This was posted 6 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner $129 (Club Price, Regular $289.99) + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Anaconda


Historically not the cheapest when looking through the OzBargain's archive, but good luck finding something cheaper than 18 months ago on anything these days….

Here is the spill from the website, but all you really need to know is it's like sitting on a cloud….

The Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner is ideal for your next camping trip, weekend away or picnic with friends. It features a clever slide-out table with drink holder, and a magazine holder. Comfortable to sit on with its fully adjustable reclining action and adjustable headrest. Just sit back and take in the views of your chosen destination, you won't want to leave this seat.

This Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner folds flat and has a built-in carry handle, making it easy to transport and store away.The generously sized seat and sturdy construction make this camping recliner chair the ultimate companion for those looking for luxurious comfort and style. Invest in the Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner and elevate your camping experience today!

Pair your camping recliner with a convenient camping table and camping lighting to complete your set up. Shop the Dune 4WD Deluxe Lounge Recliner online or in-store at Anaconda, and also for a vast selection of quality camping chairs and camping recliners to suit your needs.

• Fully adjustable reclining action
• Adjustable Pillow doubles as Lumbar Support
• Shock corded suspension seat
• Utility table & cup holder
• Flat folding design
• Built in carry handle for easy transport

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  • Got a couple from the $99 deal as gifts and got rave reviews from them, still worth it at this price IMO.

    • +11

      Got it for $89 last time. Been using it again for afternoon naps on lazy summer days. Very comfortable and highly recommended.
      Don’t forget to use the WELCOME10 or BIRTHDAY10 coupons for $10 off

  • +8

    Got one in the lounge room now lol

    • How's the comfort

      • +14

        Its actually great, perfect recline and cup holder

        My mum passed away in december so we got rid of the couch for hospital bed

        So just got this for now

        • +21

          condolences bro, bummer timing but it happens when you least expect.
          Hope all are doing well.

  • -1

    Good for outdoor yard furniture?

    • +7

      No, it's only to be used indoor, more than likely for high dinning.

  • +1

    No stock in Perth and $80 delivery. Ouch.

    • Sad face

    • For my is showing $39 delivery to Perth.

      • +9

        He lives in a diff Perth, probably Perf.

      • I had two in my basket so obviously they doubled the shipping cost. Even more ouch.

        • Me too lol. I've been eyeing these for a while and now that I finally decided… No stock

    • Also looked. No stock perth. Might wait for next deal as would be perfect to chill in garden.

    • Anaconda are super helpful with stuff like this, if there's no stock in Perth, they will be able to get it transferred to your closest store. Probably even do so over the phone if the staff knows what they are doing (but best to go in and ask). If they can't find another store to play ball then the next shipment from dispatch won't be too far away and they should let you lock in the current sale price.

      When I worked there I used to get calls from all over Australia asking for stock to be shipped for a customer.

  • Does it go all the way flat so you can lay face down? daughter wants one for a sunbed :P

    • No.

    • +1

      150kg load. At least can support 2 daughters lol

      • +2

        Or 1 of my bum cheeks.

    • You could build her one yourself, she'd be chuffed that dad built it for her.
      It can't be difficult, they last for years. If you need any guidance, just watch some Gilligan's Island repeats.

  • +7

    I believe Anaconda's "member price" was always lower, and nobody ever paid $289 for this, so the listed full price can't be used as a reference.

    • -3

      is that an onlyfans price, "Members price?"
      Do they actually have to see your member?

  • +2

    Got one of these as a present a few months ago. Now the envy of the cricket parents! It is heavy, but it is solid and very comfortable.

    • Did you also tear up from the extra long hug from Uzzie's mum today? 😅

  • +3

    looks the business for spice mine overseers…doesnt look very resistant to sandworm attacks, however

    • I put one in my orthnithopter.

  • +1

    $99 and I'm in :p

  • Can this fit into a mid size sedan / toyota camry?

    • easy

      • Hopefully it fits in the trunk easy!

  • +1

    this 1 heavy and no bag. 1 yr warranty. the BCF wanderer is approx same price with bag and lighter with 5 yr warranty

    • -2

      and it costs $100 more

      • Its $99 member price

    • +2

      Dune 4WD Deluxe, $129, 12kg, 150kg limit, side table…

      BCF one, $99 members price, 10kg, 130kg limit, no side table,…

      I'd be inclined to go for the slightly heavier chair with a higher weight limit, it's likely to be sturdier.. Plus it's damn handy having a side table for bevy and such…

      • As Skitzout said the bcf one has 5 year warranty too!

    • FYI, the Wanderer Recliner was $60 less than 7 weeks ago.

  • +1

    10% off code BIRTHDAY10 - end up $119.
    Anaconda calculator must have round up the total :).

