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[Recertified] Seagate EXOS X16 14TB US$134.99 (~A$199.11) / X20 18TB US$179.99 (Sold Out) + Delivery @ Server Parts Deals, US


2 years seller warranty, pretty popular seller in the states (https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/1352drh/whats_…), looks like they ship to australia now.

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Server Part Deals, US
Server Part Deals, US

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  • $62 aud shipping ….

  • +1

    Shipping to Metro Brisbane worked out to be $20 USD per drive for 4 drives.

  • @Neology ?

    • not convinced with their scamy boxing day deals where they increase the price for every 10pcs, might give this a go

  • +4

    $115 USD shipping, jesus

  • +3

    The crazy postage kill the deal

    • Group buy and save on shipping?

  • Awesome deal - but $144.97USD shipping is a bit on the nose…

  • recertified is for certain kind of person

    im not one of them

    and then theres the fact theyre Seagate…

    double crap shoot

    • I just checked the hours on my old media pc on the Seagate hard drives in it between 3000 and 3830 days uptime

      • -4

        theres always an exception to any rule :)

        30+ years of IT forms my opinion of Seagate, its one of two golden rules:

        1) Never buy Acer
        2) Never buy Seagate

        So far its kept myself, companies ive worked for and clients happy

        • -3

          Never buy Seagate

          I quit with Seagate years ago and never looked back, since then I only used Western black (Western blue is trash) or Hitachi and still using them 24/7.
          Let the uneducated fanbois here enjoy the expensive scam from serverpartsdeals, they don't understand the risks nor they read the warranty terms!

          • @billadm: How many hours on your Western digitals? But yeh i wouldn't buy these refurbs

            • +1

              @chris666: The main Western and Hitachi drives around 10 years, 15 hours (some days 24 hours) per day 7 days per week.
              The other Western drives are from the previous system so around 16 years doing the same job as additional data drives.

          • @billadm: Blue isnt bad. CMR, 8TB for under $200 commonly. They work well for zfs.

            • @MasterScythe:

              8TB for under $200

              So is that all you know about the blue scandal?

              • @billadm: Nope, ive worked as a storage specialist for over a decade.

                Why do you ask?

                  • @billadm: Fair comment.

                    Sorry about the extra detail. I only hoped to illustrate the odds of me knowing about storage.
                    Didn't mean to imply you 'really cared', per-se.

                    Didn't mean anything by it, Sorry again.

                    So, regardless of that then, why do you ask?

  • No wonder there's no shipping estimate in the title…

  • +1

    Shipping makes this not a deal, cheaper for recertified via ebay.

    • Check their theft style warranty and return terms, seriously I don't understand how the op considers this to be a deal!

  • Don't trust SeaGate when the drive is brand new.

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