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Ozito PXC 18V Line Trimmer 4.0Ah Kit $109 (Was $149) In-Store Only @ Bunnings


Clearance item and is no longer accessible on the Bunnings website. Multiple Bunnings found across Sydney with stock. Item number apparently doesn’t exist, so I doubt you can find anything. Model also does not exist even on the Ozito website directly either, super odd.

Please note that this is not the grass trimmer but a real line trimmer (single head only though, not dual). The included items is: Line Trimmer, Compact Fast Charger & 4.0Ah 18V battery.

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    Do not buy, unit is notorious for smoking out fairly quickly. I lost two of them in quick succession (2nd one was barely on for 2-3 minutes of nature strip clean-up duty). The reviews on the site when it was up were also quite damning. Bunnings quick to swap out/offer refund, but not worth your time.

    • I've always heard bad things online and from friends about this line trimmer. I've got this for about 2 years and it works fine. I think I got lucky.

      • It's possible you have one of the older models as there's a few. For example this is PXLTK-4030 and the one currently online is the PXLTK-4028.

        • I bought a 4028 to replace my old blade trimmer (which i sold for a profit on marketplace! LoL!).

          The 4028 is amazing compared to my dads Ryobi equivalent and the blade type Ozito PXC model.

    • I got one of these and haven't had any issues with it so far touchwood

      I don't think this particular model has been posted before - I thought the ones with the burnt out motors were the 36v ones

    • Bought one a few days ago. Used it trim my yard and then did all the edges of paths which hadn’t been done for a couple of years. It might lack power but it works well enough. It is certainly very light and feels weak so maybe it will die in a puff of smoke.
      But so far for $109 with the 4ah battery it is excellent value

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    Battery and charger is $99 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-4-0ah-battery-and-…

    Any better deals out there?

    Might take the chance on the trimmer for $10…

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    They have a 5 year warranty so as long as the failure doesn't burn your house down its a pretty good deal as if it dies they will likely replace it with a newer model or refund you.

  • Thanks, bought. Already invested in this ecosystem and does the job for me.

  • I have had this one for about 5 years now. Works fine for me.

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    Wouldn't this be a better deal?


    Comes with blower and $10 cheaper

    • Blade trimmer and 2.5ah battery but the blower makes it slightly better value I guess
      I’d rather the versatile line trimmer/edger and 4ah battery in this deal

    • A lot of people hate that blade trimmer, and the blower for me is unnecessary since I have one that's better already. Plus 4.0Ah is a lot more useful than 2.5Ah.

  • The line it comes with is horrible. As soon as you swap out the Ozito line with a slightly better brand, it’s like night and day.

    • Do you have a recommended line?

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    Hey related to this I noticed Total tools is selling the skil pwrcore range off pretty cheap. Not sure if any good or not, I bought the 5.0AH 20V (really 18V) blower kit but delivery is not for a couple of weeks (they called and advised as such when I put the order through).

    The mower kit looks pretty alright for a small to medium yard. As does the hedger. The line trimmer looks sort of equivalent to this bunnings one albeit with a smaller battery.


    • Does this work with the ozito or workzone batteries?

  • It was selling for $60 at Harrisdale WA bunnings, one left.

  • For anyone interested, there are still a few more in Tarneit, VIC.

    • @Arian10daddy What price at Tarniet?

  • Any in Sydney near South area?

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