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[eBay Plus] Apple TV 4K Wi-Fi + Ethernet 128GB (3rd Gen) $224.10 ($211.65 eBay Plus) + $5 Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Been keeping an eye on this since black friday. Not the cheapest, but cheapest for now.

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  • Much better than Nvidia shield tv!

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      That really depends on your use case.

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        Exactly, they're nothing alike.

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          Comparing Apple and Orange.

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            @lufee: 🍎 and 🛡️

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              @WhyAmICommenting: 🍆 and 🍑

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                @1r4n14n: Does Plex pass through dolby Atmos and Vision? I know the 2019 Nvidia Shield does…

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                  @mjae01: @mjae01 It's not Plex dependent it's client dependent.

                  As the Shield has TrueHD and DV support, yes Plex will play those formats on the Shield. That's why people use the shield.

                  If you're not worried about compatibility, the Apple TV with Infuse will work well, no TrueHD or DTS support though. Confusingly you will get Dolby Digital Plus Atmos (the lossy version used on streaming platforms) when using Infuse on an Apple TV, but not if you use the Plex app.

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                  @mjae01: Vision depends on the particular codec on ATV I believe. Shield does it all.

                  I have Atmos and Vision capable stuff and I’m usually very fussy about getting things to work like they should but the ATV interface and experience is what made me keep that and sell my shield.

                  I also don’t like advertising on my Home Screen.

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                @1r4n14n: 😱

    • It really isn't. Worse AI upscaling and unless you're a big Apple spender you wont get much out of it.

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        The ai upscaling on the shield is snake oil. Barely noticeable most of the time

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          I agree for most use cases. I find it makes things look worse more often than not. Except for anything 2D animated, it really improved old cartoons and/or 720p content.

        • Upscaling Optus Sport premier league matches - it's noticeably better!

    • Agree

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      Can you browse to SMB, NFS shares etc on your LAN?

      Can it run Kodi?

      Serious questions, not trying to troll.

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        Doesn’t do kodi direct but it does have mrmc which is a kodi fork. Seems to work well although I changed to infuse after I started using appletv

        Both of them (and a few others) support both smb and nfs no problem

        • Infuse is a lot better

          • @landril: Infuse is not without its issues (for huge libraries especially) but they’re making big improvements in the Beta for this, and should be making its way to the main release soon.

      • Can you browse to SMB, NFS shares

        I've found the VLC app does this and is also good for my jellyfin server for file types that the swiftfin app can't/won't play.

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    Oh had sweet memory yearsssss ago sold apple tv 1 jailbroken for aud 400 lol…..

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      It’s ok baby, crying will make you feel better

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          What did you delete?

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          Why did you delete it lol 😂 awwww cute

  • This eBay seller sell for $129, has stock from time to time

    64GB version no ethnet brand new with Apple warranty


    • Is 64GB enough?

      • If you install lots of games maybe not but it’s plenty for me, a non gamer. I could probably have gotten away with 32 tbh

        Before they had 128gb people normally recommended 64 for games 32 so I reckon it’s enough for almost everyone

      • I have both model and feel no difference in everyday usage. 64GB is still a lot for install apps.

    • oos

      • he has stock from time to time.monitor it if you want to buy

  • Is it easy to sideload Kodi onto ATV? Alternatively, what's the best way to play local files?

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      • Yeah I am already using it. Just checking if there are better alternatives.

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          Infuse pro

        • Local on the appletv itself or local to your network? If on your lan I also like infuse pro as the other commenter suggested

          If on appletv I’ve no idea. I didn’t shaved much time looking at kodi anything there is mrmc, a kodi fork

        • There are no better Kodi alternatives on the ATV if you’re using it to pirate content (no judgement here).

          Infuse Pro is the best app on either ecosystem for watching local content, but the ATV won’t pass through TrueHD or DTS:X, so a Shield is going to be better for rips.

          Disclosure: ATV owner with 16TBs of rips that I play through Infuse.

    • Yes and no. It takes around 20 minutes to do through Xcode and there are a few guides online. The two problems I ran into were if you don’t have a paid developer account to sign the side loaded kodi, you have to reinstall it every 7 days rather than once a year. The other was widevine doesn’t work some catchup services within Kodi won’t work. So 7plus through slyguy repo wouldn’t work for all shows as an example.

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    What are the advantages of this device over, say, an AirPlay compatible television? Which I also own.

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      Much better performance so apps are snappier etc. Long term software support that doesn't suck. Apps are just better cause devs put more effort in the apple TV apps than smart TV apps for the various manufacturers.

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      Which I also could afford**

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      🧐 🎫🎫

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    If I have one of these, and I have Netflix on a tv in the living room, using someone else’s account! Will it stream to a bedroom tv or another room tv etc? Without having to log into the Netflix account I don’t have the password for?

  • Thanks OP, bought, even though I might've just overpaid for a steamlink device.

  • What is the use case of this in the age of smart tvs?

