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Google Pixel Watch 2 WiFi $397 + Delivery ($0 to Metro / In-Store / C&C) @ Officeworks


Save $152 off the RRP of $549. Even cheaper than the recent Amazon UK deal and you get it sooner! JB Hi-Fi have $100 off both WiFi and LTE models but OW doesn’t sell the LTE variant, so no price matching there with your discounted JB Hi-Fi gift cards if you want LTE.

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    Do I need this?

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      Are you okay? No bold…

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      I would be weary of this early discount until you read more feedback on it.

      Pixel 1 was a buggy mess with major flaws such as the alarm going off at a random time of day and not going off when it was set.

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        alarm going off at a random time of day and not going off when it was set.

        Explains the weariness I guess…

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          I'll be honest I was expecting something great when the company that makes wearOS released the Pixel watch 1.
          but from all the feedback I read and watched it was not all that and other options that run wearOS worked better. I guess the only thing the Pixel 1 had over the rest was that smooth animated UI.

          I wouldn't have mentioned it if it was just a single isolated case. I watched multiple reviews and read feedback that mentioned this persistent crown and alarm issue.
          to be fair to google though it was a first gen product.

    • Treat yourself. If you use Android.

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    Ok Google , do I need this?

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      I'm not sure if you need a Google Pixel Watch 2. However, I can provide you with some information that might help you make a decision.

      The Google Pixel Watch 2 is a smartwatch that offers a range of features such as fitness tracking, always-on display, and Fitbit Premium ²³. It has a 24-hour battery life, which is quite impressive ². The watch is also water-resistant and has a dust-proof rating of IP68 ³.

      If you are looking for a smartwatch that can help you track your fitness and stay connected, the Google Pixel Watch 2 might be a good option for you. However, if you are looking for a watch with a different set of features, you might want to consider other options.

      I hope this helps!

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        Chat GPT answer lol

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          It's Google, so it must be Bard.

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            @bio: It's an accurate description, so it's not Bard.

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            @bio: Not bardtareded enough to be bard.

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        24-hour battery life.. is that impressive?! I don't own a smart watch, but this alone would be a deal breaker for me

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    Wish it was lte for this price

    • Wish I was richer

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        Wish I hadn’t wasted my first wish

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          Oh I wish I wish I hadn't killed that fish

    • plenty of lte on fb marketplace new in box for this price

      • Worried abt warranty, I'm sure they will be reduced soon 🤞

        • usually comes with a receipt

        • How sure are you? Still hasn't gone for lower than this since.

  • why the price drop so soon after release? did they F this up again like the first Pixel watch?

    from the feedback of the Pixel watch 1 there were a lot of issues and these are the ones I remember. the digital crown randomly and regularly stops working and you have to switch to swiping the screen instead. this happened in 3rd party apps, but it also happened in google's own preinstalled default apps. the second one is probably the most ridiculous, your alarms can go off at random wrong times and it doesn't go off to when you set it. if you bought a watch the bare minimum you would expect to have it get right is the frigged alarm time.

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      Crown is fine here on PW2. I had PW1 too no issues.

      • ok. a review I watched did mention updating the watch did not fix it. so I thought it was a serious flaw in the hardware.

      • How's your pixel watch 2? Any issues with it so far?

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      Sales arent that high due to inflation and basic needs being expensive. Luxury goods are stocked up at stores, so they have to get rid of it some how. If that means selling it at a lower price, then be it.

      • yeah fair enough. I also know some brands release replacement models more regularly and their prices also drop a month after release date.

    • The Galaxy Watch6 was less than half price recently just 3 months after release. I think it's just that the RRP on smartwatches is BS.

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        "RRP on smartwatches is BS."

        RRP on everything is BS though..

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    Not buying until it gets around $250

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      Probably won’t be that price until PW3 is released, going by this year’s half price OG PW WiFi

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        If doesn’t sell it will keep dropping

        • It has stayed the same price since black friday.

  • Does this need to be linked to a phone? I am looking for a smart watch for my 6 year old daughter so i feel better about her catching the school bus on her own. It would be good to have one that we can we can track and call her. Also the school doesn't allow smart watches so it will need look like a normal watch. Any recommendations?

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      Not this. Maybe a Spacetalk watch

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        Dont bother with the Spacetalk.
        I've got 3 (got them for Xmas last year) and none of the kids use it anymore.
        Firstly, need to pay monthly cost for an account
        2ndly, the watch is so fat and heavy for my 4yo. 6yo is 'ok' but still looks huge
        3rd, battery life is atrocious
        4th, screen resolution and response is hopeless for something at that cost
        5th, school has it banned as it can't pass as a normal watch

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      I would highly recommend Apple Watch SE Cellular. Connect it using TruPhone ($10/month plan).
      Set up watch ‘for kids’ if you have an iPhone. Works like a charm.

