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Monkey Vision The Cube Wifi Smart Camera $15 in-Store Only @ Bunnings


Note: Cannot be purchased online, website will display (This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store.). Please visit your closest store to purchase.

Looks like a good deal for a Wi-Fi Smart Camera. For $15.
Edit: You can potentially get it for $7.50. Thanks to munnamirjan. You can try to price match it.
Image $7.50


✓No subscription fees
✓High definition indoor camera
✓7 days cloud storage

With no subscription fees and a 7 day cloud storage, this HD camera with built in human and pet detection is the perfect indoor camera

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    Says it's available in stock in a couple of stores around me but when you try to click and order, comes up with error message saying "This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store."

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    • Definitely a mistake it wasn't $999. But $15 that it's now it's a really good value for what it offers.

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        I'd be really pissed off if I paid $999 for this a few weeks ago and now seeing this price drop…

        • Return and re-purchase, I doubt anyone paid $999 for it though.

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          You should be pissed off with yourself in making the decision if you buy it at $999 in the first place

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            @42: Supply & Demand…

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      from peoples reviews looks like it was $29 so nearly half price.

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    Can this be used as a generic IP camera?

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      You dont get free 7 day cloud storage though

      • Seems the linked camera from Ali is better, if can get for AUD$17.31 (Shows that much without logging in so maybe for new accounts)

        H.265 3MP camera with 2304*1296 resolution
        Support cloud storage, support up to 128G memory card, support audible video and alarm video;

        Note sure why you got -1 for that comment @easternculture but it wasn't from me.

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          The Monkey Vision manual also says it has a 5200mAh battery (it doesn't) and the 5V/1.5A power supply isn't included (it is). Package contents match this.

          I have tried the cam now on both apps, Monkey Vision and VicoHome which are essentially the same apart from a few layout differences (servers are separate, can't use one account on the other.)

          The camera is 2304*1296 so safe to say it's the Escam G07 (app reports model as X20).

          One difference though is VicoHome free plan gives you 3 days rolling cloud storage up to 0.5GB, Monkey Vision gives you 7 days up to 1GB.

          Haven't been able to get an RTSP stream out of it yet unfortunately.

          • @bamzero: I assume you have tried Onvifer or similar app.

            I used to own an Escam, but that was about 10 years ago before there was the big shift to make money on cloud storage.

            For $15 I would have bought a few and take a chance, but at the $25 from AliExpress for existing users, I will give it a miss. All the best with your endeavours.

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      From there website "Our cameras aren’t repackaged straight off someone else’s assembly line" haha

  • This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store.

  • Message on website: This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store.

    • easternculture just bought 4 in-Store for the price on title. So it's definitely available in-Store.

      • He gets every deal even if no one else got it. It's his running gag.

        • He is a hustler. Good on him. But to be fair he had a head start, I shared this in chat.

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            @Scrooge McDeal: Oxford definition of Hustler:

            a person adept at aggressive selling or illicit dealing.
            "small-time hustlers trying to sell their stuff"
            a prostitute.

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              @J B S: I meant it in a good way.

              hustler in American English
              1. an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.

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              @J B S: The second definition is always what I've associated with hustlers. Gee, maybe that's why he earns more per day than what Scrooge McDealio earns in a week, ykykyk.

            • @[Deactivated]: Who easternculture? Of course he has a job. He probably earns a day what I earn per week.

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            @Scrooge McDeal: What does this mean in the chat. ?

          • @easternculture: Thanks I know what to look for now

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              @Clear: Good luck

              • @easternculture: Despite a dozen showing in-stock on Nrby it's deleted from the store and no sign of it anywhere. I didn't need them but would be curious if it's Guys and does RTSP/ONVIF

          • @easternculture: OP delivered!

          • @easternculture: Sorry I missed this was late to the party only got 15 from two close by stores. I’m still adding pocket money to my six accounts lol

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              @shane23: I installed 2 in my car (front and back) as cont survielance, connected to 20k powerbank. The powerbank is connected to a solar panel to recharge

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    Keep in mind, things like this dont last. With server cost they will try to introduce some payment or maybe will be less than 5 day. Good for a temporary solution and not a permanent one. Similar to Wyze.

    • Then return to bunnings for full refund

      • Even after a few years?

        What rsop saying is valid. They would not offer free cloud storage forever, at one point, they would cease to offer it.

        • Yep. Bunnings are good with refunds

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          I too care deeply about the return on my $10 investment after several years

          Now, where did I put that $6 flat white

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      This is why you use them without the cloud, via protocols like RTSP, which is why this question was asked above, and you can find numerous instances of the term RTSP in this thread.

  • do these integrate with google?

    • nothing mentioned on their website or the boxes, so I'm going with no

    • Nope nor Alexa

  • anyone know if it has onvif?

  • I just picked up 4 from Maribyrnong. Shelf price was different to this price ($29). They had to get a manager to bring it down.

    • Was there any left?

  • doesn't seem to be listed on the suppliers' site anymore…


  • Just got 2 from O'Connor WA store thanks OP.

  • My bunnings said they got them in for Black friday, she said they were $29 last week

  • is there are memory card slot on them?

