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Uber Eats: $25 off Each of Your Next 4 Orders (Regional Postcodes Only), 4 Codes Available (Total 16 Discount Orders)


Hi there!

I hail from New Zealand, and a couple of weeks ago I shared a deal that gave users in some regional cities $25 off each of their next 4 orders. Well, I did some more digging, and found four codes that give the exact same deal, each. That's SIXTEEN orders for ya. If you're in one of the eligible areas, you're gonna be eating real good.

For mobile users:

Terms (per coupon):

  • For 4 orders
  • Alcohol or other regulated items may not be eligible for this promotion

This offer is for up to $25 off your next four orders you place with the Uber Eats app. You may redeem this offer a maximum of four times. Delivery Fee applies (excluding Pickup orders). Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). Other fees may apply. Amount of up to $25 will be applied as a promotion or discount at checkout. $25 off does not apply to fees. Only available for orders with participating restaurants via the Uber Eats App. For personal use only. Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $25. Valid for use on up to four orders only. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Valid only in select areas and cities where Uber Eats is available in Australia. Promotion expires on 11:59PM AEST 02/01/24.

Commenters have confirmed it at least works in:

  • Bathurst
  • Mittagong
  • Alice Springs
  • Drouin/Warragul
  • Orange
  • Tamworth
  • Dubbo
  • Coffs Harbour

Codes likely also work in these areas:

  • Port Macquarie
  • Armidale
  • Bowral
  • Nowra
  • Mount Gambier
  • Warrnambool
  • Devonport
  • Burnie
  • Gladstone
  • Traralgon
  • Griffith
  • Golburn

Referral Links

Referral: random (1807)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +14

    Chur bro

  • Code applied. No eligble stores in WA however. :(

    • +2

      It's a bit of a coin toss as to where it works. The ones in the post are either confirmed or highly suspected to work.

      If anyone has extra locations that they've found it works in, please share so I can update the list!

    • It does work in WA. Just try different regional area

      • Regional codes I tried didn't work. May I know which ones worked for you? Thanks

      • What is regional code in WA ?

  • Doesbt work in gosford

    • +1

      Wasn't there a nutcase in the last thread who started attacking people and calling them entitled? You might start up that loony again. Maybe it was drunk.

  • Anything at all in SA or Vic, any far flung place is fine

    • Why any far flung place? Is there a hack for this or something?

      • +3

        Some people going on road trips, might pass one of the towns

        • +1

          I just stayed in Coffs Harbour and got multiple orders on mine and wife’s account. You can schedule several orders for roughly $25 from the same place and you eat for free

    • Checked Whyalla, seems to work there (even tho barely any places)

  • Perfect for my work trips. Thanks bro

  • What the main spend?

    • In the terms above: Any remaining value is forfeited if order value is below $25.

  • +2

    Haha this is ridiculous, thanks OP, I know have 20 meals to get before the 2nd of January

    • I think I'm going to freeze a load of fish and chips and pizza, don't have much other options.

      • +1

        Burritos, Indian and Chinese go great in the freezer

        • Our chinese and indian aren't available unfortunately otherwise that would be a winner! Lasagne not a bad idea.

      • +1

        Pizza hut does lasagne too for freezer

  • As god is my witness, I'll never be hungry again.

    • +4

      Get back to us in 17 days

  • So same regions or a new set?

    • +1

      Appears to be the same as last time.

      • hey do u have anymore? i miss my free food lmao, appreciate it btw

  • -4

    It works in Ballarat. Thanks.

    • Just applying the code, or are you able to order from any stores?

    • +6

      No it doesnt

    • What stores? I'm unable to get it to work

  • +6

    Not available for Geelong Postcode

  • Works in bayside Brisbane but no selected stores to use it at

  • +2

    I'm in one of these "new to uber eats" areas and for the last 3 months it just keeps giving me random $20 off no minimum spend offers so i've had a lot of free pizza and I'm already getting very fat and this will ensure I'll have some work come New years resolution.

