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[eBay Plus] Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-1000XM4 $320.45, WH-1000XM5 $420.75 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Stack with eBay discount GCs if you have them (e.g. recent GCX 6% off deal).
Or, price match at Sony, wait to stack with CR and SB's cash back at their next upsized promotion.

Sony WH-1000XM4 Silver.
Sony WH-1000XM4 Black.
Sony WH-1000XM5 Silver.
Sony WH-1000XM5 Black (credit samliew).

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    If anyone is interested, WF-1000XM5 down to $318.75 using BDEC15:


  • WH-1000XM4 $320.45, WH-1000XM5 $420.75
    anyone own both and can suggest which one is better value? TIA

    i dont care about mic quality

      • With rtings Is the noise isolate recording with noise canc or not.

        Agree xm3 are pretty good. I got the wh720N which is worse noise cancelling and isolation

      • +2

        Xm3's were the best headphones you could get. Amazing.

        But they broke after moderate use, which is a pain. Xm4s have an issue where if you close a door or something random it makes a weird noise due to ANC.

      • wow just tried to search second hand XM3 on ebay and they are 150-250… holding up the price? but too expensive for 2 older gen second hand

        • Too Old lol
          If you're already got them, they seem adequate apparently

          • +1

            @G-rig: even one listing is $149 with a crack!
            the seller must have a crack on his/her brain

        • I own a pair of XM3, have owned them since late 2019. I would totally buy these again today for $200 no questions asked. As long as they're in decent condition, of course.

          I've used them as my daily driver on my work computer since I bought them, and I use them for at least 5+ hours a day. They're only now just now starting to show a small amount of wear on the padding. (I will just replace them in a few years maybe)

          I wouldn't be shocked if I'm still using them for at least a few more years.

          The only thing I can imagine that will make me stop using them is if Apple release a new AirPods Max model that has minimal design flaws, and even then, we're probably talking an $800-ish pair of headphones.

          That's how much I like my XM3's, personally. YMMV.

          If you appreciate great ANC, a warm, slightly bassier sound, then I don't know a better headphone at a better price honestly.

          The one and only one drawback for me about these headphones are that they use bluetooth version 4.2 so you don't get the multi-device support you get with bluetooth 5.2 devices. So if you're planning to use them with multiple devices frequently, then this is a bummer, and maybe a reason to get the xm5's instead.

          • @jarrod: Sounds like they get a lot of love from people that have them.
            (ie. don't have to upgrade if they still work).

            Does the app work with these or just XM4, XM5?

            • @G-rig: Yeah, they borderline have a 'cult-like' following at this point because of how good they are.

              I used the app for about 5 minutes when I first purchased the XM3s. I didn't really find any value in it, personally, so I deleted it and haven't touched it since.

              I assume it would still work, but I'd be curious to hear what other XM3,4,5 users think of the app.

              • @jarrod: Cool if they work then sounds like no need to get something current. Usually poor battery or breaking would be a reason to upgrade.

                The app is good, handles the firmware updates, EQ and sound presets, can manage the ambient settings (ie noise cancelling is less when walking around, for safety, knows when you are sitting down etc). Also google assistant control (which I've turned off as it's too intrusive when trying to work).

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      For convenience I’d go with the XM4 since you can still fold them

    • +1
    • +3

      General consensus from many is that the main reason to grab the XM5s is the better microphone. If this isn't important to you, grab the XM4s.

      • this guy knows whats up

    • +2

      having both mainly for travelling, business trip and long flight.

      sound quality, Mx5 is slightly better IMO, bass is good, up to people preference.
      noise cancelling, very similar
      phone call, very close IMO. MX5 slightly clearer
      long term using, will prefer MX4, MX5 is ok. ear cup is little tight.
      overhead fitting, actually prefer mx5, maybe it is new. it is better when using.
      folding and case, MX5 case is bigger and take more space. but wouldn't make much difference when travelling. plenty space for hand luggage anyway.
      app feature: more setting on MX5 but hardly change once it is set.

      if you are after new one between MX4 and MX5, MX4 is good in regarding to the sound quality and price. if you don't mind price difference. would go MX5

      • +1

        folding and case, MX5 case is bigger and take more space.

