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[Pre Order, Kogan First] PlayStation 5 Console Slim $779 Delivered @ Kogan


Save $20 Better then the guy that posted this at RRP.
You can use a free trial of the first member from kogan, if you used it before use a new email, if you dont mind their Warranty
Better then RRP if someone really wants this, not bad for new release. I dont think there will be a sale for awhile just like when they first came out, but i could be wrong?
Or others can try price match this with other stores? let me know if any luck and share please

some upgrades from old version:
BIGGER SSD to store more on
Easier for traveling
Worth more than old one

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  • A lot of leaks and reports say that PS5 Slim will be available with a game at the same price as the console on its own. I would advice to wait.

    • +3

      link? other than USA because they get everything.

      • did you get yours from kogan alreadwy?

  • +20

    i‘d pass,rather buy a fat ps5 with much lower price with the SAME spec than not been a bargain spent 200+ extra on a slim shady ps5

    • -3

      they are all out of stock, only able to buy from resellers now. second hand.
      why neg deal with its cheaper than rrp just because you rather a fat old version?

      • +3

        Out of stock? Amazon has it available to buy, and 3 closest JB stores have stock to my postcode.

        • -8

          it shows out of stock for me, only sim one able also why buy that at same price??
          The OG ones are being sold out and no longer made! lol once their gone they are gone.

          • +2

            @Rukiata: I'm only disputing the out of stock claim. Amazon is showing me delivery by Friday 8 December. EB Games also is allowing me to buy now with home delivery.

            • -8

              @cute as duck: big w has 0 stock, jb has 0 stock around me, they are selling out and wont be any left soon, amazon had 0 stock when i last checked, this must be returns or left overs.

        • +1

          Showing $800 at Amazon - definitely not worth buying the older model at that price

        • -1

          Thats not the slim. Thats the old model.

          • +1

            @Wizard: Yes I know. I replied to the poster of the slim version who was replying to the person above them that the fat, old version was out of stock everywhere.

        • -1

          legit its out of stock, and i still get neg no matter what lol
          and this is the only discounted ps5 anyone can get right now no stores have discounts that I can find.

      • +1

        you mean the fat old SAME SPEC version?

        • With better heating solution

  • +6

    Not worth it.

  • Same price at Costco if you have a membership.

  • +5

    This price feels so diiirty!😞

  • pay premium for Easier for traveling ?

  • +13

    Rather pay full RRP than save $20 at Kogan.

  • +3

    No deal when you can buy the same for less.

  • +3

    will be 650 soon

    • for Boxing day you mean?

  • Kogan

  • +6


  • +4

    The best so far in 3 years was ebay deal $506 with spiderman on Black Friday Deal

    • -7

      yeah to get rid of old stock, also took years to get that sale lol, hoping for something on boxing day but just dont know with sonys greed

    • You know a deal is good when an influx of an item appears on FB marketplace brand new.

  • Remember the days of scalpers
    Never forget!

  • +6

    Saving $20 doesn't suddenly make it ok. This console is still a joke.

  • +3

    I'm not going to neg because it is the cheapest.
    But don't buy it and wait for them to drop the price. People buying it at this price will only encourage them to keep it there. If you've waited this long just wait a little more.
    If this was 2019 or 2020 when it first came out I would have said fine, but it's a 3 year old console now, there's no reason why it should be this high.

    • +2

      It's priced this high due to the sh*t Aussie dollar .

  • $769 @ Target starting 7/12.

  • Digital or disc?

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