    • My wife and I got that a few months ago. We ate indian like 3 times a week. It was great!

      • The only indian here isn't on uber eats :(

    • +2

      Damn son!!!!!!

      But doesn't work for me in either

    • where in lakemba?

  • Cheers m8.
    I got 2 buttiros for $1.12 today

    • Did they have nice butts?

    • +4

      Half kim kardashian/half kangaroo?

  • Nice, sweet sixteen!

  • Confirmed working in the Faulconbridge blue mountains nsw

  • -1

    Working in Bendigo. Cheers!

    • The codes are accepted but I dont see any store available for redeeming the offer for Bendigo. Can you please confirm if you can see any store

      • Oh bummer, you're right! I could have sworn I'd used one at one point for Coles…must have been a different promo code.

  • No luck in Ballarat - no stores

  • Code accepted but cannot redeem in any places Tweed Heads Area NSW as it says your order is not eligible for this code.

  • not complaining but couldn't seem to get anything delivered for free. cheapest was $6? maybe you still pay service and delivery?

    • +2

      mate, count your blessings. the codes do not work in my area!

      • -3

        first thing i said was not complaining

      • -6

        you seem a little jealous mate, sucked in : ) You must be one of the people that negged it last time that cant read that its some regional areas

    • You complain like prepubescent girl bro

      • yeh i get it now lol, comes off as ungrateful. genuinely new to uber eats tho didnt mean it like that.

        • Lol we're just pulling your leg mate

  • Works in Goulburn!

  • Odd, added the codes to my account. Only ended up with 6.

    Not sure if that's all that shows on the app, and as you use them, the next lot show up, or not sure how it works, but I'll happily take the 6

    Thanks. Really appreciate it

  • +3

    If anyone needs some food let me know I'll see if I can order for you.

  • Works in newcastle

    • Did you order anything?
      Can't find anywhere that the promotion is valid

  • Can you list the 4 codes
    . I can only see 2

    • +1

      Last digit 3 and 4.

    • +1

      Change the last number to a 3 and a 4

    • Turn ya phone sideways


  • Damn! Thanks OP

  • Sweet, worked for me!

  • +1

    Worked for me, but doesn't look like there are any stores in Hobart that accept it?

  • Never get any codes. Screw you uber eats.

    • +1

      Just put these in your account under promotions. It's not targeted

  • +4

    Find the food banks in these area's then order lots of staple goods when they are open to be delivered

  • +2

    Cheers OP, just got 6 Red bulls delivered from Domino's for $2.99

    Can confirm works for Traralgon

    • That's quite the odd usage.

      • Cheaper than purchasing from Coles or a Servo.

    • Now says currently not available

  • Working in Tarneit

  • -1

    I'm in Sydney and the codes are added into my account maybe work for Sydney to

    • You can add the codes but they won't do anything until you are in a valid area… Saved mine for road trips.

  • Thanks OP, you've certainly hit the jackpot.

    What's the deal with bugger all upvotes on the NZ cheapies site though, you guys don't like free food much over there?

  • Cheers mate, work in Griffith NSW.

    Keep digging will ya 🤣

  • -1

    Where tf is the closest working area to syd cbd?? I've tried few but none work :/

  • I have a family member in bargo Oporto came up 🥲

  • Lucky but unlucky? Said code approved but nothing comes up under offers…

    • Join the club. Thats the only issue with these comments, when people say it works in their area but they havent tried to order with it

      Redeeming the code itself works for everyone.

  • Amazing! Thank you so much! Works in my postcode, so keen

  • What are the other two codes? The two above give 8x free food. But OP stated 16

    • Turn your phone sideways, all will be revealed.

      Or change the last digit to a 3 and a 4 respectively.

  • Is there a quick way to check where you can use it?

    • Use the website.

      • Change delivery address, go back into promotion and hit shop now

  • No luck in Wagga Wagga unfortunately, cheers though!

  • Wow, anyone living regionally is eating cheap this month!

  • -1

    Canberra working too

    • +1

      but no store though?

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