    • For some people the build in tv OS isn’t good enough, or they want to use something within the Apple product line to get integrations with other Apple products or services. The devices actually work very well and I’m a happy customer.

      I got one initially because I was sick of the banner ad built into the user interface of my Samsung tv. No way to get rid of it in settings. I also don’t have to connect the tv to the internet anymore - my old Samsung once tried to make 20k requests to Samsung ad servers in one day, all while the tv was turned “off”.

    • +1

      Better picture and audio quality, and better User interface.

    • Like @bluehalk said, better video quality than in built apps, much better and faster user interface, no ads and no tracking, and it’s kept up to date over the life span of the TV.

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    I’m going to spend a lot of time puts pros and cons because some people not even. Aware that your AVR or Sound Bar doesn’t support E-AC3 you get low bit rates of AC3 and sound is hollow.

    Apple have not updated the 720p or 1080p bitrates in years.

    Buying / renting a movie on Apple TV can ended up with really bad quality unless you have reasonable new AVR or Soundbar.

    AppleTV has some of highest bitrates for 2160 and Doulby Atmos Video (aka DV HDR), if if you gear doesn’t support it, you get dropped back to very average version.

    AppleTV 720 and 1080 bitrates have not changed since they launched despite people begging Apple to fix it. It’s like the chose something from 2011 and left it frozen in time. The apps on the AppleTV may not suffer from this.

    Setting up a VPN on an Apple TV is really difficult, thought there are guides on the internet, but maybe sure your guide is matches the version of TVOS installed

    AppleTV can. Show all sorts of movies and TV shows only for you to find out it’s on a streaming service you don’t subscribe to so you have to rent or buy it. At least they show the streaming service where it is from so if you want go subscribe to the entire service, you can and usually pay with it via a credit card that’s you’ve have linked to your AplpleTV

    Apple TV has a fairly small AppStope outside of North America. You can down all the steaming players from international, but you can only get only get stream services for Australia for example. So all the Australian FTV/OTV streaming service for Australia are there buy you might find the quality is different to your smart time. Lots of Australia content is only 720p and audio might be MPEG OR AAC typically stereo only.

    But Netflix, Prime Video, Stan appear to be in the same quality as a smart TV player or media media

    Becare and this is not always 100%. If you subscribe to to a service like Kayo or Bing and you are getting quality of sound or picture you should be, you should contact AppleCare immediately.

    Lots of people say AppleTV works fantastic every works fine - that has not been my experience.

    It is much better now but even 2-3 years ago you you try to watch a program and you not get 2160p Atmos Audio, you would get. 730p picture and mpeg stereo or aac stereo audio.

    There is no reason the Apple TV cannot play AC3 audio however on multiple programs I have had to force the audio to AC3 otherwise I would get multichannel PCM would should terrible.

    The international streaming services seems to have worked this out but there is no easy way to see what video resolution and audio resolution you are getting.

    As mentioned earlier, Australia streaming services are often 720p with MPEG stereo or AAC stereo

    The l newest Apple TV is barely different from the previous two 4K Apple TV.

    I have found countent qualities vary dramatically.

    If I watch on Netflix on a Shield TV Pro or my Smart TV, but using the Apple TV, I am only getting back AC3 audio equivalent to DVD audio.

    Many people will not care or understand but it is a huge problem that the international streamers like Paramount plus, some of their early problems using Apple TV, you go either stereo AAC or DVD (AC3). When you are paying for high huskily you expect this and you should complain to your streaming provider immefiately.

    If you have a sound bar or AVR, you should be able to find a. Option that shows your Audio quality.

    You should also check if you have paid for 4K/2160p there is no point if you TV cannot play that resolution.

    For all the people who say the Apple TV is perfect and everything works, I test media players for various technology websites, blog sites and specialist HI fi Audio and TV.

    I test what features work and like I said, the Apple TV has not been able to play E-ACE even though the streaming software is being provided with it.

    In some cases you will need to force the audio to get AC3 other otherwise you get multichannel PCM.

    Of the ~30 different devices I have , Apple has the information huddle in support documents.

    I’m comparison to a Android Shield TV Pro I have never come across these issues.

    If I see 720p (1280x720) this is because the OTA/DVB-T2) broadcaster has chosen to encode the TV and audio at lower bitrates.

    Generally they are very care they will not say the program is available in Full HD. Yes 1280x720 is a lower resolution version of HD.

    768x576 is not HD. If your TV has an option you should write the program name and either put it in writing to the complaints servicefor the network you are watch, commercial TV YOU CAN CONTACT FreeTV Australia alas if it’s ABC OR SBS because they are branches of the government they have their own charter. You maybe have ask for a copy of that charter or call the ABC or SBS local contact number which is on their web.

