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Ozito PXC 210mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw & Stand Kit (Includes 2x 4.0Ah Battery) $249 in-Store Only @ Bunnings


As per previous posts, but now $249 - lowest ever? Excellent value. Some stores even cheaper. Check PowerPass or https://nrby.in/bunnings/0459269 for store stock.

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    $299 at my local Bunnings though

    • Same here

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    Looks a good deal. The saw skin by itself is $299 (no batteries or stand):

  • How to find out what price it is at a certain store before commiting the long 60 Klm each way drive ?

    Is there a link or item code to search ?

    Store closed now, so calling not an option.

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      Click on the three dots next to your store and then price

      • Thanks, that worked and only $249 at that store. Now call in morning and see if I am somehow

        able to purchase via C & C as over 100 Klm away each way but will be halfway next Saturday.

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    Any current owners able to comment on accuracy or any sloppiness/movement?

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      I had this kit, I did a couple of small jobs with it, I found the stand was a bit flimsy, the saw itself was ok, i did find it a bit underpowered when cutting through wet pine board 19mm thick but it did the job, probably not good enough for a professional builder, the laser on it is fairly accurate. i did take it back because the locking bolt stopped lining up and would not hold down the saw any longer, if the locking nut didn't have that problem i would likely still have it. Bunnings took it back with a full refund no questions asked.

      • They don't tend to…suppliers are responsible for theft & returns AFAIK, so the droids behind the counter couldn't care less if you chucked it in some water 1 day prior to warranty expiration.

  • What can this do for me

    • Cut stuff

  • Anyone know if this is the older dark red Ozito or the lighter colour Einhell made gear ?

    • Isn’t it all the same factory?

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        Apparently they had a change over but not sure in 2023 or before.

        The newer gear is made by Einhell, lighter red and better quality supposedly.

  • Not much stock around.
    Shame, was pretty tempted at this lower price to try it as a cheap upgrade from the Aldi Workzone one from a few years back, which noticeably bogs down (though still gets the job done eventually) with anything thicker like 50mm sleepers.

  • Picked this up end of last year for $125. It said half price, and was thinking if it was a price error.

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    I think we can label this as EXPIRED ?
    Haven't seen it anywhere since days :-(

    • Still some stock around 7 in my local for example.

  • Thanks Op, I bought one last week from Warringah Mall (Sydney). Cheers

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