This was posted 5 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nongshim Shin Ramyun 600g Pk 5 $4.90 @ Woolworths | $5 @ Coles


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Our famous big, bold flavour, and one of our best sellers around the world. Why? The soft and chewy noodles in a spicy, flavourful broth, mean consumers like you can get a delicious meal at affordable prices in just 5 minutes. Produced from farm-fresh produce, premium quality grains and the finest blend of spices, you’re guaranteed a distinctive and delicious aroma and flavour.

Made in South Korea



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  • Only a deal if you don't have a Costco nearby.

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      For those wondering, it's $17.99 for 20 Pack at Costco.

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          Costco had an sale before Christmas where it was $14-$15 should of stocked up

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            @smeng: Yeah, I did. Bought 4 boxes.

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              @RSmith: Check your blood pressure.

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                @whyisave: Why? Does buying 4 boxes increase the BP?

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                  @RSmith: All that sodium.

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                    @whyisave: Ah… I don't eat it daily, so I think I should be good.

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                      @RSmith: I like Shin Ramyun a lot, but I got to watch that sodium intake.

                      It's pretty high.

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                        @whyisave: I think it is bad if you finish the soup as well. I throw the leftover soup once the noodles are finished.

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                          @RSmith: Good in theory.
                          I think everyone knows these are bloody unhealthy, saturated fats and sodium is approximately your max RDI. That's before throwing other unhealthy stuff in.

                          Buying 80 packets at costco doesn't help to eat them sparingly haha.

      • any black ones bulk at costco ?

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        Nope, just checked, costco one is also made in Korea

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        Please don't spread misinformation. It is made in Korea. I have a box I just checked.

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        not everyone has access to Costco membership….

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          Everyone has access to it… Just got to pay for it. You can also get a full refund if you cancel it before the year is over.

          • @RSmith: Really?? Surely this only works once

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          Find a friend with Costco membership to buy you some gift cards. You can enter and buy stuff with the gift card, just can't use it in the food court outside and fuel.

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    I tried the Campbell's condensed cream of chicken/mushroom, and it's easily my favourite now. Worth the sodium spike!

    • Lol I meant, mixing half a can of the Campbells soup with the Shin ramen, my bad 😂

  • I like these, I'm curious as to what others put in with it.

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      just an egg or 2!

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      1 egg I stir vigirously to make it like an egg soup, then with my 2nd egg I separate the yolk, mix in the white with the soup and plop the yolk in carefully so i can have a poached egg yolk at the end. Some roast chicken, corn, spring onions, kimchi, cheese, if I feel fancy

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      • Adding all that extra ingredients takes away the spiciness.

        So, I try to not add anything, except
        sometimes a little bit of lemon sometimes,
        and/or some combination of
        diced mushrooms or shallots or okra or string beans.

        • Hmm I've never even considered lemon, might try it when it's in season. I've got a bag of gochugaru stashed just incase my instant noodles need a heat kick.

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      2 slices of sandwich cheese. Rich and creamy.

      • Really? I'll try that.

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          Don't mix it in. Just put 2 slices on top and let it melt in for a bit then take a big spoonful chopstickful.


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      Mushrooms, shallots, zucchini (or broccoli).

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      While I wait for the water to boil I usually start frying some bacon (cut into short pieces or roughly diced) and an egg. I also chuck some frozen corn in with the noodles for some sweetness.

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      Other than what others have mentioned, rice cakes, fish cakes, or soybean sprouts.

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      I’m boring, I put a steam fresh microwave bag of veges in it

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      i like beef mince or chicken and frozen stir fry veggies with additional flavours of peanut butter, szechuan pepper, chinkiang vinegar, tex-mex style salsa, chilli oil (lkk or lgm crispy) or gochujang, kimchi or pickled mustard greens. (usually not everything all at once)
      peanut butter, kewpie, cheese or coconut milk for people who want to reduce the spicyness.

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      Left over veges and meat. Ramyun is usually clear fridge day for me.

      If I must use raw ingredients, egg, cheese, and whatever greens I can get.

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      Throw in some cooked prawns

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      Sometimes I like to boil the noodles, then put them in the frypan and mix in the seasoning. Dry noodle style.
      You can use half the seasoning if you don't want it too spicy.

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        That's good with those Nongshim Chapagetti (black bean ones), instead of a noodle soup for something different.

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      I make up a small amount of spicy pork bulgogi and stick that on top.

  • $8/kg lol

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    Hanaro Mart has for 4.50 as well (since Fri night when I got some).

    • Surprised no one posts hanaromarts catalogues on ozbargain

      • Yeah didn't even know they got one, or when the specials start and end.. just handy sometimes if going past :)

        • They started to up tick on social media now. I got baited with spicy chicken version of this. 5 pack for $5.50

      • plz post

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    Stock up for Winter.

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    Tong Li $4.50 as well and most korean grocery stores.

    • this is the right answer. Most asian grocers selling them for under 5 bucks normally..

    • 3.5 when on sales

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    I like Mi Goreng better. They're also selling in Costco in 30 pack and costs only $16.99, however MiGoreng noodles are smaller than Shin Ramyun noodles but imo taste better than Shin Ramyun noodles.

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      Buy that Mi Goreng and the Shin Ramyun.

