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Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Z1 Extreme $1269 Delivered @ Tristar Online via Dick Smith, Kogan, MyDeal, Reebelo & Amazon AU


Seems like a lot of online stores are selling this cheaper, here are a few:

Dicksmith: https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/tristar-online-lenovo-le…

https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/lenovo-legion-go-z1-extr… (sold directly by Dick Smith and not a third party - note presale and delivery dates)

Kogan: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/tristar-online-lenovo-legion-go…

Same for Kogan, sold directly by them (pre-sale) - Lenovo Legion Go Z1 Extreme (512GB) https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/lenovo-legion-go-z1-extreme-512…

MyDeal: https://www.mydeal.com.au/lenovo-legion-go-z1-extreme-gaming…

Rebeelo: https://reebelo.com.au/products/lenovo-legion-go-handheld-ga…

Amazon ($200 discount coupon can be applied): https://www.amazon.com.au/Lenovo-Legion-Extreme-Gaming-Conso…

There are a few others like WiseMarket as well but never heard of them so not posting the link.

JB Hi-fi - I tried to price-match with JB-Hi-Fi - the best they could offer was $1399, basically $100 off & they quoted the others are likely 'grey' import & don't have the warranty like they do.

Anyway, this is my first post by the way, I'm just sharing what I've found as I've been monitoring the price of this for a number of weeks now hoping it would go down in price. Tempted to go with either DickSmith or Reebeloo. Never bought anything from Reebeloo but for an extra $99 they provide a 2-yr accidental & breakage coverage which includes liquid damage, not sure if anyone can share this exp with Reebeloo pls?

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  • Price(s) in title?

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    Price in title please? Also seller on Amazon is Skyradar with an 88% positive rating. Take that as you will.

    If the Asus ROG Ally is anything to go by, this Lenovo Legion might drop further in coming months or even during Boxing Day. I'd still keep an eye out for now (not that I am in the market for a new handheld lol).

  • Sorry, have updated

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    All of these are sold by third party vendors, not the site you linked to (the first 3 are the same company). So definitely grey stock.

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      not the site you linked to (the first 3 are the same company)

      All linked marketplaces are sold by Tristar Online (including the Amazon store; Skyradar)

      • Ah cheers, I didn't realise the Amazon one was the same (and I think my script blocker broke Reebelo's site), thanks.

        88% on Amazon is off putting, someone got the wrong power adaptor, some battery issues on products and clearly grey imports. For $200 saving on a $1400 item that's new to market and first generation, I'm not taking the risk.

  • Are grey stock bad?

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      No, it just means they were imported from another market. The main problem here is they are all sold under 3rd party vendors meaning warranty claims are made through them rather than the website you bought it from. Who knows how good these 3rd parties are or if they'll still be in business by the time you need to warranty

      • True, makes sense

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    The LTT/Shortcircuit review of this gave me second thoughts about picking up one of these. It seems the mouse movement/trackpad is dogshit and the Legion Go UI is basic and a terrible browser-based experience. Probably both fixable by Software Updates, but definitely a deal-breaker for me until they're patched.

    • All those things sound like early life teething issues that can potentially be fixed with software updates.

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        This is true. Asus have been great with the ROG Ally. It's a much better machine than it was 6 months ago.

        Let's see what Lenovo does.

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      We have one, and none of the issues he had. I don't think he gives it a fair chance, pressing hard on the track pad like he's 12 years old

    • Haven't noticed the trackpad or mouse movement issues myself, but I don't use mouse mode that often. Trackpad works just as good as Steamdeck IMO. Legion Space (Go UI) is rubbish though. I don't use it. Just use the quick menus, and windows for the rest of it.

      Only issue I have had with that set up is that Ubisoft Connect has scrolling issues. Even though it has controller support, you can't scroll so it's very difficult to scroll down through games.

  • any different to the one direct from lenovo?


  • Anyone use this just like a normal PC and dock it to monitor, mouse & keyboard? I wonder if I just keep my old macbook and have this just to play PC games rather than buying another laptop.

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      That would work as you described. This is essentially just a Windows 11 gaming pc.

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      yea typing of my legion go right now. It's basically just a windows machine in handheld format. What's also a really neat feature is you can connect to an EGPU to convert into a full gaming setup.

      • so which docking station you recommend for this?

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      You can get a 4050/4060 laptop for the same price as the Legion Go and the laptop will utterly trounce the Legion Go in performance.

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    Been wanting to get one of these too, but didnt get it when lenovo had 20% cashback + this was discounted. Really dropped the ball.

    Now everything seems expensive in comparison

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      Doubt many people are getting this for emulation, or else theyd get a lower powered device.

      Pretty sure most would get this for pc gaming on the go.

  • https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/lenovo-legion-go-z1-extr…

    Just want to call out and would like someone to verify….the link above suggest/maybe it's not a grey import? Says it's supplied by dick smith rather than some third party. Am I reading that correctly? Note it's presale so not in stock…I assume waiting on Lenovo to give them stock? Or am I dreaming and still a grey import?

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      When it's imported, they have the "Direct Import" banner in the description.

