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Citizen Eco-Drive 39mm Black or Silver Dial Chrono $129 Delivered @ Starbuy


Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono AT0200-05E (black dial) $129.00 delivered
Citizen Eco-Drive Chrono AT0200-13A (silver dial) $129.00 delivered.

  • Crystal/Lens - Mineral
  • Diameter - 39mm
  • Band width - 20mm
  • Case Thickness - 10.4mm
  • Luminous hands & markers
  • 6 Month Power Reserve
  • Low Charge Indicator - the second hand will skip a second
  • Strap - Nylon
  • Water resistant 100 Metres - in general, suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty from Citizen Australia

Relative Time Review.
Eco-Drive explained.
Starbuy Citizen Page.

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  • +14

    These are 39mm so they're good for people with skinny wrists. Also this is the cheapest ever posted on OzB, looks like it's on clearance.

    • +1

      good for people with skinny wrists.

      Who has fat wrists?

      • +5


        • 😲

      • +2

        Everyone here - all L to XXL clothing deals here are first to be sold out.

    • +8

      IMO <40mm watches look good on almost everyone, but people have gotten used to the trend of wearing saucers on their wrist

      • +1


      • +1

        I have this similar type of model (leather band) and I'm 6'2" 110kg looks good… people love the huge dials and 15 knobs trend that casio grabbed from the original dive watches. Usually they are so busy telling the time is difficult.

    • +2

      Yep 39mm is the idea size for most people.

      Do you have this one @watchnerd, I think it would look good on you?

      • +4

        I've got both of these and I don't have skinny wrists, and I think they both look great. At this price they're a steal. Contrary to what most people complain about I find the straps perfectly comfortable.

  • +6

    this is a beauty especially at that price.

  • +5

    Worth a watch for anyone considering purchasing…


    • +2

      yeah….but under $130 though. is it comparable?

      • +3

        Yes and no I guess. The Baltany has sapphire etc. but the Starbuy clearance price is ridiculously good.

        • +3

          eco drive chrono that looks good for that price?
          no brainer really if youre in the market for something like that

          • +1

            @franco cozzo: Only beaten by the CA7040-85E that’s now sold out but was $20 more.

    • I have a Baltany but a different model and was surprised by the quality but the price of this citizen is really good. Warranty for Baltany might be non existent too.

      • +1

        Yeah I'd recommend the Baltany military cronograph.. more likely it keep it, and feels more expensive. Isn't the warranty 2y? but haven't needed to test it .

        $130 cheap though if that's all you want to spend.

    • +1

      I was pleasantly surprised with his final scores I thought the Baltany would wipe the floor. At this price the Citizen looks even better - would have been tempted if I didn’t already have a BM8180-03E.

      • Yes as long as citizen under 150$ it's pretty good.
        Depends what you want.

  • i want it …but i shouldnt. someone stop me.

  • +1

    I think I might buy an Alba instead.

  • +1

    excellent watch, i paid about 50% more for it. my only gripe was the strap which I found stiff and uncomfortable but for this price you can get a decent nato and still end up paying less than I did.

    • +2

      @powderbomber: James Bond NATO strap would look awesome on this watch.

      History of NATO strap and James Bond

      $26 at Watch Straps:James Bond NATO strap

      • Personally I find Nato strap uncomfy, prefer soft leather or canvas straps instead.

        • Thanks. I'm also squeamish about comfort. Can you link to a few examples of what you consider ideal?

          • @lbreav: It's a bit hard for me to recommend specific straps for this watch, the canvas one in my post below is comfy but not great value ($15 is probably what it's worth). If you want to check out leather straps, I would highly recommend Hirsch. They are the best value I've found so far. I normally get them from this site, use WACCEX10 to get 10% off. They're not cheap though (but worth it), not sure if you'd want to put a $60 strap on a $120 watch.


            The site below has a much bigger range, but I haven't ordered from them.


            • @citybargainhunter: I've bought a couple of leather dress staps from hirschstraps.com before without drama. Wish I'd known about the other site and 10% off though… ha! Although you can't chose the strap length on that site.

              I do like the quality of the Hirsch straps I've got though, albeit not in a style for this watch.

      • +2

        You can get 3 NATO straps from AlieX for that price. Sure you might wait a bit longer but they are basically the same item.

      • That's a lot for that one, doesn't look like the fine premium type. Id try AliExpress they don't cost much no doubt the hardware better on yours .

        Doesn't suit this watch anyway, id stick to army colours and black.

  • +1

    I have this and bought it on a whim for around the same price. I grabbed a jubilee bracelet from AliExpress and it looks great. Can’t fault this watch at all but I wouldn’t pay more than this for it.

  • +4

    This watch is my daily beater, wear it when in a hurry and don't have time to adjust the time on a mechnical watch.

    Here is mine on a Barton canvas strap (20mm)



    • nice strap, the pumpkin orange one looks the best imo

      eye catchy, great contrast with black dials.