        Important point

        but wouldn't make much difference when travelling. plenty space for hand luggage anyway.

        But this is a bizarre comment

        • +1

          I have both, the XM5 case is only a bit longer and wider, still fits easily in my same laptop bag. For travelling, they are better. From the review above:

          According to our standard testing method, the Sony WH-1000XM4 lasts 19 hours, 59 minutes with ANC on and this falls short of the 30-hour specification. The Sony WH-1000XM5 outdoes this at 31 hours, 53 minutes with ANC on…

          Sony outdoes itself again with the WH-1000XM5, improving on the already excellent ANC of its fourth-generation headset. If you really want to melt away sub-bass frequencies like a plane engine or subway car’s rumble, it will be easy to justify springing for the XM5 over-ear headphones. The Sony WH-1000XM4 does a very good job with frequencies from 20-100Hz, but the WH-1000XM5 just takes the cake, topping out at 30dB of attenuation at 75Hz….

          Isolation is even better this time around on the XM5 thanks to the redesigned ear pads and headband. Frequencies above 1kHz are plainly blocked out by the headset’s ability to create a robust, physical barrier between your ears and your surroundings. Even if you turn ANC off on the fifth-generation WH-1000X headphones, incidental sounds like nearby chatter and clanging dishware will sound anywhere from one-eighth to one-thirty-second their original perceived loudness.

          • @Buy2Much: Thanks for your clarification,

            you are right, MX5 case is slightly bigger, but would not be problem to put into any backpack and laptop bags. IMO, it is not a significant big issue to most of traveller.

            for travelling, it should be cool to use MX5. especially on long flight. MX4 is a bit more comfy on the ear.

            for some domestic flight, Bose QCII earbud will do the job.

          • @Buy2Much: Size is not a big problem until it is.
            I have xm3 and it's a lot smaller than xm5.
            I didn't care about case size whenever a reviewer mentioned it. But I was wrong.
            It's a hassle when travelling.

            • +1

              @Mi2: Splitting hairs,
              Get IEMs or in ears, much smaller.

              No point recommending something 10y old.

          • @Buy2Much:

            For travelling, they are better.

            This is a blunt lie. The previous generations fold down much smaller and much flatter. Easy to slot in a laptop bag, for instance.

            • +1

              @Ademos: wouldn't say flatter, do you own both? The XM5 case is a bigger footprint but not really as thick (or same).
              Smaller yes, the way they fold. I have a feeling people just throw the xm4 in loose with other items or in a coat pocket where XM5 you should use the case to prevent damage.

              Anyway as I said there are much smaller in-ears around if you are worried about that.

            • @Ademos: If you read my entire comment, "For travelling, they are better" was about noise cancellation, noise isolation and battery life.
              And XM4 is not "much smaller and much flatter", I know because I have both and, and as I wrote, "still fits easily in my same laptop bag".
              The XM4 case is smaller but definitely not "much flatter" unless 1mm is a big number to you.
              How is that "a blunt lie" speaking from factual experience?

    • I've had both and XM5 are about 15% better, have a look at the reviews. If you don't care about call quality in the microphone Then I'd suggest just to get the xm4 and save a bit of coin. Some people seem to like the ergonomics better too being able to fold a bit more compact. Not an issue either way if you use the included case. I find the xm5 more comfortable, pretty low clamping.

      Also don't go hunting around for a used xm3 or anything, obviously people that have them already are going to say they are the best.

      • a bit more compact is good but not always

        happen once that airline changing boarding gate to different area which require to take transfer bus 10 mins before boarding. pack up mx5 and put into the case was easier and quicker than mx4. that is very very rare situation.

        Since that MX5 is the primary travel headphone.