      Check out their Steam Deck listings. Sold by Dick Smith but still a "Direct import".

      • Ok cool that's good to know, I don't see a banner on that one but then neither on the another one that is sold through Tristar.

  • Ill contact JB tomorrow and reference that link for Kogan and DickSmith (presale ones) and see what they can offer else I'm gonna pull the trigger and go with either of those since it's not via a third party. Preference is to go directly via Lenovo AU but they don't even know when they will get stock and aren't allowing any more pre-orders. I'll let you all know how it goes.

    • How'd you go

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        JB offered $75 off so $1425…..guess no deal with them.

        Have gone and pre-ordered via Dick Smith.

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          Thanks for the response. I was trying to get the rog ally at 1099, like the deal from a few days ago and they also offered me $50 off.

          Stingey as

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    I just bought one through Kogan's eBay store. $1183 delivered after applying a $100 off eBay coupon. (SNSMD6Y5XPXFDX7M)
    Says delivery this week and free 4 day shipping.

    Hopefully that's correct.

    They have the ROG Ally for $1112 as well.

    • Hello,

      Have you got your one yet?

      I've just got my one from Dicksmith (Kogan) and found out the Lenovo Seal was broken and it was re-sealed by 2 layers of tape then they've placed a Security Check label on it.

      I hesitate to open the box now.

      Do you experience the same?


      • Waiting for mine, arriving Monday.

      • Take a photo and complain, it's meant to be new….will let you know if it's the same for me.

        • Taken some photos already. I haven't opened it yet. I believe there will be the legion go box with factory seal inside.

        • What do you guys think? Should I open the box? Can't wait to use, if it's a return/refurbished one, I'm screwed.

          • @thaikhoa: I would open it. That's just the delivery box? As long as the actual Lenovo Legion go box is unopened then I think it's fine.

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        I opened mine, its the Chinese version probably they opened it to change the language to English, however I had a problem where it returned back to Chinese in some parts of windows (mainly settings) after the update, had to install a fresh version of windows on it.
        On the plus side all the drivers on lenovo website are working fine and its as new now.

        • Wait you mean the actual Legion go box was opened?

          • @BlueyDad: Actually ..ignore of course it would be opened of they had to change it to English…

        • Yes it was I also confirmed from Lenovo website its Chinese serial number, the recovery media language is chinese, I am good with the $300 saving but they missed out saying this is Grey market stock

        • If you plan to open and do the same, prepare a USB c hub with Ethernet because this is the first time I see windows not automatically detecting the wlan driver and it is needed to continue.

          • @ComK: Hello,
            Thanks for your info.
            So it's confirmed that the outer box and the inter box are opened in the first place?
            Is there anything that can be considered as used or missing?

            I'm afraid of when there will be something broken with the system It's really hard to return because the customer service is nothing.

      • Yeah it arrived on Thursday. Box was open on mine too. Also logged in with a windows 11 pro licence activated. The device itself is only licensed for win 11 home which I found out after I did a fresh install.

        Couldn't get rid of all the Chinese text so blew it all away.

        Thought that was a bit dodgy. I messaged Kogan but haven't got a reply.

        Otherwise it's awesome.

        • Lol good to know .

        • Setting mine up now. Reg language pretty sure you don't need a fresh install. I'll let you know if it works, I'm updating the languages via the windows setting language and region to Australia + also setting the Administrative Language Setting (it's currently set to China) to AU. I think that will fix the issue. I'll find out once all the upgrade is complete as it requires a restart.

        • +1

          Ok, had to do one additional step. So in the language and region setting, once you've set up English (Australia) as the preferred language, also change in the Administrative Language Setting 'Welcome Screen and New User Accounts' and Language for non-Unicode programs - change both of those to AU language as well. Remember to use the 'copy your current settings to: 'welcome screen' and new user account'.

          It will require a restart but after that no more Chinese will come up. Hope this helps.

          • @BlueyDad: Thanks for the info, will try.
            Got it to work, thank you.

    • You got it yet?

      • Yes just got it this afternoon. I purchased the go on Wednesday.

  • Just saw that as well, seems like a good deal. Kogan must have gotten their stock in. Still nothing for Z1 Extreme on Lenova AU website, says coming soon lol.

  • What kinda sucks is the memory. Looks like by default there is 200 gigs set aside for Windows (separate drive C:) and leaves us with 272 Gigi in drive D for games. I'll have to look into SD card or upgrading SSD to 1TB one day.

  • First impression: big and chunky (more than what I was expecting). But I'm comfortable with the chuckniness and also windows so no complaints at this stage. Gonna set it all up, give it a quick test drive, then put it back in the box to open on Xmas day.

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      FYI, update new bios v28 on the lenovo website, update legion space. Set VRAM to 6G.
      When playing low TDP 15-20W try to set 6400 ram in the bios. It will boost performance because 7500 uses more power and GPU will be lower frequency than the default at that TDP.

  • Hi, I bought from kogan as well. Has anyone able to redeem the free X box game pass? The pass in my lenovo go seems missing.

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