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    I have this. It's actually a fantastic watch. Really great battery life.

    I wear it to sleep and top it up when I wake up and get ready for work. It drops from 100% to around 90% overnight, so technically I don't really even need to top it up again. It drops from 100% to between 50 - 60% between 6.30 am and 5.30 pm. I usually top it up about an hour before bedtime which brings it back up to 100%.

    The fitness and sleep tracking has been really great, as is the heart rate tracking. I also use it in the gym to track my workouts and it seems to be just as accurate as my partner's Garmin.

    The google pay also works really well, something that was very flakey with other wear watches I had (Skagen).

    It's the first smart watch I've had that had been pretty fantastic - as in 'just works' without the quirks that I experienced with other smart watches. I was on the fence about getting it, given my very average experience with Wear OS in the past, but pleased to report that the PW2 has been the first smartwatch I can highly recommend.

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      Thanks! I'm looking forward to using mine. It's my first smartwatch (well I bought a cheap Soundpeats one from Amazon before I bought the PW2, but I've only been using it about a week)

      • How's it so far? Any issues? Battery lasts ok?

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      Man… Smartwatch battery life is still a big issue isn't it?

      I don't think I could deal with my watch needing (maybe not needing) 2 trips to the charger in day. And that's still really great battery life?

      Pebble really was ahead of its time…

      It's the one thing still keeping me with my dumb watch.

      • "Smartwatch battery life is still a big issue isn't it?"

        it depends on the design. but yeah 2 days tops is normal for the mainstream Apple and Pixel watch. my Garmin lasts 2 weeks before hitting 60 to 50% which is when I charge it back up to full. if you waited until 0% it would last a month but I don't recommend stressing the tiny battery inside a smartwatch.

        it does GPS, NFC pay, notifications etc everything you would ever expect from a smartwatch. I must admit I don't use all features hardcore everyday, but who does? I'm sure even Apple watch and Pixel watch users will be adjusting settings to reduce battery drain in their own real world use.
        I have notifications set to off, activity tracking on (constant heartrate/activity monitoring), I use GPS for a daily walk when clear skies only (more efficient power drain compared to cloudy) and the occasional NFC pay.
        oh one thing the garmin doesn't do is speaker calls. but you can never hear the dinky speaker inside anyway esp with cars going by, so you will use BT earbuds instead where it doesn't make a difference if they are connected to watch or phone directly for calls.

        • But that's the problem, imho, with current watch devices - you are effectively using it as a fitness tracker, so battery life should be comparable to a FitBit (ie at least a week of battery life).
          But a smart watch is more about integration with a phone or laptop than just a mere fitness tracker (or not a fitness tracker at all) - it should give notifications and accept calls, it should have GPS, access to apps, and ability to call or reply from the watch (via BT at least). And that's where the battery life drains unfortunately - for me there is little point in a smart watch if i have to turn off the smart watch functions - just get a fitness tracker or HR monitor (since most other functions are not actually measured but calcuated based on models).

          • +1

            @sam buster: "you are effectively using it as a fitness tracker,"

            I dont feel like I am. at most fitness tracking is maybe 50% of the battery use, as I said I don't use GPS everyday and to be honest I have been putting less and less value on the fitness data. in the beginning doing a long walk to the shops and taking a different route was interesting looking at the GPS accuracy, but I realised if I am not training for a marathon or need the data for my health then I don't think there is much point to the fitness tracking. I still just start fitness tracking on walks because of habit. but I don't think it's an issue if am missing data.
            the main reason I leave (constant) "activity tracking" on is it uses the heartrate sensor to detect whether it's on your wrist. so when you enter the code for NFC pay in the morning, you don't need to do it again for the rest of the day. and for whatever reason if the watch leaves your wrist, the payment function is locked behind the code.
            I turned activity tracking off at first, but then I had to enter the code every time I wanted to pay which got old quick.

            I turned off notifications because I heavily filtered them anyway so it wasn't that big of a difference power use wise. I just picked up my old habit of checking the phone by tapping on the screen.

            "access to apps,"

            yeah garmin doesn't have an app store, I think apps end up being a battery drainer. it has some fitness related "add ons" you can transfer from the phone app but I don't install any because garmin's default setup is good enough for me. I don't really need "spotify" and "instagram" on my watch. I get it some smartwatch users want the watch to replace their entire phone so they don't have to take their phone out of their pocket, but many of those luxuries sounded ridiculous to me. like speaking into your wrist outdoors and struggling to hear the person talking to you, how can you expect such a tiny speaker to reproduce a human voice at a small distance?
            also the garmin's with good battery life tend to have a better power saving display instead of a power hungry always on OLED. but unless you are viewing photos on your watch (I can't imagine why you would want to on a tiny screen), an LCD with limited colors is perfectly fine for text, maps and fitness data.

