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BIG W: $10 Cashback When You Spend $50 or More @ Commbank Yello (Activation Required)


This is pretty self explanatory on Commbank Yellow.

  1. Pay with your eligible Commbank debit Mastercard or credit Mastercard or StepPay and tap select or credit

  2. Get cashback into your account, typically paid within 14 business days.

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  • Do you need to have a transaction account (as opposed to just a credit card) to get Yello offers?

    • I have an award credit card and I used to have rewards. But they took that away and I don't have Yello either.

      • Yeah I’m in the same boat

      • same boat, gonna cancel the credit card account.

        • So there’s no way to unlock Yello if you have their cc?

          • @nightelves: No idea mate… Like I said I don't get any offers and the website doesn't explain what the criteria is. I have all but given up.

    • Transaction account or home loan. Not applicable to credit cards.

    • +2

      I too am in the same boat. Had rewards, and they took them away. I have 6 kids accounts and my Diamond Awards credit card account, (that I have had for over 15 years and spend about $8-10k /month on average) and I don't qualify. I extensively read their badly worded T&C for Yello - looks like you must have a transaction account to get the rewards. The credit cards are listed as "eligible" accounts.. however, from what I can work out, the "eligible" accounts listed are the accounts that can be used to accumulate the transactions to determine which tier level you qualify for, as you can use a combination of credit cards and transaction account transactions for this. I spoke with several people in their call centre questioning why I wasn't eligible, over a few days, and none of their staff could even work it out based on the T&C document. Had managers call me and tell me I needed a transaction account.. when I asked them to show me where in the T&Cs it says that.. they couldn't. I am so P***ed off over it, thinking of getting a credit card elsewhere. Also, they kept telling me that I still have rewards.. that wont change.. they are not removing that… but.. have not had a single offer since.

      • I’m weighing up if it’s worth setting up a transaction account and just auto-transferring $2k in and immediately out so I can get Yello. Seems like a lot of work for not much tho.

    • I have a transaction and a credit account and they both are eligible for these offers.
      You can check in CBA app if your card is eligible.

  • +3

    I got $10 off $50 at eBay instead

    • Does eBay sell gift cards and will the cashback work?

  • +1

    Thank you. I also had 10$ off 50 at JB Hifi

  • +1

    Is there any definition for below? What do people do for this?
    "Complete 5+ outbound transactions each month from your eligible transaction account or credit card"

    • There is a definition -[paraphrasing].. in the previous calendar month - have an active eligible transaction account or personal loan account - then any complete purchase with the card, withdrawals from an ATM or Cwth branch, transfer from the eligible account to a third party . maybe more

  • Thanks mate, I got spend $50 and get $10 back from both Big W and JB :)

  • Got $10 off a $50 JB spend!
    Yay. May go buy the newest HeroQuest expansion.

  • time to buy some hardly ever on special cat food

  • Absolutely a rubbish program [ yello]

    I have let CBA know and suggest you do too !

    • How?

  • Targeted? Doesn't show on mine.

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