        • Yes I like them and put in the case in work drawer, I just know a lot of people bang on about it (who must throw them in their bag loose). Not an issue either way.

    • I own XM3 and a very beginner audiophile. XM5's are better audio wise, I didn't think it was that noticeable but it was. XM3 can fold which is great for travelling but the XM5's look and feel a lot more modern. I'd agree there about 15-25% better depending on what you value.

    • I recently purchased XM5. Upgraded from Bose. Missed out on this deal :( Regret the decision.

      Don't waste your money. Nasty invasive phone app. XM5 had great noise cancelling but that's the end of it. Stick with XM3 or Bose.

      • If you know your way around an android phone you can limit all background apps and different features/settings.

        The battery life is pretty long on the Sonys and they sound better for music but each to their own what ergonomics and other tech feature they want.
        I previously had the XM4 and QC25 before that (with the AA batteries)

        • +2

          Thank you. It took me a while but I managed to turn off all the invasive features that I could find. For others, if you have the misfortune of using the Sony Headphones Connect app:

          … -> About this app: turn off Notification settings (tracking)
          … -> About this app: turn off "Data use for marketing and product/service improvement purposes" (tracking)

          Headphones Section:

          Status menu:
          - Adaptive sound control (position tracking)
          - Do not register locations (location tracking)

          - Turn off speak to chat (voice recording and tracking)

          - Turn off Connect to 2 Devices Simultaneously (breaks W11)
          - Turn off Voice assist (voice tracking)
          - Turn off Notification & Voice guide (tracking)

          - Do not integrate with voice control or third-party audio services (tracking)
          - Turn off Service Link (gesture-based tracking)

          Activity Section:
          - Do not sign in (listening preference tracking, volume level tracking, usage tracking)

          Also, read their Privacy Policy.

          • +1

            @H4nd0: Nice job, sorry i forgot about most of the settings but that's a good summary.

            Also see what you think of my presets. I still sign in as it saves them (but hardly essential).
            Didn't chose to use google assistant either in the end, works alright though.
            (Fb messages are fkn annoying enough on the phone as it is).

            See what you think of my settings sounds too if you want.

  • Link for Sony WH-1000XM5 Black variant: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/115613589931

  • +6

    Why couldn't they do this for Black Friday sales? I was holding out so long then went with BOSE.

    • +1

      Me tooo:(

    • +1

      Bose is good one.
      got one QC 35 for work.
      Sony for home and travel.

  • Thanks OP. Xmas gift sorted

  • +3


    @Muzeeb so close

    • +2

      The rest is to accommodate your sixth cents sense

  • As recommended by Jenna Ortega which is going viral for some reason.

    • +2

      The reason is viral marketing.

  • +1

    Is it actually possible to claim the price match from Sony on an eBay Plus sale like this?

    • +1

      I have done so in the past (local authorised stores of course). YMMV.

    • +2

      Please send them back so I can buy your refurbished pair from eBay in due course. Mmm, sweet ear sweat.

    • +3

      Ha not designed for sports, don't know how people can wear big headphones at the gym. Much better options out there.

    • +2

      There's a paper insert in the packaging that explicitly says "Do not use in the rain, when exercising, or sweating. Do not wash with water". These are not water resistant / water proof headphones.

  • +3

    I have a XM2 still working well to this day, refuses to break even tho I want to upgrade.

    • +1

      I have the original MDR-1000X still going strong.

      I'm tempted to upgrade every time I see a post, but still haven't pulled the trigger.

  • Is it just me or are these all showing up as out of stock? Also says item doesn't post to you…

    • I think just you. Are you using a non-Aust account?

      • No, its an Aus account. I can't even see inventory on the GG Ebay page.

  • +1

    These or Momentum 4s?

    • What I want to know too.. I know M4's don't have as good ANC (which is fine for me). I want to know which has better bass response.

      • https://www.rtings.com/headphones/tools/compare/sony-wh-1000…

        checkout the frequency responses under "Sound Profile" and "Raw frequency response".