            • @harshbdmmaster718: Thanks for the detailed reply @harshbdmmaster718 . It's really useful to hear how someone 'normal' uses these devices in real life.
              I own a FitBit, about three years old, and have been trying to find something a bit less fitness-focussed and a bit more smart.

              • @sam buster: forgot to mention, if I turn "activity tracking" off the battery life is noticeably better. but leaving it on is a compromise I had to make for the convenience of entering NFC pay code only once a day.

                3 year old fitbit doesn't sound too bad if it still has decent battery life. maybe around the 4 year mark if I might consider looking for something new.

                just a budget model I recently learned of. but you may want to have a look at the CMF Watch Pro Global version. CMF is a "Nothing" brand sub company and they released their first "smartwatch" the Watch Pro. official distributor for AUS is Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005006065181301.html. the announced price is $100 so you will only want to consider when the price is less than that.
                it's interesting because it has most of the hardware of Apple and Pixel watch. OLED display, aluminum bezel, GPS, notifications, Call ability, IP68 rating, all with claimed up to 13 day battery life, but with some compromises for the budget price such as no NFC pay.
                most of these compromises are weird quirks for power saving. if AOD is turned off, only tilting wrist and pressing button wakes the display - touching the screen won't wake the display etc. OS UI is smooth running but very minimal in layout design and colors (mostly black white and red) and customizability is limited (such as order of things in the settings menu and less watch face options than Apple/wearOS etc).
                some early feedback says a lot of bugs present and battery life with most features enabled is more like 1 week, but Nothing is known to be very active in releasing updates with bug fixes on their Nothing phones.
                I suggest it because you seem to prioritise battery life.

        • Do you have the LTE version? I assume NFC payments work with just Wi-Fi version?

          • @serpserpserp: Yes; phone just needs to be in range. Says NFC on the back of the box

            • @kerfuffle: I would suggest trying it with your phone out of range.
              This might be unrelated, but, I have a Galaxy watch 4 that I bought specifically so I didn't have to carry my wallet or phone.
              The watche's NFC payments (google wallet) work even without Bluetooth, WiFi, or LTE turned on.
              Yours might be the same?

              I'm also in the bandwagon of people who don't use Spotify, Instagram, et-al.. I just want a watch with: time, a credit card, a messaging app (Whatsapp or sms), and optional stopwatch and heart rate monitor for the gym. :)

          • +1

            @serpserpserp: I got a notification for this comment. are you asking me about garmin? no I don't have an LTE smartwatch.
            NFC pay works with any model that says it is supported. NFC pay doesn't require internet connection to use it, you only need internet when setting it up and adding card to your watch. it basically works the same way it does with a bank card - tap to pay protected by pin if it leaves your wrist.

      • I have a Fitbit Sense and it goes 4-5 days between charges. Totally depends on the type of watch and how its used. If I used mine for GPS logging running every day it'd probably last half as long.

      • Pebble was brilliant. Simple, yet effective and I miss mine for sure, however, I have been using a Samsung smartwatch for the last 4 years or so and it really is a better watch than the Pebble.

        I would recommend giving a smart watch a try, they are quite a bit better than a dumb watch.

    • Do you usually use it when you're at home?

      Have you noticed any scratches?

  • They should have done it in their own store in black friday and or cyber Monday

  • +1

    Does it work with iPhone?

    • +4

      Why would you want to? The Apple watches are the best and I'm no Apple fan. I would even buy one, if you didn't need an iPhone to make it work.

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    I'm surprised by this deal - the PW1 was going for half off last week with no deals on PW2 - then all of a sudden, when no one has any money, they do a random deep discount. During BW I reluctantly realised that it was missing from the BW deals so I bought it from Google with a student beans code for $498. I've just had a 5 minute online chat with them and they retrospectively matched the OW deal and refunded me $97 - which was great.

    I've been wearing the watch for 5 days and I am really happy with it. I used to wear a Samsung Galaxy Gear 3 but have had a hiatus with a real watch fopr a few years. Coming back to the scene now and WearOs absoluely smashes the old Tizen that I was used to. Everyone craps on about the battery life but I'm on 13% battery as I type, having charged at 9am yesterday. I've used it as normal, some Spotify, loads of notifications, received and took a couple of calls. Excellent!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought on Google store to get the 10% back for Google One and submitted a price match.

    • How does this work?

