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Motorola DEFY+ - Prepaid Telstra Locked- Price Reduced from $249 to $99 (Cheapest on Web?)


In official words:

"Dust, water and scratch resistant, the Motorola DEFY+ is life proof. It lets you enjoy all a smartphone has to offer while helping to protect you from some of life's little challenges, like a spilt drink or dropping your phone in the sand"

Was looking for some Prepaid bargains (in time for Christmas) and came across this. Seems like a good rugged smartphone; May have to get it unlocked to use with other networks!

Comes with a Telstra Sim + $10 credit

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        • Excellent, thanks for letting us know.

          Unity1 - how are you going with your order?

        • Arrived yesterday rep, thank you very much. Just haven't had time to play with my new toy.

        • Great to hear!

  • 100 bucks for the unlock? FFS!

    There are many websites that can unlock for less than 10 bucks.

  • Unlocks for less than $10? - Last 2 attempts online (1 was a telstra locked phone) = dismal fail.

  • Confirming it is $100 to unlock - asked Telstra lvie chat rep

  • telstra crowd support from november last year quoted $27.50 after 6 months

    • ours was older than 6 months, but still $100

      • Maybe it had not been activated yet

        • You don't think we'd have noticed a slight detail such as that? lol

          Seriously though, it was bought in a Telstra store, so would have been registered in the system. When I get some spare time I'll go back through the credit card statements and sort it out.

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    rodzy, if you are still referring to unlocking the Samsung Galaxy 5, see further up the thread - replied to you earlier - you can DIY it for free.

  • +3

    Great spotting OP. Thank you!
    If there's a way to unlock this puppy, I'll find it and post results.

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    I have one of these phones and really like it. I bought it as a pre paid and then went on a BYO plan (with Telstra). when I went overseas Telstra unlocked it for me for free so I could use a cheap overseas sim while I was away

  • We got one!!!!!


  • Sincere thanks, robs12. I've gone over this tute again and again, but couldn't pluck up the courage to try (because there was so much chat about things going wrong). After your success, I'll give it my best shot.

    • I'd never done anything like that on a phone before, and was a little hesitant too, but it really was straightforward. I've done three now - got the kids some too. All on Gotalk so they get free 5 min calls to each other (sorry OP!).

      You can also get rid of all the Telstra preloaded stuff using Titanium Backup*root (Use with caution,lots of chat about using that too, but in reality probably because of misuse!)

      Have fun!

  • I managed to successfully unlock a Telstra Samsung Galaxy prepaid phone for 15$ at www.fastgsm.com
    This service doesn't require rooting. You just need to install their desktop client, buy unlock credit using paypal and follow the 4-5 step instructions…! That's it…works perfectly fine! :-)

  • Thanks OP. Ordered x.

  • +1

    "For unlocking fee, 0-6 months = $100, 6 months-2 years = $27.50, 2 years onwards = free."

    Straight from love chat rep.

    • Might be nice as an Android games platform for 6 months, then unlock.
      Or a car GPS even.

  • My $128 Liquid Metal still $#!t$ all over this deal.

    • its more than a year now and we never get that price again…
      I bought one from JB hifi and its lot better,
      installing custom rom on that helped unlocking that phone as well..

  • Would be an awesome deal if it didnt cost $100 to unlock…

  • Amazing value. I have the Defy, just put CyanogenMod 10 on it and it's extremely stable, can't go wrong.

    I can tell that it's you Gerd posting this.

    Speak soon :-)

    • how did u manage to unlock this one???

      • You can still root and install ROMs etc. even with a SIM Lock, you just can't change carriers. I however have the original Defy (not Defy+) that is unlocked. For $99 I just picked this one up as a spare since the one I have is nearly out of warranty anyway.

        There have been a couple of issues, one with the speaker piece breaking (common issue), but warranty support has been very good, a couple of times I have had to send it back to JNB Electronics in Melbourne who are the Motorola repairer of this phone (Better than the Telstra repair centre), they handle the return shipping costs and everything for you so the only thing to worry about is having to use another handset while it is away.

    • I can tell that it's you Gerd posting this

      You mean the infamous Gerd, former manager at Ubank who got absolutely slammed for a Ubank promotion posted on Ozbargain a couple years ago and then decided to jump ship to Telstra not long after. ;-)

      • Yes that Gerd. He got off to a shaky start but he has came out with some good deals once he learnt the OzBargain ropes

        Speak Soon.