        Sony is always known to have slightly lifted upper bass, and the custom EQ doesn't have much control in the bass region other than "Clear Bass" levels. the other bands end at 400hz being the lowest. relying on "Clear bass" levels limits you because it just adjusts the mid-bass (50hz) region and leaves the sub-bass levels behind. so using Clear bass (to increase bass) quickly results in barely any sub-bass below 50hz. it's annoying.

        Sennheiser on the other hand you can see follows the preference graph (yellow) quite closely, but has a mid and sub-bass boost. I find this "harman" type bass can sound good to some people, but for some people it doesn't sound natural. I haven't tried Sennheiser's App EQ before, but pretty sure you will be able to lower the bass levels to bring it close to preference graph.

        • People usually pull you up about referring to rtings in the audio world, seems to be a bit of hate towards it as a benchmark. Probably good for CPUs etc.

          I've applied these settings to the xm5, sound a lot better than stock (not that I typically play around with EQ):


          Btw all these wireless models don't come close to a good wired setup headphone, in terms of detail, instrument separation, soundstage etc. You're paying for portability and convenience so may as well benefit from the quality of life features the Sonys offer, but worth comparing them all. I wouldn't spend more than $350-400 on them personally.

          • @G-rig: I forgot to mention that the Momentum 4 is known to have a bunch of bugs in the App. some of them have been fixed, but according to others such as in a comment on the other Momentum 4 deal some bugs still aren't fixed 1 year later. the bug has to do with the auto off function. according to the user manual I think it's meant to work with the included case as well as when you put them on your head.
            but yeah doesn't work as intended apparently it doesn't always auto turn off once put in the case and it randomly decides to turn on when it's not in use connecting to your phone and stealing audio etc.

            regarding rtings yeah I know it gets criticised for not doing the best tests. but a comment above was asking about bass response, so I think you can tell the difference in teh bass enough from rtings provided graphs. they also provide the side by side view which is useful in comparing.

            • @harshbdmmaster718: Best to audition both to be honest.

              Agree, that was my point about quality of life features, the Sonys work as intended and the app is good. The haptics work well (touching right ear cup for control.

              I think I saw the in a Darko video - the momentum 4 Wouldn't automatically pause the music when you took them off your head, that would be freaking annoying. So it seems the momentum 4 may have a bit better SQ but not as good in other areas, and more expensive.

              No worries rtings usually comes up in searches, worth a quick look but isn't everything.

      • Had M4 but returned after 1 weeks use. left side stop working. not sure why. ANC is not as good as sony and bose. not by a bit.

        sound quality come to personal preference.
        blue, jazz, classic, M4 is good. so clear
        comes to pop and heavy music/songs, feel similar to MX5,

        watch on board movie with M4. bass is good with M4 because "harman" bass.

        • "watch on board movie with M4. bass is good with M4 because "harman" bass."

          I agree harman bass is good for movies. in bluetooth mode my Beoplay Portal also has harman bass response and I started watching an action movie last night, within 30 seconds I had to take off the headphones I was using and switch to Portal to get the full "dun dun" experience. crappy pop music soundtrack in action films also sounds better with harman bass.

  • Do these have a connection (read: lower latency) other than Bluetooth so I can use it for online gaming on my PC?

    • +1

      They come with cords.

      • Should’ve mentioned I want a wireless solution

        • +1

          Then no. But are you really the ms twitch gaming lord you think you are? They're fine for anything other than ranked FPS

          • @Ademos: I don’t stream. I just want low latency wireless because I play a lot of FPS games and RPGs where responding to sound queues is important

        • lol… they aren't made for FPS that's for sure.

          • @Lexsus: There would be better open wired options, for wider soundstage. Or just a gaming brand if you want a mic and all that.

            Can't say I've tested mine but a good bt card and BT 5 is probably passable.

