "In-Game Content" button and following the instructions.

    2. The games are yours to keep, even if you unsubscribe from Amazon Prime.

    3. Most games are redeemed via the Amazon Prime Gaming app (a Windows app) which you will need to download, install and log into. Some games are redeemed via Epic, GOG, Origin, Legacy Games or other sites that may need to be linked (Amazon provides full instructions) and require another app to be downloaded (such as Epic, Battle.net, Origin, EA) and an account used or created.

    Of course, you could always just log in at the end of the month and pick up all that month's goodies in one fell swoop. If you do this, you need to watch out if your Prime subscription expires during the month though, as that would make the games unavailable to claim.

    Hope this helps to clarify things for you.

    Happy gaming!

    • Thanks, this comment is really helpful.
      I got to the following screen:

      Success, Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut will be available to play from your Amazon Games library.

      Do I still need to do these steps to have it available?

      1) Download the Amazon Games App (Windows)
      2) Install the app
      3) Sign in with your Amazon account
      4) Claim and play games <—- i thought I just claimed it?

      • Yes. Although you've claimed the game you can't play it unless you download and install the Amazon Games App. Don't worry, it's lightweight and much better behaved than most of the game launchers out there. Make sure to login with the same Amazon account that you claimed the game with and you should see a menu on the left-hand side with "Ready To Install". Your games should appear there and you just click it to install it. Then go to "Installed" to play it. You don't need to claim it again, just install it in the app.

        • +1

          I add my Amazon games as a non-Steam game to Steam and launch it from there via Big Picture.

          It doesn't let you customise it with an image though.

    • +2

      I'll add that if you're a Steam Deck or Linux user you'll want Heroic for Amazon, GOG, and Epic. The others will need to be installed as non-steam apps from desktop mode, with likely varying success.

      • Thanks. I'm not familiar with it so I'll leave it to others like you to comment on it.

  • Is this US prime or is AU included as well? Are the games for PC only - are other platforms included?

    • +2

      AU is included as well and just PC games.

  • +11

    Deathloop was a blast to play! Now that it's free, it's really a no brainer to give it a go.

    • +3

      Definitely a fun game, highly recommend.

    • +2

      Deathloop is an amazing game. One of my favs I’ve played in recent times. Surprised it’s going free. 10/10 recommend

    • +5

      Eh, free is free.

      And Epic store is basic, but it works, so…

    • +3

      Competition is a good thing. Gaming platform monopoly not good…

      • -3

        I mean, if there's one company that's the least bad company to have a monopoly, it's Valve.

        If Nintendo had owned Steam (which was, don't forget, basically the only real online store for PC gaming for decades) PC games would have reached $150 each by now, and they wouldn't transfer to your new PC when you upgraded.

        Instead, despite having a monopoly, Valve invented 90% off online game sales, eventually forcing every other game company to have decent online discount sales too.

        • +3

          Yet required the Australian government to force them into offering a refund policy.

  • +1

    Got KOTOR and Rage 2 (latter ending in 2 days)

    • Rage 2 is heaps of fun! I had a great time with it

    • Where are you seeing Rage 2?

      • Probably gone by now, was where KOTOR was

  • Have been thinking about getting deathloop on the PS5 but looks like i will be playing it on PC with a mouse…


  • Deathloop is worth a try. I had a fun few hrs with it.

  • Here to say this deal is a treat for Deathloop alone. Give it a spin

  • -1

    Enjoyed Deathloop. Classic Arkane style but not on dishonored or prey level. Hopefully they will return to some glory as that last Redfall flop…

  • Wow Deathloop for free!

  • -1

    If anyone doesn't want their deathloop game, I'll take it off their hands

  • 7th today but can’t find Deathloop?

  • Can’t find Deathloop too……

  • +1

    Deathloop is there now

  • Deathloop shows as unavailable in my Epic Games Store library after redeeming on Amazon, I think the version Amazon gave is going to be the US version? Does Australia have a different version due to our stupid censorship?

    Edit: Nevermind it changed to be available to install just now.

  • Thanks! Got it.
    Used Amazon app on PC. My amazon account is linked to Epic, so I just clicked a button and its mine.

  • +5

    Aground doesn't seem to be available - the other 2 for today are though.

    • Not showing up for me either. I'll pick it up next Friday.

    • Aground is still not showing up. I've searched for it too and the game isn't even available for purchase on Amazon Prime Gaming.

      • Same here. Dunno what's up with that game.

      • I'm wondering if it's actually meant to be a GOG title and maybe there was some delay. Hopefully it will turn up tomorrow.

    • Aground is now available.

  • +2

    Aground & Kombinera are both available now.

  • anyone else have problems viewing the prime gaming website on desktop?

    I have to use my mobile to redeem these rewards for some reason on desktop the website is always blank with just a purple background

    anyone know a fix for this or why it might be happening I have tried a few inspects and so far nothing

    • I also have a problem with desktop app of Amazon Games in which I simply cannot open the app even if it looks like running on the background. I resolved this problem by switching to regular wireless network band. There are two versions of it. One of them is 5Ghz and the other one is the regular one (2.4Ghz) which has less Ghz.

      It's possible that it's related about your DNS settings, as well.

      PS: You can also claim the rewards via browser or even on Twitch.

    • Are going to gaming.amazon.com to redeem these? Try using a different browser to see if that fixes the issue as it may possibly be related to a browser extension on your existing browser of choice.

      • I tried a few different browsers with the same result. Not sure what this might mean.

        • You'll need to isolate the issue you're having in order to resolve it. Try turning off your wifi router and tether the pc to the phone and see if that works. Also, are you using a VPN? Sorry I can't be of more help. Maybe a techie friend can help resolve it for you.

          • @cryptowiz: No vpn but the tether idea is a good idea I might give that a try. Will definitely tell me if it's my home WiFi that is the issue.

            Cheers thanks I appreciate the help.

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