        • I don't think the original poster is Gerd (given his other post history). And this isn't Gerd either :)

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    It is a good deal if you are a Telstra mobile customer OR planning to become one. Spending $100 to unlock this makes it $199 in total, which means it is not so good (because the cheapest unlocked dual core phone (i.e. Sony Xperia U) is $179). There are also better single core options in $150 to $200 price range.

    If you have unused Telstra prepaid credit, you could use it to offset the unlock fee, but you will lose the credit (has to be real credit (the one you actually paid $$$ for), not those special "bonus" credit which expires in 1 month).

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    If you are looking for a relatively cheap way to unlock, I confirm that I previously unlocked my Telstra Motorola Defy+ for $18 here: http://www.sydneyunlocking.com.au/product_info.php?cPath=14_…

    It took about 2 days to get the code. I guess if you look around, you may be able to find it cheaper somewhere else.

    • I'd be interested to see if anyone else has used this, considering other have said similar services hasn't worked.

      • +1

        I got the code around 2 months ago from them so doubt much has changed. Although it would be a bit risky to buy the phone based purely on the idea that you could 100% unlock it. I guess by the time someone who bought the phone at this special price confirms they also unlocked it successfully, the $99 deal will be gone.

        • Yeah, kind of a chicken egg story. Thanks for sharing though.

      • I got a code on the weekend for my son's defy+ from Sydney Unlocking and it worked first time (unlock cheap Internet sites). I can recommend these guys…I emailed them with a few questions before the purchase and they have always responded to my emails.


  • Ordered one. Thanks OP.

  • awesome , thanks OP !!

  • I'm planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note II 4g version when it's a bit cheaper (had the Note v.I but found it a bit slow). This will make a good backup and for use in wet & dirty situations or when away from recharge places.

  • After submitted the order, the website said "Sorry, Your order cannot be processed at this time…."

    Edit: got it with another credit card.

  • -7

    maybe if it was $49, and unlocked, I'd pull the trigger.

  • +2

    Got it from JB Hi-Fi Mobile shop with ING Paypass ! So 94$ it came to for the Prepaid Defy+
    Called up Telstra on 1300 720 179 and unlocking fee was told to be $27.50. Got one of those $30 Sim Starter Packs from BigW for 10$. Activated sim on Longlife to get 6 months expiry on sim, then converted to Prepaid Encore , so got 250$ in Bonus + 400MB Balance. Then used the $27.5 out of the $30 Cash in the sim to unlock the Defy+.

    All in all an awesome deal. Now time to cancel the Online Order that I made on Friday.

    • Sounds great! When did you get it from jb hifi? I'm just wondering if the $27.50 is actually after 6 months?

    • May I ask which JB you got it from? The rep on here earlier said it was an online promotion.

    • +2

      I think that you made this up as your 'hypothetical plan' to do.
      1. Unlocking fee is $100 in first 6 months, $27.50 after 6 months (I did a 24x7 chat and they told me $27 then said she is postpaid and doesn't really know, unlocking area only open Monday-Friday).
      2. Converting to Pre-Paid Encore offer would only give you the bonus AFTER make the offer change and then you recharge a $30 amount.
      So $30 SIM on Longlife + Change to Encore + $30 Recharge = $60 Account Balance (6 month expiry), $250 Bonus for calls/text (30 day expiry) + 400MB (30 day expiry) + Free calls 6PM-6AM. Changing from Long Life and Pre-Paid Encore without recharging does not give you any bonuses.
      3. Phone already comes with a SIM and $10 credit. $30 Starter pack for $10 from Big W is not necessary. Using a $30 starter pack instead of $10 pack would however work for 6 month expiry on long life.
      4. Network unlocking is payable main account balance, Good pick up.

      Another hypothetical way to get cheap (Official Telstra) unlocking.
      1. Buy 3x $30 Starter pack for $10 each.
      2. Choose one of the $30 Starter packs as your new phone number or port number to it (The $10 pack only lasts 15 days)
      3. Activate all 3x $30 Starter packs on Long Life and 1x $10 Starter pack (included with phone)
      4. Use Credit Me2U to transfer the credit from the $10 pack and the 2x $30 starter packs you are not going to use.
      ** Credit Me2U costs 25c per transfer so the full balance won't be transferable and there is a limit of 1 per 24 hours so this will take several days to do.
      *** Day 1- 1x $10 starter pack: Transfer $9 to the SIM you are keeping(75c balance remaining)
      *** Day 2 - 2x other $30 packs: Transfer $10 to the SIM you are keeping ($19.75 remaining each)
      *** Day 3 - 2x other $30 packs: Transfer $10 to the SIM you are keeping ($9.50 remaining each)
      *** Day 4 - 2x other $30 packs: Transfer $9 to the SIM you are keeping (25c remaining each)
      **** 30+ 9 + (2 * 10) + (2 * 10) + (2 * 9) = 97
      Total balance = $97. Will need to cover the extra $3 for your unlock or use an extra SIM pack if you want the extra credit anyway. Total Cost = 3x $10 (for $30 SIM packs) + $3 extra = $33 for unlock.