    • Doesn't work for me…

      • Try WELCOME10 or ANAWELCOM

        • +4


        • Keeps saying "Promo code not applied — invalid code, conditions not met, or your existing price is already lower. Please note, promo codes are case sensitive." when I try to apply the promo code :/

          • @crimsondarkn: Odd, BIRTHDAY10 and WELCOME10 both work for me, just tested them…

            I've used both a number of times over the last year…

            Edit: you are a member and logged in right?

  • Weight limit on these? Asking for my sumo wrestler friend…

    • +1

      Probably around 1 week or so, Australia Postal services are having issues due to Santa's sleigh being broken.

    • +1

      Had a look at one in store yesterday, it's 150Kg IIRC

  • +3

    The "4WD" tag is interesting. Obviously these are not for backpacking, but you can go "car camping" in any vehicle.

    Is it a comment on the taste of the 4WD demographic? How do they differ from people who go camping in SUVs, cars (with trailers perhaps) or vans?

    Perhaps they are rated at higher load, to support the obese beer-swilling average 4WD camper? Or is that just a slanderous stereotype?

    • -2


    • +6

      Adding a '4wd' tag makes them worth 20% more…

      If it was called the 'Dune Deluxe Sailing Lounge Recliner' it would be worth twice as much, lol

    • +2

      You need a 4wd as it's so heavy /s.

      • Yeah, you'll be wheel slippin all over the shop trying to transport one of these in your fwd/rwd.

    • It's Anaconda's brand, and yes to all. The brand definitely caters to that stereotype across its range.

  • Part of the spotlight foundation

  • +4

    I have this generic Ridge Ryder recliner, similar design, tubular steel, weaker but lighter, most importantly its fully mesh which is great for kicking back while you dry off & especially while 4WDing because its clean in an instant VS fabric or padded chairs. Sometimes I do add a towel for comfort but much easier to wash IMHO

    Think I paid $70 at SuperCheap
    Here is a similar design for reference;…

    Other examples of the tubular steel, non fabric recliner design;
    EBAY $80 150kg

    BCF $160 🤭 140kg…

    • If you weigh under 130, this would be the better BCF option.

      Would suck being in the 130 - 140 range though having to toss up if it's worth imminent embarrassment and/or instant death.. 😅

    • -1


      Great post mate, very helpful.

      No way the RRP on OP's chair's are realistic. Well done for sharing examples on what else can be purchased (and for cheaper!).

  • Anyone had experience with the aluminium one?

    I assume similar but aluminium one lighter?

  • +1

    I feel like this is a pretty standard price on these? Does anyone have price history? Obviously they aren't ever selling for nearly $300.

    • +3

      They are an $80 chair IMHO but add seat padding, wider arm rests, tray table and you have the above price.
      I prefer a steel recliner and while I understand aluminum is brilliantly light, I prefer steel because of gravity and alcohol related conundrums I encounter. I've had a similar 'no frills' one for 5 years and I haven't broken the plastic recliner locks yet or the arm rests.

      Still looks like a good buy but I wouldn't want the extras

    • -2

      I paid $99 for this back in 2014. $89 with discount code.

      Great chair but be warned its heavy and cumbersome to fit in the car. I almost never take it camping, great at home though.

      • -1

        Do you know where I can get some plutonium? My DeLorean has run out, and I don't want to deal with terrorists because my mate got shot by them getting it from them.

  • +2

    Bought these but ended selling them 6 months ago. Granted they are comfy but not very portable. Quite heavy and awkward to load and unload in car. Just stick to standard fold outs for travelling.

  • Can this replace my sofa for watching the teli?

  • +2

    FWIW it's always been this price. They're comfortable but also cumbersome to transport.

  • Perfect for the man cave.

  • +1

    had one of these for years, they are pretty heavy to lug around camping etc

  • +2

    I didn't need this but I bought it anyway.

    Thanks OzBargain.

  • Huge shit like this is why people have a dual cab ute with a canopy, a huge roof rack, a camper trailer and still struggle to fit everything in for a weekend away!

  • +1

    Anaconda RRP are completely fake. This chair has always been at most $100 less then the 'RRP', it has never been over $200 and the highest price I can find from archives is $150

    • This kind of manipulation is standard at a hell of a lot of stores these days, every second store has huge discount sales every other week..

      BCF, Supercheap, and all the other Super-Group stores, most auto part stores, they all have membership, auto-club discounts, and reward clubs, Woolies are starting to do it with their 'members prices'… Ebay is much the same these days with so many of the big stores having 20 or 25% eBay Plus codes running more often than not…

      Inflated RRP's is just standard practice now, it is what it is… Do your research and only buy when the prices are heavily discounted…

      (I always buy Anaconda gift-cards when they have the buy a $100 gift-card and get a free $10 card deals going, so I can save that bit extra also)

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