  • Considering this watch as an office wear only.

    Where do you source the bands from Aliexpress?

    • would also like a link to a decent one , there are a lot on ali but i want to make sure i get one that is ozbargain approved.

      • receiving 3x 2 piece nylon straps in the next couple days…will let you know if theyre any good

    • +1

      Not sure what style of band you're after, but I've gotten a couple of Hemsut leather watch bands which I reckon have been pretty good. And would probably suit this style watch in an office setting.

      Not hugely thick (well, the Horween one anyway, the Buttero one is slightly thicker), so may not last forever, but they are soft and have been holding up pretty well so far in the last 8 or so months I've been wearing one (not constantly). They feel pretty good, and I think look good if that's the style you're after. My biggest complaint is that the floating keeper isn't quite tight enough, so can come off the end of the strap every now and again, meaning I have to slide it back under a bit. Not a huge problem in the scheme of things, but I guess it's not perfect. Also fit my 6 inch wrist okay. The listings say fit up to 8 inch, YMMV… Actually, just checked it on the last hole, and it is about an 8 inch circumference on the watch I have it on.

      I guess they're not the cheapest either, but I think they're worth it. Whether they are the type of leather they say they are, I don't know.

      This is the Horween Chromexel leather one I got: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002134855405.html?spm=a2…

      And this is another one I got: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003231821147.html?spm=a2… Which is slightly thicker (I didn't like the red stitching on this style though, so only got the brown).

      Probably not going to suit this watch as much (although it may do depending on your taste), but I got one of these suede straps https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001719162419.html?spm=a2… to make a dress watch a bit more casual. It seems reasonably well made, but I can't speak to it's quality/longevity as I think I've probably only worn it once or twice. Although it also seems to have almost doubled in price since I bought it, so not sure what's going on there.

      • ive wondered about those hemsut straps….thanks for the detailed info
        out of the two which is the best bang for buck & most durable?

        • Don't think leather would suit that watch and can't get it wet. I'd stick to natos and canvas, just grab a few from AliExpress or eBay to test out.
          Amazon has free returns. I like these Barton elite silicone ones, which you can get on Amazon now.
          Ps hemsut do a court similar one/copy for $9 cheaper but less colours.

          BARTON Elite Silicone Watch Bands - Quick Release - Choose Color - 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 23mm & 24mm Watch Straps https://amzn.asia/d/2Z4b79x

          • @G-rig: no…i meant for other watches not this one. very hard to find quality leather straps on aliexpress…everything ive bought so far has been manufactured leather and not the real deal. those hemsut ones look closer to the quality im looking for but havent been keen to spend that much because you know ….its aliexpress

            meanwhile just picked up a 2-piece bond nato for $3 that is ridiculously good/comfortable for $3
            and waiting for 3 different 2-piece nato style/nylon straps that cost a whopping total of $15 from a watch brand on aliexpress….these look really good and am keen to check them out and update you lot before i post a link to them.

            • +1

              @franco cozzo: Ah I get you, yeah i tend to avoid leather in general but wouldn't buy it from Aliexpress (ones stamped genuine leather are usually rubbish).

              You may like these ones from Amazon, I got one for the Seagull 1963 and suits very nicely

              Found any particular stores on Ali for natos? There are so many, as long the hardware is decent (and brushed) can't go wrong. Still waiting on a NM strap for 3$ to show up, taking ages this time.

              • @G-rig: hows this look?

                ive ordered the 2-piece ones from this seller as theyre a watch brand plus feedback & photos look exceptional…cant wait to get em.
                unfortunately im not into the bulk of a double pass strap so i havent ordered any of the linked ones but they look to be the same material and hardware

                • +1

                  @franco cozzo: Those look pretty nice quality for the price, not the cheap hard seatbelt style (but don't mind those as well).
                  May grab a grey one. Handy to keep a note of the sellers/stores too.

                  I usually cut to single if they are the cheap thick ones, but the premium ones can be thin enough as double pass.

                  In the past I've bought 3 from watch gecko for 50 pounds and the bond nato looks quite similar. Not cheap but that was with 30% off three promo at the time, otherwise they are still 24 pounds. no need to spend that much these days. That Zuludiver brand is nice though.

                • @franco cozzo: Keen to collect a few cheap versions of these which would cover most situations
                  (out of stock but A$270)


                  • @G-rig: $300 for a strap pack??? lol
                    yeah definitely…..aliexpress all the way for those. rubbber, nylon, canvas are all cheap as

                    looking at those straps, they all seem quite familiar….100% you will be able to find all those for under $30-50 delivered if you take your time and read reviews on sellers and the individual straps

                    • @franco cozzo: Wouldn't spend that much but about $50 each is cheaper than buying separately.
                      However you get a 20% off code for bday (and signup perhaps) so $216 would be alight for decent quality stuff (and the cost of the SPB142 they'd be going on.

