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Gaming PC: RTX 4070, 7500F, 2TB M.2, 32GB 6000MHz DDR5, MSI B650M, EVGA 700W + US$85 Steam Gift Card $1899 + Del + SCh @ Evatech

Update 07/12/2023

All 24 sold out! Thanks for everyone who locked in an order :) A lot of have gone out already and the rest are all on schedule to make it out between now and Monday. For those still shopping, our previous 4070Ti / 7800X3D deal still has a couple of units left but will be sold out very soon also. linked here. Seems like upvotes are inversely proportional to sell through rates on this one. Makes sense though given the two different price points!

We also have some pretty reasonably good deals on our custom bespoke built to order PC range, free delivery on those and some built in extra discounts running between now and the end of the year. Also our prebuilt range that you can find linked here. Selling quicker than we can build them so if you're keen to get hands on by Christmas, check them out quick while they last.

Original Post

$261 cheaper than building it yourself + bonus gift card.

The Specs

CHASSIS - Montech Air 1000 Premium ARGB Black ATX Mid Tower
MOTHERBOARD - MSI B650M-A WIFI Motherboard (WiFi6, BT5.2)
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 7500F 6-Core 12 Thread (Base-3.7GHz Boost-5.0GHz)
CPU COOLER - Deepcool AK400 Performance Tower CPU Cooler
RAM - Team T-Force Delta RGB Black 32GB (2x16) DDR5 6000MHz C38
POWER SUPPLY - EVGA 700W Gold GQ ATX Semi-Modular Power Supply
WARRANTY - Return to Base Hardware & Labour Warranty [Up to 5 Years]
ASSEMBLY - Assembly, Burn-in Testing & Setup
BONUS - $85 USD Value Steam Gift Card - Thanks to MSI T&Cs
OS - Windows 11 Home Retail Edition - Optional (+$189)

24 units will be available for this deal. About half ready to go right now, the rest should be completed and ready for pick up or dispatch by the end of the week or very early next week.

PC Part Picker List

AMD Ryzen 5 7500F 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor ($299.00 @ PCCG - Pre Order)
Deepcool AK400 66.47 CFM CPU Cooler ($38.00 @ MSY Technology)
MSI PRO B650M-A WIFI Micro ATX AM5 Motherboard ($258.00 @ MSY Technology)
TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 ($179.00 @ Scorptec)
Lexar NM620 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME SSD ($119.00 @ BPC Technology)
MSI VENTUS 2X OC GeForce RTX 4070 12 GB Video Card ($969.00 @ Computer Alliance)
Montech AIR 1000 PREMIUM ATX Mid Tower Case ($149.00 @ Amazon Australia)
EVGA 700 GQ 700 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply ($149.00)
Total: $2160.00
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Previous Deal - limited quantity still available

RTX4070 Ti / 7800X3D / 2TB SSD / 32G DDR5 / B650M / WiFi6, BT5.2
$2799 + Free Delivery & $250USD Steam Gift Card link here
PCPP Price $2890

3 Months Free of XBOX Game Pass for PC

Get access to a ton of AAA games just in time for the holidays!
List of games can be found here. Again curtesy of MSI & Nvidia. Redeemed via MSI. Details here


We offer a per component 'up to' 5 year warranty. Simply meaning for this period of time, if the component manufacturer's warranty is still valid, we take care of it and in the rare exception a product has a less than 2 year warranty, we'll cover the 2 years as a minimum. In this build you'll get the full 5 year warranty on the RAM, SSD & PSU. 3 years on the rest.

We deliver by TNT/Fedex so it'll be quick & reliable even with the lead up to Christmas. Most major areas can expect delivery in 1-2 business days from dispatch.
Metro Melbourne from $32
Metro Sydney / Canberra / Adelaide from $35
Metro Brisbane from $49
Metro Perth from $67
Shipping price can be estimated by entering post code on cart page.

Click & Collect
10am-6pm Monday to Friday
5/2 Fiveways Boulevarde
Keysborough VIC 3173
Please order online first and await your ready for pick up confirmation email.

0% Visa / Master / Direct Deposit
2% AmEx, 2.6% PayPal.

The Competition

Yep, there is a cheaper offer with the same CPU & GPU combo for ~$296-311 depending on if your delivery address linked here, but here's the key differences so you can compare and decide what's best for you!

  • 16G of 5200MHz CL40 RAM (vs 32GB 6000MHZ CL38)
  • A620 Chipset Motherboard (vs B650)
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth (vs WiFi6, BT5.2 included)
  • Stock Wraith Stealth 65w TDP Cooler (vs 120mm 220w TDP aftermarket Tower Air Cooler)
  • 500GB NVME SSD (vs 2TB NVMe SSD)
  • 650W Bronze PSU (vs 700W Gold)
  • No Steam Gift Card Bonus (vs 85USD / approx. ~$128 AU)
  • 3 Year Warranty (vs 5Y years on SSD / RAM & PSU, 3Y on the rest)

Yes, they have the ability to customize their offering, but if you want something matching this spec (2TB SSD / B650M WIFI motherboard / AK400 cooler, 80+ Gold rated PSU / 32GB of 6000MHz RAM) it looks like at least at the time of posting this, it works out to $2142.00 before shipping. Not to mention the extra $26.25 they add for 'shipping insurance'. Also no $85USD bonus steam gift card eligibility unless you opt in to the +$200 GPU upgrade option and get the MSI Gaming X Slim over the PNY Verto model of RTX4070.

