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Malaysia Airlines Return to Delhi, India (via KUL): from PER $716, ADL $810, MEL $831, SYD $852 [Fly Feb-Sep] @ Beat That Flight


Malaysia Airlines has a sale on to India until the 11th of December.

I went through and tried a bunch of dates, and have shown the cheapest I've found below (there may be cheaper!).

Hope it helps.

For hotels, consider looking at Central Delhi’s Hidden Gems: The 8 Best-Rated Hotels Under AU$150.

Melbourne to Delhi (12 Feb - 30 Sep) from $831
Sydney to Delhi (12 Feb - 30 Sep) from $852
Adelaide to Delhi (12 Feb - 30 Sep) from $810
Perth to Delhi (12 Feb - 30 Sep) from $716

Melbourne to Delhi

Dates: 12 Feb 24 - 30 Sep 24

Sydney to Delhi

Dates: 12 Feb 24 - 30 Sep 24

Adelaide to Delhi

Dates: 12 Feb 24 - 30 Sep 24

Perth to Delhi

Dates: 12 Feb 24 - 30 Sep 24

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    • Hardly.

      • Still no answers…

        • Do you have the answers?

          • @ifcw: Not my job….

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              @jv: Funny? From what I've seen, you appear to be the font of wisdom on almost any post here…

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                @lostincanberra: With that, comes a lot of responsibility

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        As usual.

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    Not mh37…

    • -2

      Also MH17. Every other airline was avoiding that Russian-Ukrainian corridor. Malaysian didn’t and 298 died.

      • +5

        Please get your facts right.

        From the Dutch Safety Board Investigation report, pg 260-261;

        Other operators

        A single operator decided to stop flying over Ukraine because of growing unrest in the country. This decision was made in March 2014, i.e. before the armed conflict broke out in the eastern part of Ukraine.

        Insofar as the Dutch Safety Board was able to ascertain, no other operators changed their flight routes for safety reasons related to the conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine after this. This did not change after the Antonov An-26 had been shot down on 14 July 2014, which, according to the Ukrainian authorities had been done using a more powerful weapon system than MANPADS.

        Data provided by EUROCONTROL reveal that during the period between 14 up to and including 17 July, 61 operators from 32 states used the airspace above the eastern part of Ukraine. On 17 July 2014, 160 flights were guided through UKDV until the airspace was closed at 15.00 (17.00 CET).

        Operators - including Malaysia Airlines - assumed that the unrestricted airspace above FL320 over the eastern part of Ukraine was safe. This was despite the fact that the conflict was expanding into the air and that, according to the Ukrainian authorities, weapon systems were being used that could reach civil aeroplanes at cruising altitude.

        • -4

          Can those facts bring back the dead?
          Qantas stopped flying over that airspace as a precaution around the same time.

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            @MakkhiChoos: Whilst I respect the unfortunate event and lives lost, I make no apologies in calling you out and for backtracking your argument that doesn't help any party whatsoever. This is how conspiracy theories begin.

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    Good price with full service airline but be mindful it includes only 10kg checked in baggage and need to pay more for 20kg or 35kg. However still good for lot of travellers who don't need much luggage allowance.

    • +1

      10kg allowance is a joke. A standard suitcase would take up 20-25% of that allowance in its weight alone.

      • +2

        To call malaysian full service is also a joke..

      • -2

        You don’t need luggage where they take you.

  • Has anyone booked via flight network, go to gate or my trip? Tempted to grab this deal but reading some horrible reviews.

    • for what its worth i had a good experience with them. kept us informed with the automated system from i remember

    • Yes, I booked a 5 flight trip in March with Mytrip… No problems whatsoever. Just don't intend to change your details/flights or you'll get slogged with a fee.

      As with all reviews, skewed to downside.

    • On a personal note, I've used GTG and MyTrip without issues. They make their money if you need to make changes (Eg typo on passenger name), or want insurance or extra bags, they'll charge through the nose. But otherwise, all smooth. I don't think I've used flightnetwork. Tend to forget when things go smoothly, and get upset when they don't, thus the online hate of these OTAs.

      • I guess after getting booking confirmation or E-tickets from these 3rd party agents/websites we can check through airlines website as well using booking reference or PNR details ? Have also heard that sometimes you might be able to make some changes like buying extra luggage, meal selection or seat selection etc.

    • I've booked through Trip and MyTrip, no issues with both. You generally only run into issues if you need to make changes as BTF mentioned.

      • Are these deals not available directly from the website of the airline? What do we need to book through a 3rd party that is always a recipe for disaster?

        Not only if you want to change, but also if that 3rd party goes bankrupt or decides to not pay the airline or for any other reason. This can happen with repeated providers as well we last tried this with Virgin and I couldn't CHeckin in online three days before the travel because Virgin had not paid Singapore Airlines.

        • Sale is there on their website as well but comes out more expensive than the 3rd party agents. I think it has always been the case where agents get better prices from the airlines and they pass part of that discount to customers. So that agents sell tickets on their behalf and in return they get commission and can offer better pricing otherwise airlines would have to handle all the customer queries and sales.

  • +3

    No love for brisbane/gold coast?

    • They did have prices, but they don't fly into BNE/OOL any more, so you'll have to connect with a different airline to SYD/MEL/ADL/PER

  • -5

    People still fly with Malaysian Airlines?!

    • UNfortunately short memories.

      • +1

        Why unfortunate?

  • I had ot fly this airline last year due to urgency. They can easily be one of the WORST full service airlines. They have cut down on refreshmnents. Lunch is just a sandwich box. From my memory, just one of red or white unbranded wines served. Service is sub-standard. Never again!

  • MH370 scares me

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