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16x Oral-B Precision Clean Refills $31 (now in-Store Only) @ Chemist Warehouse


Low stock online. Click and collect option shows stocks available

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    Kudos to Oral-B for selling things close to the price they should be…

    If only razors and printer ink were the same instead of 1000%+ markups

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      Kudos to Oral-B for selling things close to the price they should be…

      I'm not sure how recent it has been (since I haven't bought any recently) but I've discovered that they are Made in China now (previous was Made in Germany).

      • -2

        I don't think the heads were ever made in Germany were they? The base units are sure, and I think most still are, but the heads I thought were always China.

        • I still have an old package, and it's Made in Germany.

          You can also see in this Amazon Listing - Image 2

          Brush heads: Made in Germany.

          The base units are sure

          If you check the $20/$25 one from Supermarkets, the base units are also Made in China now.

          Higher end model should still be Made in Germany though.

      • +2

        You say that as if it's a bad thing?

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      Ahhh yes, Proctor & Gamble: the good guys. lol

      • -1

        They were, until they shafted us during covid and removed their deodorant line…

  • thanks OP! Great price

  • Is this one a replacement brush for electric Oral B?

    • +1

      Yes, but not compatible with the iO Range.

      • Thank you. Just ordered :)

  • do these do the same job as cross action. i recall some saying cross action is better

    • +1

      I am wondering the same. Do people any of them or one is better than other?

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        Currently there are no studies which say these gimmick heads do more than the originals. Buy the cheapest head refill and look up the bass toothbrush technique on youtube for cleaner teeth.

        • +1

          I've been on a dental health kick lately (went to the dentist for the first time since '07), so now my morning youtubes while I drink my coffee are sorted.

  • Good price! $70+ elsewhere

  • +1

    Great price, thanks.

    Ordered 8 refills for $26 from Amazon and thought it was a great price.

    This price is a steal. Ordered 2 packs so my family should be good until mid 2027.

    • I did the same. Thought an 8-pack for $26 from Amazon was a bargain, but this one is a great buy. :)

  • Oh no. I purchased the 15x floss action for $40 yesterday.

    • Saw the same deal, but i didn't pull the trigger because it was not available in my local Chemist Warehouse. I'm glad that I didn't pull the trigger.

    • I prefer the floss action, so I didn't mind paying slightly more. Either way, the price is still better (per unit) @ $40 for 15 than it has been for a very long time now.

    • Thanks for the link.

      What does get 1 refill free?

  • Thanks OP

  • +4

    Would love to see a deal like this for Oral-B Sensitive Clean brush heads.

  • I've been waiting for this amazing deal to retock my refill heads for a long now. Thank you OP.

  • +1

    C'mon amazon price match

    • They wouldn't as it is under clearance

  • +1

    This is bloody cheap, Mate

  • Perfect timing as I needed more. I last bought an 8 + 4 pack for $29 so this is a great price!

  • -2

    I just get generic ones. Just restocked by getting 20 for $14 on Temu. I’m set for years
    Work the same as brand name and so much cheaper

    • I bought the generic ones last round and found they don't last very long (bristles start to deform only after a week or so)…

      • Odd. I’ve never had that issue

    • I tried generic previously, they were terrible and made my gums bleed.

      Only used genuine ever since.

      But good to know there are other options out there.

  • Hi Will these work with Oral B Genius X toothbrush ?

  • +1

    Ordered 2 click and collect.

    Now advised out of stock. Given 2 options, wait until it's back in stock or cancel order.

    Of course of chose the first. Hope they get more in stock.

    I noted they charged my credit card.

    Happened to anyone else?

    • Ordered. 20 mins later SMS for pickup.
      Must just be your store unfortunately

      • I think they sold out pretty quickly.

        Earlier today there were a few stores around me with stock.. now none of my closest 8 stores have stock.

        Hopefully they will be able to fulfill my order or give me 4 x 8 packs etc.

    • Same with me

      • I forgot about this but I got an email saying they are ready to be picked up.

        Wish they arrived yesterday as I was walking past the store yesterday.

  • +1

    OOS every nearby stores here

  • -1

    Got it

  • Thanks, got them in store.

  • +1

    Ordered for click and collect from my local store, lets see if it goes through!

    • Mine did with the Pro 3000. Came with free fist attachment too.

      • +3

        fist attachment?

  • Thanks OP! I got 2 from Glenelg East, Adelaide. They still have 3 or 4 at top shelf.

  • OOS For WA. Mine allowed me to wait for stock

  • +1

    That feeling when it's in-stock in your suburb and ready to pick up 5 minutes after ordering.

  • Whats your favourite toothpaste?

  • Now tell me which e-Toothbrush to buy for these please lol.. Bought first thinking later :)

  • OOS in Adelaide :(

    • Harbourtown, Adelaide still showing in stock.. order before 11:30pm as deal will expire at midnight Sydney time. Collect at the weekend!

      • Tea tree plaza, Modbury plenty of places showing in stock none in CBD stores

  • Bought two and collected before from Bulleen VIC

  • All gone. I bought 8 for 33 on Amazon, now feeling bad 😂

  • 16 pack should last a single user 4 years, not bad for 32 smackeroonies.

  • Chinese made. 2x cheaper than the German made CW used to sell. Bristles discolor in two weeks (the old ones last at least 2 months).

    Cannot source German-made heads any more here, we will throw away our Oral-B handles as soon as we finish the current refill box.

    • +1

      The older ones were from Ireland.

      Never saw Made in Germany ones

    • I thought these lasted 3 months and that the discoloration was an indicator to change heads?

    • Yes chinese made should be at least half the german made price thinking of the cost savings in manufacturing for Oral B.And we dont know if quality will be same.

  • +1

    I been using the knock off brand from Amazon, cheap and does the job

    • How much?

      • 13 for $12

    • I some of that too. I have to say the quality of the brush is not the same. Want the quality, go with the genuine brand.

  • +1

    Price showing as $67.99 now 😞

    • +1

      Which is $31 off the RRP. $31 was the original deal, which leads me to believe it was actually a pricing error. Maybe someone put $31 as the price instead of $31 off RRP.

      But who cares, everyone has cleaner teeth now!

    • I'll sell you my used ones for 1/2 price.

  • Ordered for C&C with the 3000 toothbrush, but tis one got cancelled because it's out of stock. Shame.

    • +1


      ding ding ding

  • Order cancelled, the product has allegedly "been discontinued"

    • This can be a good sign. They may stock German heads again.

  • Thanks OP, managed to grab 2 packs before the price adjustment :P tried to buy more but there was none left

  • I went to my local and saw the tag but empty shelf. I asked if they had any and she took the tag and scanned it and said there should be 2 left.. she went to get a ladder and found them up top! Amazing!!

  • Did anyone get the Free 3 refills that's stickered on the 16pcs label?

    • I just noticed the label, i didn't get any.

    • +1

      I checked with the staff, and they said we're paying 16 refills with the price of 13, hence the 3 free refills

  • You can still get for $31 instore. Same with the discounted toothbrushes

  • Purchased - let's see if my click and collect order comes through! Thanks OP!

  • My local store had 2 on the shelf, even though online it says out of stock. Bought 1 and now have to cancel my Click & Collect order which is still unfulfilled.

  • These are back in stock at some places

  • Local CW had one left last night , kind of hidden on the top shelf. Still scanned at $31. Thanks OP

  • @shanegw733 Wow, great deal. Thanks, OP. Your deal saved me (and others) a lot of $$.

  • Any benefit in getting the official branded refills rather than the knock-off brands from amazon?

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