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Silicon Power Ace A55 1TB SATA SSD - $53.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Silicon Power Amazon AU

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up for sale again, has not been this price for quite some time.

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  • +3

    I have this drive in a PS4 slim.. absolutely worth the $$$

    • +1

      hard to install? ps3 was a pain to swap out the disk.

    • PS4 has a slot like the PS5 .. one panel comes off and drive can be changed…. i upgraded the 500GB drive to 2TB a long time ago. downloaded and installed the OS software to a USB stick and followed the instruction from SONY's website on how to upgrade

      If you wanted too you could use cloning software on a PC with both drives attached if you didnt want to start with a blank PS4

  • +5

    Crazy it's 512gb only aud29.x

    Too bad my spinning HDD for backup purpose from 10 years ago still running fine no bad sectors

  • +9

    I bought one a month ago from a PC store. It constantly crashes and freezes so it's being returned under warranty. I've used loads of Samsung SSD's over the years and never had an issue. A quick Google shows Silicon Power is known for quality issues, with my experience being surprisingly common. Buy with caution.

    • +5

      I was about to ask how reliable these are. I'll pass

    • My Kingston ssd's have been great 5 years still no issues

      • San disk, Crucial, Seagate, Western digital, Corsair, Micron, Samsung, Kingston SK Hynix, Teamgroup.. and maybe sabrent & Lexar

        They can all fail but i'm not going to even think about trying any other brand if i even hear of issues. Its not a good start from the get go.
        I dont want a lucky dip when it comes to storage.

    • +7

      I've used loads of Samsung SSD's over the years and never had an issue. A quick Google shows Silicon Power is known for quality issues

      I'm definitely not saying Silicon Power is better, but let's not praise Samsung too highly now.


      This one was over 10 years ago, but I'm bringing it up because it personally affected me:

      They also deliberately confuse consumers by labelling TLC and QLC as 'MLC'.

      The less said about their monitor quality-control issues, the better as well, not to mention their after sales support.

      • -1

        Yea, apparently a lot of major brands are being sneaky and changing up the makeup lately.

        But at least they work. I have many 840's and 850's running OS in various relatives pc's and laptops with zero issues.

        Even just the build quality: the A55 is a piece of bloated thin bendy plastic.

      • I was gonna mention Samsung, firmware update does nothing it still failed in his ps5. I told him he was lucky it was in a PS5 that it failed and that important info like save files should save on the cloud

  • +4

    Tempting as it might seem, there comes a point where you get what you pay for.

  • 4TB at sub $200 I will get one :)

    • on that note, any body recommend a 4TB sata ssd? nothing too crazy needed, just something reliable for extra storage

  • +1

    Currently unavailable.

    • It’s showing up for me at the moment

  • Think these should do as basic storage drive for the kids Epic Games collection of freebies.

    • That's exactly why I'm here. They're getting a refurbished gaming PC for Xmas and it only has a 256GB M.2 in it, looking for a 1-2TB sata (or 2x 1TB), this would have been ideal but it's OOS now.

  • Did anyone get these? Just how bad are they?

    I'm thinking of buying 6 of them for my NAS (I just want 6x 1TB SSD that's under $70 AUD each, shipped)

    Yeah I don't mind if the disk slows down in time, as long as it doesn't fail too quick and it writes at least 35MB/s each when they slow down.
    (Prefer no slow down but at $70 AU I'm not going to kid myself)

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