  • +3

    I had the XM3, and I also have both the XM4 and XM5. If you commute on the bus and the ride is bumpy, the noise cancellation on the XM4 and 5s are terrible. The software cannot handle the low frequency bumps and thuds and it gets amplified as loud thuds on the headphones. Distracting and annoying. It is a software issue. If you won't be using on the bus or always have music or video playing, the sound quality for the 4 and 5 is much better than the 3, however the difference between the 4 and 5 are minimal and will be down to your own sound preference. For the price difference, go for the 4s.

  • +1

    Is it possible to get this price matched at a goodguys store? Got a GG gift card to spend.

    • Go and ask I got got 405$ over a year ago from them (xm5).
      (Called the number top right on website).

  • Just sayin, for half the price of the XM4s the Anker Q45s stack up pretty well

    • The verdicts sums it up well.
      I'd go with an audio brand like Sony, I'm sure there are plenty of other tech and IT brands for half the price. They seem at least twice as good so you get what you pay for.

      • Agreed with proper brands. You also get firmware upgrades that possibly fix issues or even give you new features.

        XM5 got the spatial audio upgrade for Android from last firmware update.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got the XM5s for $403.26 stacking with the Gift Card Exchange 6% off promo.
    Deal here.

    • Good price. I Just called up good guys and ask for the best price in October 22 and they did it for $405 plus $10 postage. (Since got them for $350. With that JB hi-fi price error ;P)

  • +1

    How it compare to the Bose Quiet Comfort SE?

    • interesting to know that as well, is QC SE the QC45 with soft pouch instead of hard case?

      • yes

        • QC45 selling $400+ and same headphone with soft pouch become SE selling $249.

          that is crazy.

    • +1

      Sony has more bass. Better tech and features.
      Bose more comfortable but simpler.
      I got the SE and happy with it.

    • better ANC and customization. Bose is way cheaper tho, no brainer for the value option

      • Bose has always had fairly robotic sound (their signature is lots of treble and bass)
        Most people aren't buying for SQ just for flying or whatever, but good enough for general use and comfortable as you say.

  • Big step backwards in design this gen, god knows why they took the best selling travel noise cancellers and made them unable to fold down into a flat, neat package.

    • Obviously you have never used the XM5. Both XM4 and XM5 are almost identical in flatness when folded in their cases, or 1mm if you really want to split hair LOL.

      • As seen in the portability section, In case or out the XM5 is leagues more bulky. The case is literally 40% bigger in volume.

        From your link even

        "These headphones aren't the most portable, but that's to be expected from over-ear headphones. Unlike their predecessor, they can't fold up to reduce their footprint, which makes them bulky to transport."


        "The case is also much more compact than that of the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless, making it a better option for users on the go."

        So I guess I'll stand by my point there chief.

        • -1

          Spilling hairs again boss

          • -2

            @G-rig: Most people are going to notice a volume difference if 40%. No matter what she told you….

    • also, you can't disable adaptive ANC in XM5. You can in previous gens.

  • just wanted to add my 2 cents, i bought the xm4 refurb for 280 a week ago coz i wanted to claim it all on WFH tax rebate. pretty happy with the refurb purchase. first of all, the refurb looked completely brand new, no marks, smudges or anything, smelt brand new. ANC is great, i've been using the bowers and wilkins PX for the last 5 years so it was a massive upgrade for noise cancellation.

    Only negative i want to emphasise is that it's REALLY bad for teams chats if you are using older company desktops. I kept getting disconnected/teams app freezing when I tried to have meetings and it just would not connect properly I ended up missing the meeting. BUT they work fine with the newer work laptops that I have and also my home computer so it is most likely to do with firmware issue.

    • Lucky you. My refurb XM5 looked new but stunk of cigarette (both case and headphones) that I can’t rid of.

  • I’ve had the Bose QC35, XM3 and AirPods Max and the XM5 is the most comfortable with less clamping force out of the lot.

  • Thegoodguys has it even cheaper now at $294 + $8 postage plus discount for ebay plus members and also at the goodguys store

  • +1

    XM5 at $420 + $8 wbay the goodguys

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