      • If you sign up to Google One, you get a percentage of each purchase back as credit, up to 10% on the 2GB plan. You can always sign up and then drop back down to a cheaper plan, or remove, after you've got the credit.

        • Google Store credit is granted up to 225 AUD per transaction and 375 AUD per year.

  • Fwiw the pixel watch 1 for $180 is definitely worth. Personally i wouldn't pay double for V2 but this is still a decent price

    • +1

      Where is the pixel 1 at that price?

      • might have just expired but it was 10% off rrp then a further 50% off rrp on google store with student beans

        • Aww $449 now (but $10 off for signing up). Thanks. I don't have Student Beans anyway.

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    I am assuming we can pair this watch with a Samsung phone. Has anyone done that? If yes, how’s the experience? Or does the features work best with Google pixel phone?

    Mum uses a Samsung phone (around 5 years model). I am planning to get her a smart watch and upgrade the phone so wondering if I should stick to Samsung or move to Google Pixel.

    • +4

      Sorry, not exactly answering your question here but I would have thought the logical pairing would be to buy a Samsung Watch.
      I'm not sure there's much to differentiate between Samsung and Google watches, but Samsung have been making watches alot longer than Google.
      If she is used to the Samsung OS and has been happy with the same phone for the past few years, I would have thought her requirements aren't that high and you could upgrade to a Samsung phone that's much cheaper than the Pixel and has much better third party suuport.

      • Ok I take your advice. Was leaning towards Samsung + Samsung so will go with that! Thanks!

        • +1

          I'd go with pixel + pixel as new phones will be supported with updates for 7 years. Your mum might be a good use case for this if she doesn't upgrade often.

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    I have both the pixel 8 pro and the z fold 5… the pixel watch and the pixel buds pro work on both but you have to tell the watch to connect to each phone. Sadly, you cant use the watch on more than one phone… have to deregister it in the watch but its a very quick process.

    • +3

      that's been my experience with every phone connected smartwatch ive had. makes sense considering it has access to your messages and google pay

  • -1

    Imo not worth it get a cheap Huawei or Xiaomi fitness band it's all you need.

  • Nice find

  • When does this sale end?

    • +2

      No idea sorry. It only started yesterday

    • +1

      I'm in JB Hi-Fi right now and it says their promotion ends on January 3 (they're still selling it for $449), so perhaps the Officeworks one also ends then

      • +1

        Thanks! I already bought one with price match to Google store. To get the 10% credit.

      • not shopping for Pixel watch 2, but damn I am still hung up on missing the 20% 15% off OW Celebration giftcards (redeemable at OW).

        saw the post at night, thought I could get them next day. deal expired.

        sorry I swear they were 20% off, but looks like only 15%? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/805828

  • +1

    Ty op, bought one in a heartbeat!

    Had the watch for 2 days now, other than the crappy onboarding (unsure why it bugged out on me), it's been a pretty good watch!

    Been using smartwatches for 6-7 years now, mostly Samsung ones, then one Huawei one (which has pretty insane battery life tbh, 5-6 days on one charge), this watch easily does 2 days. Heart rate, ECG and sleep tracking seems pretty good too (quantified scientist's video on yt checks out)

    • +2

      Yeah it took damn ages to get my watch set up too.

  • Are there any golf apps that work with it? I have a Garmin Vivoactiv3 three and looking to upgrade but it has to have support for golf as I use it for yardages.

    • +1

      Hole 19 sounds like the app for you

  • Will Boxing day sales get any lower than this?

    • -1

      That depends on how hard you rub your crystal ball

    • -1

      I’ve thought about it since more, and I suggest that if you can wait a few more weeks, then we’re getting closer and closer to the rumoured Pixel Watch 3 launch, so you might as well wait for that… to go on sale, which will probably be a little bit before the breakthrough Pixel Watch 4 drops, so you might as well hang out for that… to start being discounted

      • +1

        Oh really? Is there another one already coming out? I thought this one just dropped about a month ago. Would be a bummer if I pull the trigger now.

        Spoke to a JB staff, and they said the current sale price is the cheapest it has been since its release.

        • -1

          I think the Boxing Day sales will be a huge surprise to all of us! Everyone is sitting on huge piles of cash, just waiting to get the very best bang for their buck. With a Pixel Watch 2 on your wrist, you can get all those OzBargain notifications in the most timely fashion

          • +1

            @tharlow: Saw what you did there..

            With a Pixel Watch 2 on your wrist, you can get all those OzBargain notifications in the most timely fashion

    • -1

      sale has been going for 10 days, meaning they have stock. so yes it will go lower

      • You mean the pricing will go lower than the OW price of $397?

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