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[NSW] $100 First Gas Bill Credit (BetterDeal Plan) + 20% off Total Bill @ Alinta Energy


Here we go again. Was looking for a gas deal to churn and not many out there if you are already with AGL.

Altina has $100 bill credit for gas (one per residential address per year).

Rates are slightly high but the 20% of bill (rates and supply charge) makes them on par with the majority of gas retailers.

Not sure if it applies to other states but im in NSW


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  • +1

    I can’t find anyone cheaper than Alinta to switch to!

    • AGL?

      They have the current westpac deal

    • +2

      They are almost twice as expensive compared to AGL rate in Sydney making this deal not worth to me

      • +3

        Not really. Only 1st 20 MJ per day but then is offset by the 20% off and the the remaining steps are much cheaper than AGL with the 20% off .

        Alinta rates before 20% discount

        AGL rates

        If you compare the rates , your still better off with alinta with the $100 credit for a billing period, then jump back to AGL for their welcome back offer.

        • My daily usage is less than 20 MJ so I would be paying the highest price

        • Let me check then. Our usage is so minimal 97% of the bill is the daily charge :( (76 MJ per quarter)

  • No credit in WA showing. 35% off official rate, which is not good.

  • +2

    Recently used AGL for gas (got $125 as a signup bonus). I have some credit left to use. Will go for this one too.

  • $50 gas credit for me in SE QLD

    • $50 in SA too

  • +4

    Use shopback energy compare for up to extra $171 cashback.

    • +3

      You mean the scammers econnex .. no thanks.
      Dont need my personal data stored on indian servers for an extra $67

    • No Alinta Energy in the list for gas connection

  • +1

    Gas rates in my area kill the deal unfortunately.

  • +1

    Checked the elec and gas rates and they're more than Origin for me (NSW). I switched to AGL recently though for the credits.

  • So does it mean a month free or does the credit rolls over?

  • How about the Alinta Energy app? Can we check everydays usage like we see in Origin

    • +1

      Depends on your meter.

      For electricity, if you have a smart meter, then yes.
      For gas, unsure if smart meters exists

      • For the gas connection, I was not able to choose the connection date. Can I choose a date sometime next month?

        • -1

          Gas is after your current energy provider bills you , then they will transfer the readings to Altina

          • +1

            @easternculture: That's good then. I have some $78 credit left with AGL.

            • @Utsav23: I was about to signup for gas. Noticed the disconnection/reconnections fees are expensive. Disconnection fee - $134.20, Reconnection fee - $107.80.

              • +2

                @Utsav23: not worth it if you're a new moving in or get out with alinta connection. only good if you already living in a same address and just churning for bonuses

  • Will Alinta transfer on a customer read? Had a horrible experience in the past where they took forever to transfer (6 calls) and charged for special read even though the meter had already been read after transfer request (incl. Cooling off period)

    Kept on blaming Distributor

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