      If you can be bothered to do this, you are a true ozbargainer. Then again, you could always pick a suitable Telstra offer and stay on Telstra and not need to unlock anything.

      • +1


        but thats some admirable OB spirit

      • Would that actually work as it seems worth it if there is no other way?

      • Ok guys just that I am away for 24 hours and didn't post doesn't mean I have not done it. I got it from JB-Hi Fi Telco Street, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. The Defy+ was the last one in stock.

        As for the unlock, once I called Telstra they told $27.50 as the prepaid stock of Defy+ is pretty old. The trick is to get the unlock code before you even power on the phone and register it on Telstra network. That way for them the phone is mostly more than a year old already ! Mine is a BL6 Defy+, so I am already on CM10 w/o any trouble.

        You guys can get an IMEI of Defy+ Prepaid and call up Telstra on 1300720179 and verify the fee. Of course depends on how old the stock is. May be I just got lucky on the last box from JB Hi-Fi. If anyone still I have doubts I am fine to PM you my IMEI no and one can call up Telstra and verify.

        • +3

          Just to add guys why do u you guys rely so much on that Telstra Chat ! Call up on the 24X7 line 1300 720 179 and choose option 4 mostly for phone unlocking. Sick to see people just try and cry when some other work out a good deal.

          Let me know what proof you guys need. Receipt , Phone box…Unlocked confirmation ?

          Anyway the final result is I am on CM10 and Unlocked Defy+ all for 104$ and also have 2.5$ Main balance + $250 Bonus + 400MB data :D

          I had ordered one online as well, so if that one unlocks I would happy to give it to anyone in Melbourne for 109$ (99$ Online + 10$ pack from BigW). It should be reaching me by tomorrow.

        • I just received my phone and called Telstra Unlock Team. I have been told the unlock fee for my phone is $100. I think my phone may be the new stock. Does anyone find a cheaper and reliable unlock method?

        • I was in JB today in Perth and I was told they are $249 prepaid on Telstra.
          How did you get it for $99?
          Do you need to show them the online deal?

        • I got it online.

        • Hey Regenade,
          I was in JB today in Perth and I was told they are $249 prepaid on Telstra.
          How did you get it for $99?
          Do you need to show them the online deal?

        • Yes of course show JB Hi-Fi the following link :


          I will post the receipt as well tonight for everyone's help

          As of the unlock, its a pack of cards and the fee depends ranging from 27.50$ to 100$

        • Called Telstra. The fee is $100 to unlock.

        • +1

          Thanks Regenade,
          Don't need to unlock as I am with Telstra.
          Best network for country rural areas in WA.
          Just spoke to JB and they told me that they can not price match Telstra online.
          oh well, have to get it online.

          Is the phone performance any good?
          I have read that it can be upgraded to 4.1

        • Regenade… Called Tel$tra. It is $100 to unlock (I gave them the IMEI). They know it is a new phone. So you were very lucky.

          Based on my understanding, they don't just check your record to determine how long you have the phone (I have an active prepaid account with Telstra for years and that did not make any difference). They basically know how long each phone has been available on prepaid market and they decide when to discount unlock fee.

          Going to either keep it for Tel$tra use or try one of those online unlock solutions.

        • Hello he88388,

          This is an online only special.

        • I asked this earlier but you may have missed it. Is this price just for a limited time or is it a new everyday price?

        • Hi renegade,

          Can you pls post yr receipt?


        • Sorry Unity, I missed it - I believe it's a limited stock clearance. I'm not sure if the handset is "end of life" in which case we may not get more in after we run out online.

        • Thanks, might be a good idea to get 1 more.

  • +1
  • Love this guys listing on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-unlocked-MOTOROLA-Defy-MB526-…

    The price is listed as $569 and 3 lines under his price (under payments) there is a Telstra ad advertising the defy+ for only $99

    • I wonder its legitimacy the defy+ is clocked at 1ghz, they advertise 800mhz, it could ven be the original defy.

  • Just received it! Thanks!

