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MSI Thin GF63 12VF 15.6" FHD 144Hz i5-12450H RTX 4060 512GB SSD 16GB RAM Laptop $1,399 + Shipping / $0 C&C @ Umart


A deal I found on Umart today. I was also wondering if I should get this laptop or this one here :https://ozbargain.com.au/node/823304, or if i should wait until back to school sales to find a better one. Any help is appreciated.

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  • When would back to school sales take place?

    • Likely will start in the next 7-10 days.

      • Seems lots of school kids posting crappy laptops asking if good deal or not last few days, they all desperate for one before new term starts, lol

      • BTW Aldi's back to school sale starts Wednesday 10th Jan.

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    if only this was 14inch

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      That's what she said.

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    The 45W power limit on the RTX 4060 is quite low for this tier of card. A higher 60W+ powered RTX 4050 (source: 1:18 in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCN1WXBoS-Q) will perform the same, albeit you lose 2GB of VRAM.

    If you are a student, I'd recommend Lenovo's Legion LOQ with an RTX 4050. Significant step up in build quality and display quality for around the same price and the higher power 4050 will match this 4060.

    • Thanks for the advice!

    • Do you have good deals for the Leigon LOQ?

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    Not a good laptop - this review describes it as e-waste: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RP0XCOhrYs (12VE has a 45W RTX 4050 while the 12VF has a 45W RTX 4060, all else is the same).

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    Started my PC as I was about to go to sleep just to comment on this deal - dont take this personally OP - but stay the absolute hell away from this piece of manufactured e-waste, as per other ozbers above me also pointed out:

    Look at THIS shoddy cooling solution, there is essentially NO MEANFUL CHANGE from the 2019(!) model (5 whole years!). They literally just made that heatpipe shared. There is a reason this atrocity's gpu only takes 45w - and thats a best case scenario as it's actually 30w base + 15w dynamic boost. There is 1(!) single goddamn fan, there is visibly few(er than my remaining years on planet earth after having to set sight on this heinous thing) fanblades, there is only 2(!) cringe small heatsinks and exhausts. Everything about this screams kill me already.

    GF thin is a hot mess. It is cheap, but you are paying that for massively worse build quality and cooling over competitors. Jarrod didn't also rank it dead last in his 2023 tierlist for no good reason. And no, he doesn't have a bias against budget machines - he did rate LOQs and new TUFs much higher than low end MSI, which speaks volumes about how much MSI have cut corners here. Sure you save some over comparable budget 4050/4060 models at this price range (or a bit above, really). When it fails much earlier than others (and offering massively worse performance while it’s still working-and I wouldn’t call this machine in working condition even when new because it’s crippled out of box) you are going to regret this decision.

    Bonus with this enormity is a pending class action lawsuit against MSI, OzInvestments time?

    • You really help out young kids to save a lot on their pocket money! You have my salute!

    • Amazing review, perfect balance of memetic vitriol and straight spitting facts.

      5 stars

    • Thanks man

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    Agree I have gf75 and not happy

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