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AZDOME M300S 4K Dual Dash Cam, IR Night Vision, $72.24 ($70.54 for eBay Plus) Delivered @ azdome_direct_au


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Got one for a second car that isn't driven much as I didn't want to spend a fortune on another BlackVue. For this price I'm willing to live with any quirks.

Also got a 128GB Samsung Pro Endurance for $12.99

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  • Seems really cheap for a front and rear camera, what are the downsides?

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      • the video above says 30fps but specs say 25fps 4k
        3840x2160 25P + 1920x1080 25(Default)
        2560x1440 30P + 1920x1080 30
        1920x1080 30P + 1920x1080 30
      • 128GB max storage and video compression is not great as the review mentions only 3hrs footage on max res on a 64GB card
      • WiFi is only for downloading videos, no network/internet connection, and is slow.
      • App can be buggy, might be better now though, but looked ok in the video review
      • Parking mode only triggers from shock sensor, not movement
      • No hardwire kit included
      • Voice commands don't always work
      • You wouldn't get the level of support or constant firmware updates that Blackvue provide

      I don't have it yet but that's my list from reading reviews. I can only compare to Blackvue as that's all I've used in the past. For a car that isn't driven much it isn't worth spending $300-$600 on a Blackvue, maybe $700-$800 if you want the 4K models.

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    Wow amazing price. I have 2 of these and the only real issue I had was the supplied SD card on both of them started to come up with with a memory error during recording. I reformatted both and one's been working fine since then but not the other. The seller was really great and sent me 2 new cards immediately. The new card fixed the issue in the camera that was still showing (actually speaking) the error. That was about 6 months ago and I haven't had any further issues. Still might be best to get some endurance cards designed for this task. Overall I'm very happy with mine for the price I paid, but don't expect video quality the same as what you'd get from cameras double the price or more, although I think it's quite acceptable and actually better than my old Full HD Blackview and Itronics dashcams from a many years ago.

    Also be aware that the 128GB cards linked above could unfortunately be fakes according to some feedback.

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      They'd have to be fake SD cards at $13, I'm not spending another $30 so was happy to risk it.

      A fake Samsung SD will perform well in a fake Blackvue dashcam.

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    I have this dashcam good camera for the price but I've set it to 2K resolution instead of 4K to save space on the SD card and avoid overwriting old footage too quickly.. The rear camera is 1080P, which allows it to decently capture license plate numbers. However, the voice control feature is not great. It often fails to understand the correct terms I use. Nevertheless, I keep it on so that I can try and quickly lock videos if I come across something interesting. The app that comes with the dashcam is poorly designed and requires too many permissions to function properly. So, I only use it when I really need to adjust settings or watch videos. To have a easy experience, I recommend taking out the memory card from the dashcam and viewing the footage on a desktop or laptop. On a positive note, the dashcam comes with an AZDOME SD card, and luckily, I haven't faced any issues with it so far.

    • Was also planning on setting it to 2K, how much footage can you save?

      With any dashcam you should change the SD card, although I am probably replacing it with a fake.

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        I reckon it probably stores approximately a week worth of videos before it starts looping the older ones since I have a decent drive to work, but I could be mistaken. Also, I used the provides SD card that comes with it, so if it dies out soon, I'll definitely replace it.

        • I've heard you are meant to replace them every year as they will eventually fail.

          A week of footage sounds about right at those settings. In the other car running a Blackvue I replace the SD card every 12-18mths. That car is driven about 1hr/day, 256GB SD card holds about 12-14 days of driving and parking mode movement. Front and Rear 1080P set to highest resolution settings.

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  • Checkout the seller’s eBay store. All of the cameras have the discount that applies. The mirror recorder and M550 pro are interesting too. Keen to know if anyone has them and their feedback.

    • I like the mirror one but too much effort/cost to install. The screen would be too distracting for me though, I like the small barrel design better. Especially with the new laws about not touching devices while driving.

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    The SD cards are ridiculously priced. Your link shows a 512gb card for $14.99. how?

    Edit: just saw the reviews of the seller. Suspect counterfeit do not buy.

  • Fake 4k camera, interpolated.

    • Why the downvote?

      It's not a true 4k sensor, it's a GalaxyCore GC4653 which is 4MP blown up to say it's 4k resolution but it isn't.

      Not a 8MP sensor which will give you 4k. So it's video quality at it's supposed "4k" will be no better than a 2k dash cam.

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    You should probably ignore the resolution claim and prepare for disappointment, I bought a Azdome 4k cam late last year (not this model) and the quality is worse than my previous 7 year old 1080 cam. Only positive thing is it was cheap.

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      on the phone it's horrible, but if you take the sd card out and load on the computer, it looks fine

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        It ain't true 4k though.

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          Don't really need super 4k unless you are reporting on a flying UFO.

          As long as you can capture who (profanity) up on the road, who hit who and the license plate.. that's all it matters. To me anyway.

          I'm not going to load the videos up for a family night to show off my 4K resolutions.

          • @PuppieWayne: I run two 4k dashcams, the Viofo A229 Pro and the Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro. 4k has some benefits with the increased resolution for reading plates clearer, but agreed that mostly the better technology is in the Starvis 2 sensors these dashcams have.

            Night and day difference at now being able to read licence plates when it comes to headlights reflecting them at night (previously could be pretty hit and miss).

            • @adrianhughes1998:

              with the increased resolution for reading plates clearer

              Unless it's a hit and run, most accident will be followers by stopping and exchanging details anyway.

              It will be ideal to have 4k but that's in itself isn't a make or break of a dashcam deal.

      • Not on mine unfortunately. Good feature set and app but definitely <1080. Maybe they're using different 4k sensors in different models.

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          Na they'd be using the same across all their models. At such a low price point it screams fake 4k. That being said there were some older Starvis 1 sensors like IMX415 that did do 4k, but hard to find on sale or hard to find for sale these days.

  • Just ordered one. Will test the video quality

  • does this support hot wiring? 24x7 cam running

    • Yes

    • Hardwiring will get you parking mode - but it won’t be 24/7.

  • How you guys get it installed this and is there any issue with car warranty due to this?

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      Google it. Pretty simple to install unless you are hardwiring.

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    This thing is pretty decent. The playback resolution on the app is not reflective of its true resolution when downloaded.

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