      Use Mi Goreng noodles with Shin Ramyun flavours
      Shin Ramyun noodles with Mi Goreng flavours.


      • Mix it up. Sure, why not? I like to add egg and spam to my noodles as well when I cook them together. How about you?

        • Sometimes, a combination of or just one ingredient:
          mushrooms, okra, string beans, shallots, peas.

          I plopped a whole egg in there towards the end, just to get the half-boiled effect.

          I know some even stir in some soybean paste.

    • +1

      for some reason costco now only sell the original mi goreng and not the other one? original doesn’t taste good

      • I don't know about you but I've only tried the original Mi Goreng noodles and I thought they taste hella good!

      • "original doesn’t taste good"

        original is the best imo.

    • +2

      different dish types to begin with. migoreng is more like stir fry (no soup). Shin ramyun is a soup noodle dish.

      I agree migoreng noodles are better (while usually also being cheaper per pack) than Shin ramyun, but Shin ramyun is not far behind and IMO better than most other popular noodle packs. make sure you undercook Shin ramyun noodles and then let the final slow cooking of noodles happen when it's sitting in the bowl while you wait for the soup to cool down a bit. if you overcook Shin ramyun noodles they lose all their consistency and therefore will end up a whole rank below what they actually are.

      also I watched a whole doco on instant noodles and history of noodle making in indonesia. turns out yep they make most of the "instant noodles" in packs for the entire world and it makes sense for them to keep the best type for indomie migoreng.

      I also find those singapore made "Nissin" instant ramen packs sold commonly at supermarkets etc have terrible noodles (these:…). I dunno I find the noodles in those absolutely terrible compared to migoreng and Shin ramyun, even after experimenting with the noodle consistency with cooking time adjustment. I could be wrong but don't think Nissin sells those in japan.

    • Indome Mi Goreng is banned for sale in Taiwan due to carcinogens. Not that normal instant noodles DON'T have them, lol.

  • Missed when it used to be three fiddy.

  • Why is the black one double the price? Is it worth it?

    • +11

      black has beef broth on top of just beef fat and extract that's in the red. if you pay attention to soup quality you might appreciate it. is it worth double over the red? no not in my opinion.

      some say black is also slightly milder than red. I kind of disagree, while red probably has more chili powder the black's dehydrated veg pouch comes with small chili pieces inside and those make then equally hot imo, you can even chew on those chili pieces for extra heat if you want it.

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        Appreciate the feedback thanks!!!

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        The red one made for Australian markets is actually vegetarian - no beef fat or extract:

        I believe the US version has beefy stuff…

        • Yeah I consider the red one to be vegan.

        • I never knew that. was it a more recent change? or it was always vegetarian in australian markets?

          not that you could taste the beef anyway with all that chili powder. 😂

          I seriously have similar thoughts about the "difference in taste" for the black. with all that chili powder I think you need a high tolerance to chili (chili in your regular diet) to appreciate the difference. personally I don't eat chili all the time so I consider shin ramyun hot as hell. that's what I love about it though makes you sweat as you drink all the soup and clears up your sinuses. it's also great when you aren't feeling well and don't have an appetite.

          • @harshbdmmaster718: Always has been as far as i know, it's mushroom based (the mix at least).
            The US one isn't as they were saying.
            Sodium bombs haha

            • @G-rig: "Sodium bombs haha"

              yeah I know but I finish the soup every time because it's so good. usually sweat a few drops into the bowl towards the end as well. 😅
              it's just one of those intense meals I like having once in awhile. I probably eat it less often than once a month, always have to have some in the cupboard though.

              • @harshbdmmaster718: yes it's hard not to and I prob do half of the time. Was thinking just use half and less water may be almost as good if throwing some soup away anyway.

                if it's in the cupboard mostpeople head to the junk first, so I try not to get them all the time :P

                • @G-rig: "if it's in the cupboard mostpeople head to the junk first, so I try not to get them all the time :P"

                  yeah tbh migoreng original is my fav in terms of overall flavour, noodle consistency/quality and it's also more flexible with what you can add into it (basically like a stir fry dish).

                  but yeah I would be eating it every 2nd day, so I keep shin ramyun in the cupboard instead. 👍 (migoreng also has that large portion of lard/grease)

    • +2

      Red is better than Black, Black tasted a little funky to me.

    • +4

      Personally, I prefer black much over red - the main taste difference is in the soup. I find black richer.

  • Pretty normal price in your local Asian marts in Brisbane at least.

    • Exactly, nothing to get excited by although they are fairly expensive at sunlit and hanaro most of the time these days. I have got 2 for $7.50- $8 before.

  • +1

    Before covid Used to sell this for half price $2.50

    • +1

      Maybe 3.50 lol.

      But what hasn't become more expensive in 4y?

  • I've never tried these buy You Suck at Cooking Youtube channel has an entertaining video on what to do with your ramen

  • My local Woolworths was sold out of the red and don’t stock the black /heartbroken

  • Kimchi ones on special, not sure about finding them

  • Quickest way to cook I have found is:
    1. Add noodles and sachet contents to a microwave bowl with lid
    2. Add boiled water from kettle
    3. Cook on high for 2mins
    4. Take out and loosen noodles
    5. Add extras like egg or veggies
    6. Microwave on high again for 2mins
    7. Eat from same bowl to reduce washing up

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