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  • no $85USD bonus steam gift card eligibility.

    Could you elaborate as to why Nebula aren't eligible for the MSI gift card promotion? Looking at the linked comparison, the Nebula setup (adjusted) satisfies both the condition for the components, as well as being listed under the authorised participants for the MSI promotion as per https://au.msi.com/Promotion/anz-get-powered-by-msi-2023

    • Nebula may be eligible for the deal but you would need to buy a system with both a MSI motherboard and graphics card. Their default selection for the graphics card is a PNY model which is what was used in the comparative list you're quoting from. There is a MSI model available for $200 more on their website, so they could be eligible if you went with that but at that point the equivalent spec would be ~$2342 or effectively you'd be paying +$200 AUD for a $85USD steam gift card (and slightly more premium model of GPU) at that point.

      • +2

        Yes but it's disingenuous to make an comparable setup by adjusting theirs to match yours, list said price, then state that your deal is cheaper, doesn't charge shipping insurance fees, and that theirs doesn't come with a steam gift card. Your deal is cheaper (when matching comparable hardware), but under the situation where you are both using similar setups that satisfy MSI's promotion, both you and nebula would be eligible for the gift card. That is, why have you stated that they are ineligible for the gift card in the same sentence you made the adjustment to compare a similarly built system by them?

        • Yes but it's disingenuous to make an comparable setup by adjusting theirs to match yours, list said price, then state that your deal is cheaper, doesn't charge shipping insurance fees, and that theirs doesn't come with a steam gift card.

          But is it though? We're clearly listing both their base specification and the closest comparable. At that comparable price point and specification, we are indeed cheaper, we don't charge shipping insurance fees and that compared spec does not come with the bonus gift card eligibility…

          For the gift card eligibility we could have gone with comparing against the +$200 more expensive graphics card option on their website, although I think that would have actually been disingenuous because that's a worse value proposition than paying $200 less and forgoing the gift card value (approx 129AUD worth)?

          I see how if you take just that one sentence out context of the entire paragraph there it can be misconstrued as that Nebula as a whole isn't eligible for the gift card… I don't believe that us the case. I'll rephrase that bit to make it harder to misunderstand.

          Oh and hey Nebula guys if you stumble on this 👋 This isn't meant as a dig at all. You're just so prolific here we're just trying to get out ahead of the deluge of comments we know where otherwise coming if we didn't address you're offer up front!

          • +1


            Yes, they have the ability to customize their offering, but if you want something matching this spec (2TB SSD / B650M WIFI motherboard / AK400 cooler, 80+ Gold rated PSU / 32GB of 6000MHz RAM) it looks like at least at the time of posting this, it works out to $2142.00 before shipping. Not to mention the extra $26.25 they add for 'shipping insurance' or no $85USD bonus steam gift card eligibility.

            In the same sentence you make a comparative build to match yours, you state that yours is better because it's cheaper, it doesn't charge for shipping insurance, and state "or no $85USD bonus steam gift card eligibility.". Which is illogical, comparing their non-adjusted build with your current build is a moot point, they aren't the same (and someone else can argue about whether there is greater dollar value between yours or nebulas), the point is that you explicitly state theirs does not come with a steam gift card here, when if you choose those upgrade options for nebula (like you are doing in your comparison), it would.


            Lol you edited it finally.

            • @GachaGamer: There you go :) Updated the original post to make is at clear as possible. At the $2142.00 before shipping price we compared against, not eligible. At that price plus a further +$200 upgrade for the MSI Gaming X Slim, eligible.

  • I ordered one - I wanted a PC with upgrades already there (ram, mobo, psu etc.) so this did the trick (wanted all round performance and not just gaming). Hopefully it gets shipped out soonish so I can review :D.

  • Just wondering how the upgradeability is? obviously some prebuilts can be a pain to upgrade in the future and i would'nt mind upgrading some minor parts in a year or two if i purchaased :)

    • +1

      As upgradable as any PC can be. It's all standard off the shelf components, nothing proprietary you need to worry about!

      A CPU upgrade would be quiet easy and not require a motherboard change as long as you stuck with an AM5 platform. Or if you're swapping the motherboard at the same time (a much bigger job!) there's basically no limits.

      Storage can be easily added in the form of either NVMe or SATA SSDs.

      The power supply is also upgradable although will require rewiring everything again so that's a little less trivial but totally possible, and at that point you could squeeze in any GPU that physically fits in the case (which is almost all of them).

      Hell, why stop there? You could swap everything out into a new chassis while you're at it, it's a big job but totally doable. At some point though you've just built an entirely new PC 😅 at that point might be easier just to try and flip the old system and use the proceeds to offset the upgrade to a brand new PC anyway.

      TLDR; Upgradable? Yes.

  • Hey just ordered a couple days ago and stoked!, just wondering. Is it possible that we can ask you guys at Eva tech to some upgrades in the future? Or even test out an old computer I got that unfortunately has the PSU blown?

    • If you're local to our Keysborough VIC HQ, of course! We do upgrades for customers all the time.

      We also offer troubleshooting and repair services for both PCs we didn't build ourselves or older ones far out of warranty (with a service fee of course). You can shoot us a message via the contact form on our website with the details and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP with the details!

  • +1

    PC has arrived but the motherboard ports don't align with the backplate IO shield rendering some sockets unusable. Pretty disappointing..

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