    If you disagree with any of these comments and open people points and opinions - at the end of the day I used digital signal .analyser to go to get the correct information. I have found in the past that at least one commercial broadcaster was claiming their problem with in bd yet my signal analyser showed my the picture with 1440 * 1990 which is a HD format, but Fyll HD must by 1920x1080

    The broadcast services act does not show specifics for audio until the audio had audio description tracks

    Again, I can tell you within 100% that the Apple TV might provide 1920x1080 @ 50 ML but Apple refuse to provide audio information or video information.

    In this instance I I advice the ACMA however Apple rarely if ever respond to those requests either.

    Anyway, if you disagree with anything I’ve written here, please feel free to reply publicaly or via PM and I will do my best to get an answer.

    The problem is I do not have one of ever TV, AVR or Soundbars. I work with some colleagues who maybe have that gear but I have all the Apple TVs and there do not work nearly as well as what people are leave to believe.

    • Thanks for the detailed response. I was deciding between Apple TV and Nvidia Shield and I think you just made my decision for me

    • +1

      Geez this is goat lol!

      Good on you mate for doing this. In saying that, I think vast majority of people won’t tell the diff

    • Interesting!

      I gave up on FTA a long time ago when Channel 10 were mixing the centre audio channel into the front left and right - amazingly my AppleTV sometimes gets stuck and does this until I restart it! It’s like I’ve rewound 20 years.

    • Very detailed response - I didn’t read through it all (I already have an Apple TV so doesn’t apply to me as far as purchasing goes), however I think (might be wrong) that installing VPN’s is getting easier with tvOS17. Native apps etc.

    • The most used app that I use is YouTube it just looks beater on Apple TV because it’s 4K and HDR when the shield is not

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    Crazy price for a set top box. Gotta be max $50

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    You got neg by a applefanboi. I tend to agree, got a 4K max from amazon for $39

  • For this price I prefer the nvidia shield tv, or 4k max for $39

  • Thanks for the detailed notes.
    My KODI/RPIs are struggling after many years of amazing service.

    I have been thinking of getting the lowest spec Apple M1 Mac Mini as media player, maybe refurbished - how would that compare to the 4k or the shield? I know I can run KODI on it and a lot of other things… I have a synology NAS with a ton of material + streaming services.

  • +1

    One of the reasons to get this over the 64Gb or other TV boxes is to setup HomeKit hub. Since Apple has dropped support for iPad has HomeKit hubs, so only option is to get the 128GB ATV or HomePods, which I have very little interest in compared to what Google and Amazon has to offer imo.

    • The benefit of the homekit architecture is that you get local control, even when your internet goes out. It might just be placebo but having switched from google home to homekit everything feels much more responsive.
      I've seen homepod mini go on sale for $100 and if you only want homekit that is probably the better deal.

  • Are there any apps that have real debrid integration that work on apple tv?

  • Thanks bought one!

  • i have a shield pro atm and have so many issues with it like unable to use chromecast (tried every single thing, even reset the device), remote dies in 4 days, random glitches where stuff wont play/load and have to re open the app 3+ times for it to work.

    apple tv 4k seems good on paper but is it actually worth the swap? im an iphone user and just want it to work.

    • Interesting - I definitely don't have these problems with my shield… I know it's a pain, but have you tried a factory reset?

      I've loved my Shield Pro, and the best bulit is that it can read NTFS, ExFat, and APFS drives - not limited to files under 4GB when you're putting drives into the USB ports

      • yeah factory reset it, i've message support about the remote & they're sending a new one so thats a start.

  • How often do the stores usually get stock ?

    Wondering if I should hold out for a bit longer to save the $5 delivery :)

  • found this thread and thought I should post a warning here.


    so I was browsing my Movies wishlist like normal and noticed there was an update and just decided to update tvOS just like every other update. too da loot doo.. Apple TV restarts. after the update I go to the Movies App to check what movies are on sale, and instead two options popup both which re-direct you to the TV App.

    on 17.2 they shut down/cut access to the Movies App purchases/rentals option. and together with that, the Wishlist was also purged out of existence. yeah so i had like probably almost 500+ movies on that wishlist I was working my way through when rentals were on sale. now all gone.

    TV App is now the main app, I don't mind that but they could have at least kept access to your Movies wishlist in the TV app.

    if I were you and the "Movies app" wishlist was the only wishlist you have like me, I would probably start taking photos of your list just incase they yoink access and one day the app just doesn't load.

    also could be wrong but I think what they are going to do is shut down the iTunes movie service soon completely, then move everything to "free to stream on Apple TV+" and at the same time increase the price of the Apple TV+ subscription.

    I reckon they make less money off users like me who wait around for 99c prices and rent the movies that we actually want to watch (+10% off with GC). compared to a subcription where we would be more likely to just watch something random and new just because we can't think of anything good to watch (without a proper wish list we feel like we need to just "watch something" to get ours money's worth for that month).

    in my case, I had just added a few coming soon (available to rent on…) new releases from the preorder category as well as a few new indie slasher type films to the wishlist. and now I have no idea what those movie titles were. they don't even come up when browsing the random TV app menu system. so I reckon it's a loss for them.

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