                      Not really necessary though and will look for some cheaper alternatives. I'm probably only interested in the tropic and the herringbone/natos. (Waffle looks cheap, sailcloth rubber is kind of cool)

              • @G-rig: That's the strap I linked above from AliExpress…

                I guess it comes down to whether you want to wait for a sale and discounts from AliExpress to get it cheaper, and then wait a couple of weeks for delivery. Or buy it now and get it in a couple of days from Amazon.

                The Amazon price is about what I paid from AliExpress for a couple of them though rather surprisingly. But then I also got a couple around $10 cheaper with sales/coupon/coins.

                • @MonkDog: Got a few from Ali, cheap enough, four for about 20$

                  • @G-rig: Crap, I just realised I lost all context without quoting. Sorry, was talking about the Hemsut leather straps.

                    • +1

                      @MonkDog: Ah no worries.

                      I still prefer purchasing from Amazon if there isn't much price difference in it, usually turns up the next day and free returns (sent back a leather strap before deciding on the horween). Actually the first one never showed up so ended up getting another one sent out, but the first one showed up after a month or something.


        • +1

          @franco cozzo Hmm. That's a tough one.

          I've worn the Horween one more than the buttero one. And on the watches I'm wearing them on (only 36mm diameter), I probably prefer the Horween one due to how soft it is and how it feels. But it is very slightly thinner, so may not be quite as durable in the (semi)long term. And may not suit a larger watch as much if you want a thick strap. Seems to be about $5 difference in it at the moment… Umm, I guess that makes the cheaper one the bang for buck as I still like it as well.

          And I do think the photos they use are representative of the product too. I was going to upload a picture of them on my watches, but then thought it's not going to add anything over the pictures they already use.

          I have also bought this one for a larger watch https://vi.aliexpress.com/item/1005003402096354.html?spm=a2g… which is thicker and is treated leather on both sides as opposed to the other two. However, due to the longer lug to lug on that watch, it does make the strap slightly too large for my wrist. And I don't quite like the feel as much as the Horween Chromexcel one either. But it's another option which is also pretty good and may suit a larger watch more.

  • What do people think would match the white face model, strap wise? I am not a fan of the black one that comes with.

    • Any really. The white can go with any colour, no matter how garish (lol) .

      I personally have:

      • A red, blue, white (alternating) strap; and
      • A blue, white (alternating) strap.

      Leather is also a classic choice with silver hardware.

  • -6

    Normally I comment ‘shitter alert 🚨’ but this is actually a great deal.

    • Good enough to upvote?

      • Yep, done

    • you sounds busy there..

  • I just bought Friday's special watch on Sunday as it was still up to buy… but I suspect that the "Awaiting fulfillment" message I get means he's run out of the watch and needs to source it somewhere else. 3 days delivery on average looks like a no go. We will see…

    • Whats your order number?

      • @starbuy will you restock at this price? keen for either colour.

        • +1

          Unfortunately not at this stage. These were all cleared well below cost to make room for some new stock coming in. Thanks

  • +3

    Thanks for all of your recent posts WatchNerd. The EcoDrives are appealing since they are low maintenance, they don't need to be worn everyday like mechanical watch, you don't have to pay $20 plus for a battery swap, and they probably only need to be placed in bright sunlight once a week for 30 minutes.

    • Yes, they are great, have a fair few seiko solar quartz as well.

      Not even that.. I've never had any go flat, and suspect they come half charged or something.
      11h / 6 months, so i just leave out an hour or two in sun or window sill every so often.


  • Have this watch, and after 18 months the following is my observations:

    • poor quality band (fabric is falling apart);
    • the pushers feel cheap and make a clinking sound when pushed;
    • lume seems quite low (despite being out all day);

    Overall watch seems to be hard wearing thus far, and functions as a watch.
    I'm in the market for a new band.

  • +1

    Dam good price.
    I paid $160 and thought that was cheap!

  • +1

    Bought this from starbuy, watch stopped working after around 9 months, sent to citizen. Said movement is faulty and replaced under warranty. :)

  • +1

    dammit. i’m always too late and it’s sold out 🥹

    • +1

      Well it was posted 23hrs ago. Maybe subscribe to my posts so you get notified in future.

      • +1

        ….spoken like a true watchnerd ;)

      • haha will do. there’s not a lot 39mm watches that i like. only saw this one in my daily inbox notification. better luck next time 😇

    • +2

      there will be more deals to tempt you…some say too many. lol

  • I had been looking for this watch for a while and managed to now snag this deal. A couple of observations: the strap sucks, it's quite stiff, the holes are too far apart and IMO it does not match the face anyways. Also it makes strange clicking noises when pressed close to the face. Also lume is indeed quite low, you really struggle to read this watch in complete darkness. Also buttons do feel a bit sticky, but I reckon that's going to get better over time. On a positive note, it is completely silent, which is important to me. Size is just perfect for me, as I have relatively small wrists and don't want a massive watch, but still like the chrono layout.

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