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Up to 25% off Ready to Ship Products, 15% off Karman, Gesture, Leap + Delivery ($0 Mel/Syd C&C) @ Steelcase

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Leap no headrest in only a couple of colours at $1372.
Not the best deal but better than nothing if you want one now

Edit: I also found SPECIALS30 and save up to 30% off selected variants. Didn't work on leap with headrest tho, not sure what it works on
This discount code is for the back to school sale so should expire around that time

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  • Is the leap a worthy replacement for an old aeron when it sh1ts the bed?
    Seeing as aerons are only for Bezos and Gates now

    • i will go for embody

      • There seems to be a hell of a delay on embody. I ordered on black Friday sales and doubt i will see it before March or even April

    • FWIW I've never sat on a HM chair but the Leap V2 I got from the Telstra employee deal a couple of years back was probably the best thing I bought that entire year. Very comfy and improved my back noticeably.

  • Any idea how long this promo goes for?

    • Expires 4th of February.

      • Are you expecting more Leap with arms but no headrest stock before then?

        • We will likely not have any new non-HR stock before the end of the sale. What we had mostly sold early this week.

  • +1

    No shipping to QLD. The local dealer doesn't even offer the same version of the gesture. Pretty miffed, I am willing to pay this much for a chair and they wont even take my money.

    • interesting, no mention of that on their shipping policy page…

    • +1

      I found some models do ship, others don't. I was going to get one, but then had to change to a different model and it allowed me to ship.

  • What makes the holiday edition different?

    • Wheels are carpet friendly I think

  • gesture or aeron?

  • +2

    i will wait for 30%-35% off on gesture.

  • Just tried the Leap, Karman and Steelcase 2 in our office side by side and everyone thought the Leap was way better. It just has far more adjustability, so you can dial it in to exactly what you like.

  • Unfortunately Karman only 15% with STUDY25

  • Are steelcase chairs a rip off??? This is like $1000 for a chair wtf

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