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Bamix Classic Magic Blender 140W Aubergine - $144.95 Delivered at Kitchen Warehouse


Bamix Classic Magic Blender 140W Aubergine - $144.95

Not the cheapest ever but a banger of a deal for a hand mixer that will last a lifetime.

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    The king of stick blenders. Buy for life!

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    Great blender

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    It's good but I wish they could design a removable shaft, would make workflow so much better. Currently when I need to grab ingredients I spend some time trying to balance it upright, with other removable shaft I just twist it off. Cleaning is also a hassle, you need to bring the whole unit to the sink, sure you could bring a jug filled with water and detergent but that is 1 more thing to do. No complaints about the blending, just very fiddly.

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      You can buy a stand.

      In the scheme of cleaning kitchen appliances the Bamix is not that big a hassle to me.

      • But the food will drip onto it. I know it's not that big a deal but compared to other immersion blenders the user experience isn't that great.

        • If you are worried about drips then put a dish cloth or a paper towel. Have to admit I haven’t got another appliance to compare it to because I had my first Bamix for 25 years until I gave it to someone else. I’m now on my second.

          This is my current one. The extras are worthwhile having.

    • We had a Kenwood which broke at the removable shaft, so specifically chose the Bamix as it has a fixed shaft. We've had it for a few months now and are very happy with it.

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