    • yes

  • Thanks OP. Got 2 from Moorabbin store. They still have a few left at the counter.

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    Jus had a play with one - my findings below.

    • There is free account and paid. Paid is $13 per month subscription

    • Rolling history, free is 7 days, paid is 30 days

    • Motion alerts for both (but all it does is starts recording when activated)

    • Smart push, activity zone, person/pet/vehicle/package detection is only available on paid.

    Doesn't seem to be a battery inside, even though instructions say to charge camera and it that it has 5200 mAh battery

    So in closing, without paying the sub all you can do is record motion without being alerted and log in to view live.

    Not for me unfortunately. My experience is with Uniden App Cam Solo Cameras (have 5 outside). So wanted to get couple of these for inside.

    In saying that, it was only $15. Might suit some people.

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      Motion alerts for both (but all it does is starts recording when activated)

      Thanks, saved me $30

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        Thank goodness it doesn't stop recording when motion is detected.

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          Normally, when you read 'motion alert', you would think it alerts the user to motion via the app - but it doesn't, it just records video to the cloud/SD card. That was the point I was trying to convey.

          • @whorishmouth: Yeah I see. That's pretty bad.

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            @whorishmouth: It does give motion alerts on free plan. Under notification settings make sure Others is enabled. There is a minimum 1 minute Cloud Cooldown Time in the motion detection recording settings though.

            Funny enough though, I've got all notifications enabled and it's giving me Person detection notifications, pretty responsive too.

            • @bamzero: Huh…. well huge apologies, I am an idiot. You are correct.
              I guess when I read the 'smart push' was only on the paid plan, I didn't check too closely afterwards. Rookie error, apologies to anyone making decisions based on my initial findings. Great buy for $15 now.

              • @whorishmouth: I declined the upgrade trial so still don't know why person detection is working and whether it's a permanent thing or they just enable it for a while in the hopes you'll miss it and subscribe once it's gone. Same in both Monkey Vision and VicoHome app.

                Just wish could get an RTSP stream out of them. Wanted to use for monitoring my 3D printers so dont need motion detection and would rather not have yet another app installed.

      • @GrueHunter. It can send push alerts…I messed up, bamzero found the setting to turn on, read above. Apologies if you trying to make your mind up about it.

    • So it need to be plug in 24/7 for it to work?

      • Yes, looks that way. Camera shuts down when I unplug and no battery symbol on app.

  • only if those three reviewers knew its now $15 instead of $29 they paid a week/month ago :)

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    Got 3 at newstead QLD. Ask the customer service counter as they're kept behind counter…

    The staff were unfamiliar of the brand, chuckled and thought it was a joke until they found a pile of them where they keep their cameras behind counter 😆

  • I picked up a few at my local Bunnings.

    They were on the counter, not in the shelf. Needed to ask someone where they were.

    Price was correct.

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    Purchased 7 of them it is at 7.50$ in Clyde North.

    • got a copy of the receipt you can post, see if I can get my local bunnings to price match cheers

    • Thanks! Got price-matched with local.

      • Enjoy , suprised with quality's and even app is also good .

    • They are $2.50 now at Clyde North.
      You can return and buy again

  • got couple of them for $15 in leppington! Thanks !!

  • Bought 3. Still 20+ in stock at my local store. Set one up already and quite impressed with it.

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    Anyone know if these are a Tuya based device so would work with the Tuya Smart app instead of their app?

    • That's why I wanted one to tinker. Similar ones on AliExpress use Vicohome and some Vicohome cameras are Tuya based. That doesn't mean this one is. It's not ONVIF compatible from what I could find.

      • +1

        Yeh - no dice I reckon. nmap scan shows it is pretty closed up. No onvif/http/https/rtsp/rtmp etc etc. Might crack it open for S&G.

        • Yeh I got nothing on my port scan. Looks like it uses its own DNS too, don't see any hits on my Pihole. Good one to keep isolated on your network I reckon.

          For some reason during setup seemed similar to my Digoo M1Q. Wondering if it's got a Goke chipset in it as well. Go ahead, you crack yours open first 😁

          • +1

            @bamzero: I bought a few of these and have started looking into how it works too. I have held off updating firmware just incase there are holes to exploit to get a rstp stream and with my port scan i have port 8765 open says ultraseek-http. When I attempt to connect with a browser locally it doesnt load anything but interrupts the simple android application. So later will run wireshark and do this and then get the app to reconnect to see if I can get anything useful.

          • +1

            @bamzero: Done! Face cracks off fairly easy. Clips in each corner (won't ever look the same though).

            Chipset seems to be Ankya AC3918AV100. A few people have made progress on other versions of the AC3918 e.g https://ricardojlrufino.wordpress.com/2022/02/14/hack-ipcam-…

            • +2

              @FrontBottom: :) I ended up opening one up last night. At least the clips didn't all break when popping it open. Yep, running Anyka AK3918AV100.

              I've dumped the firmware but having trouble getting a good read from the chip with the clip-on connector, every time is different :D
              I'll keep trying, but might just be too much interference to do in-circuit.

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