  • I bought this phone and got it this morning, rooted it and put cyanogen mod 10 (jelly bean rom) in just under 3 hours.
    Works beautifully and it unlocked it i believe ^_^ it gives me the option to select vodafone and optus baseband's. I wish i had an optus/voda sim to try it out but im far too happy having the best service in australia.

    • re: changing baseband, is this a stock feature of cm10 or just on the defy? I've been running cm7 for 6 months and can't remember seeing this feature

    • Marverickjohn, any url showing how to root it and put cm10 on? I am interested to do the same. Tia.

    • You may have the option to choose the basebands, but the device is still locked to Telstra. Refer to my post below, have a browse through the threads I've linked and if you're still having trouble, expect a tutorial sometime today. I've successfully rooted, flashed CM9 and carrier unlocked it. Tested it with my Vodafone sim and it both makes and receives calls without fail

  • Has anyone used this website before? www.code-unlocking.com

    Looks quite cheap.

  • +9

    Got this phone on Tuesday morning and had it rooted, CM9 flashed AND CARRIER UNLOCKED by the early hours of this morning. Was long and tiresome, but definitely worth it.
    Those who want to have a shot at unlocking this bad boy can have a look at the following threads. It's 4:30am and I'm too tired to write up a good tutorial right now…

    Rooting - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1595013
    CM9 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1618904
    Unlocking - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1483297

    The unlock needs to be done in the following order:
    1. Root the device
    2. Install CM9
    3. Unlock the handset.

    Expect a tutorial sometime today when I have time

    • What does rooting do?

      Is that install the new ICS?

      • Rooting allows full access of the phone. It lets you install Custom Recovery that will allow you to install custom ROMs such as CM9(ICS)

    • love to see your tutorial.

      • It's up! Check below

    • is there any downside to "software" unlock? what is the main difference comparing with the normal unlock with a code?

      • I believe that that if you flash a new software, you will be required to 'reunlock' the phone again opposed to the usual code unlock that permanently frees the phone from the clutches of Telstra

    • well done… got my telstra defy on tues. can't wait to unlock.

    • Thanks for sharing.

    • +11

      Good news everyone, here's my tutorial that I've written up.



      • lolwutMikka

        Thanx for sharing with us noobs

      • I can confirm this method works 100%. Not just root access or a functional ROM but also the soft unlock too! Thank you very much LolwutMikka!
        Anyone who follows LolwutMikka's method successfully owes him/her a big thank you as the guide would have taken hours to write up. Exceptional contribution!

        On a side note, I'm very impressed at how this phone handles ICS. Such a worthy bargain I'm going to grab a few more as Chrissy presents. :)

      • +2

        I just signed up on ozbargain to thank LolwutMikka..

        Well written tutorial.. Awesome work!

        Just received my phone today and now running CM9 on my optus sim.. Everything works 100%

        • Does the Optus 3G work at decent speeds eg. browsing is fast ? cheers

        • Yes.. Browsing, downloading apps from the market and over Skype as well

    • Better instructions for rooting are here; http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25243714&post… (files to download are further up a few posts in that thread, the one with "Try from my Dropbox").

  • +1

    Just to let people know I got the unlock code for my phone from Sydney Unlocking today. It worked successfully. The link to them was earlier in the thread. They are $18.

  • Any idea about the ebay guy that is charging $1.55? Do his codes work? If no one has tried I'm happy to be a guinea pig and try this site out then let you know how it goes.

    • I believe you will need to add the postage.

      • Thanks for pointing that out. I'd thought I'd get the code instantly. Might as well pay a bit more and support the local business.

  • I got a code from gsmliberty.net. It does not work on my phone and costs my $9.77. I am still waiting for the response from their support.

  • I just got my phone today (was waiting at the post office for 2 days) and rang up telstra to try my luck. It is indeed the luck of the draw, and I was lucky enough to only have to pay $27.50!!

    I don't have a postpaid account with telstra, and rang the 1300 number that regenade used. I didn't turn on the phone at all as suggested. The guy asked me if it's prepaid or postpaid. I said pre paid. Came back to me and said 27.50. I even got him to activate my $30 sim ($10 from woolies) and deduct the amount from there. All in all a good thursday afternoon.

    • -1

      Why do you want to pay Telstra $27.50 when there are sites that do it cheaper?

      • +1

        He got it done for $10, legally?

        • +1


      • +2

        Well it actually cost me $10 cause it's one of them $10 Telstra $30 sim.

        • Sorry mate, then that's a bargain. I missed that part. So they take the $27.50 from the $30 recharge? Is the unlock code an 8 digit number?

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