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Bonus 15% Value on MYER Gift Cards @ Coles


Full credit to FreePoints

Next week's upcoming Coles gift card deal!

Great offer on Myers gift cards, especially when you can use these towards items that rarely/never go on sale.

15% bonus value on Myer gift cards

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au or coles.scanshoppay.com.au), subject to store availability. While stocks last.
No rainchecks. Offer valid from 24/1/24 to 30/1/24. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.


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  • +5

    I get Myer gift cards from my mum every Christmas and always find it a struggle to buy anything decent. Terrible shop IMO. But if you shop there this is a great deal

    • +4

      I do like the Reserve brand of menswear when they are on special. Their shorts and pants are great as they have a little bit of stretch and their sizing is generous.

      Quality is on par with others. Onto my fourth year with the shorts I bought. Bought a spare pair when they had Weekend special and Cashback.

    • I think cosmetics/fragrances are really the only thing that's worthwhile in Myer these days. Especially those brands that are never on sale.

    • Twinkly 75% off clearance. After a few years you can build a little Vivid Sydney.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Mrs C has been hinting at possibly getting some new cookware, and no doubt Myer will be having a sale soon.

    • +1

      Myer are always having a sale

    • My friend said to watch a movie "dark waters". I suggest you watch that. I think i am buying some nice steel cookware now and getting rid of my current cookware collection.

      • What cookware do you currently have?

      • +1

        Only way I cook now… stainless steel… seasoned… and guess what non stick and no risk for PFOA in my food.

        Only thing I cook in the non stick pan is low heat and frying eggs.

        • Why can't you fry eggs in the seasoned pan?

          • @illusion99: If there is a spot that got scraped off, the eggs stick.

            I use metal utensil for cooking. I should really use wooden utensil to protect it.

            When I say seasoned it is not like cast iron seasoned, it has a film of oil that sticks to the pan but it is easily removed.

  • +4

    Great! Can buy some aesop product!

    • Yes, the only reason why I buy these cards!

  • +2

    so around 13% off

    100/115 = 0.87

    Not bad but unfortunately they are terriable at price matching..

    • +1

      If you pay 100 and buy for 115 I thought it would be 15%

      • Math trick

        • *maths

        • No trick just correct terms:

          Buy something worth $115 and pay $100, 13% discount
          Buy something worth $100 and get $115 in value: 15% bonus

      • 15% of $115 is 17.25…

  • +1

    Would myer gift card qualified for 4 weeks 10k bonus points challenge?

    • +3

      Nope gift cards are excluded

  • -3

    wish it offers about a week early; already got myself a pair of RM Williams boots.

  • Can you use this gift card in the Le Labo located on the ground floor in Myer?

    • +1

      Not sure which Myer you're talking about, but they don't stock Le Labo usually. So I'm going to say that you can't use the gift cards for it.

  • Myer baby/kids clothing range is decent for the price and with regular 30-40% plus this 15% it's worth it.

  • +3

    Dont forget to use those $20 vouchers sent last week for this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/822741

  • +1

    Considering SB and CR have good cashback with Myer often, this deal isn't great because gift cards void cashback if I'm not mistaken?

    • +4

      Yeah, so you use this offer for stuff that's not eligible for cashback e.g. Aesop

      • Exactly what I'll be using it for

  • Could Coles and/or Coles Myer GC be used to purchase these?

    • Highly doubt it. Myer is pretty strict on gift cards.

  • How much is the max gift card considering 5 limit? Do stores allow multiple gc usage?

    • +2

      How much is the max gift card considering 5 limit?

      I have seen Coles stock $50, $100 and $200 denominations.

      You can always get around this limit by purchasing more gift cards in a separate transaction, but you probably should not do this in the same visit, because a staff member may stop you if they see you trying to purchase more than 5 gift cards in the same visit at a particular store.

      Do stores allow multiple gc usage?

      You can redeem a maximum of 9 gift cards in one transaction on the Myer website.

      If you are instore, I am not sure whether there is a limit.

      • I once redeemed 14 Myer (and Coles Group & Myer) gift cards in one transaction.
      • Someone else once redeemed 28 Myer gift cards in one transaction.
      • +1

        Wow 14! Thank you, I only need about $400-$500 or so for what I am buying so maybe 3.

  • Is this just Myer or Coles Myer, can't seem to see it in the catalogue and thought I'd ask here before going in - WA based, cheers

  • Chinese New Year is just around the corner.
    Maybe there will be Chinese New Year Gift Cards discounted ?
    Can Coles Gift Cards be used at Myer stores (they are part of the Myer group )

    • +3

      Can Coles Gift Cards be used at Myer stores (they are part of the Myer group )

      Only those that have Coles Group and Myer on them

      • +1

        Bugger, I've just discovered that Myer no longer sell Apple iPhones !! There goes my plan !!
        Any Apple or JB gift cards discounted anywhere ?

    • I think Coles and MYer parted ways a few years ago.

      • +3

        Coles Myer spun off Myer in 2006, with the remainder of Coles Myer rebranding to Coles Group (which was itself bought out by Wesfarmers in 2007).

        However, you can use a Coles Group & Myer gift card at Myer, Coles and a number of other retailers.

  • I just bought 5 $200 cards from Coles and tried to use them online. However, I found the 15% bonus is not there. Do I need to wait a few hours until it arrives on my cards?

    • +1

      I bought a few half an hour ago and used them right away. All had the 15% applied to them!

    • I have the same problem. Bought 2 x $50 at the same time as you. Just called Myer to check the balance, the bonus value is not loaded on both cards. Myer advised me to go back to Coles to ensure there is a promotion. I will go back to Coles tomorrow to sort it out. The problem is the value on the card doesn’t show on their system. I had a similar problem at Woolies last time when buying Myer gift card.

    • With another brand of gift card sometimes you have to wait a day for it to appear online, maybe they have the correct balance on the actual card but it isn't reported in their systems yet.

  • Hey sorry silly question about Amex
    Does buying myer gift card from coles count as Amex min spend?
    (I heard someone said buying gift card from woolies counts as it is saying grocery shopping. Would that be the same for coles?)

  • -3

    Does this Myer gift card works for officeworks?

    • lol.

      But in all seriousness, no.

      • I was reading on Internet that it works that's why 😅 thank you.

        • +1

          Only those that say Coles Group and Myer

          • @kerfuffle: Ohh, so this one isn't Cole's group and Myer,got it! Thank you!!

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