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Free Worldwide Unlimited Skype Calls for 1 Month (Calls to Landlines)



Skype is having their promotion for free landline calls for 1 month again.
I remember using this offer earlier this year when I went overseas and now it's available again.

-One month of free unlimited¹ calls, worth €10.49.
-Calls to mobiles in seven countries, including the USA, Canada and Hong Kong³.
-Unlimited calls to landlines in over 40 countries4.
-Call when you want, day and night, seven days a week.
-No obligation — try it for a month and cancel at any time.

Trial Expires: 15/11/2012

Need CC details and will charge $1 for checking account purposes, but not actually charged.

REMEMBER: You need to cancel subscription at the end of the free period or you will be charged.
EDIT: Need to be existing Member for at least 29 Days.


Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in

Canada,  Guam Hong Kong S.A.R., China Puerto Rico 
Singapore Thailand United States

Unlimited calls to landlines only

Argentina  Australia  Austria Belgium  Chile  Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland  France
Germany Greece Hungary Ireland  Israel  Italy
Japan Korea, South Luxembourg  Malaysia Netherlands
New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal  Russia (Moscow and St.Petersburg only)
Slovakia Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Taiwan United Kingdom   Venezuela

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    "Offer available only to existing Skype users who have been registered with Skype more than 29 days"

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    I believe the world has more than 40 countries.

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    After the first month, your subscription will automatically continue and payments will be taken monthly unless you cancel within 27 days of the start date. Only one free Unlimited World subscription can be claimed per customer. Offer not available in China, Korea, Russia or Taiwan.

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      You can call China but not from China?


        I checked the countries this promotion includes after signing up
        I think it includes Hong Kong - China, but not all cities in China since I didn't see the 'China' flag


        I don't think you can call China neither.
        Check 'Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles ' country list that OP has posted.
        There is only HK there.

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          That's because you can call both landlines and mobiles.

          Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in Canada, Guam Hong Kong S.A.R., China Puerto Rico Singapore Thailand United States.

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          That is Hong Kong S.A.R., China, which is the official name of Hong Kong.
          There is no China in neither lists.

          Check 'See all unlimited calling countries' under Unlimited World:

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    Let the international prank calling begin.

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    In summary its for 1 month (30 days) but you have to start claiming it by 15/11/12.

    Cancel within 27 days of your start date, or they will charge you for next month too.


    When does the month start? from when you first log in after clicking on the offer, or can you nominate the start date as offer is valid until mid nov.


    Awesome, if you got an android with installed skype, it will make it alot easier to call via skype.


    "Oops - it looks like this trial has either expired or isn’t available for this Skype Name.
    Please ensure you’ve signed in with the Skype Name the free trial was sent to."
    P.s. Russia

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    Incoming prank calling :D

    Edit: Naw,turns out I was 35 minutes late to say this :c

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    I'm interested in this but how exactly does one "cancel" ? Is it as simple as clicking a cancel button or will I have to do something out of my way in order to cancel ?


    It active automaticaly after I give my payment details. It start today 24/10/12 and I try making call to Australia landline and HK (landline and mobile) all good. Next payment date is 21/11/12

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    You can always cancel the subscription right away after you activate the free trial, in case you forget later on and get charged.

    And this is exactly what I just did.
    "You've cancelled your Unlimited World subscription. You can continue to make calls until it expires on November 24, 2012.
    No further payments will be taken unless you reactivate this subscription"

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      how to cancel it?

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        Once you do it:
        Click Account at the top of the Skype website.
        Select "1 subscription" from the left
        Click the "settings" of unlimited world
        At the bottom of the page is a link to cancel.

        1 month free calls :D


    Just need to confirm, the ad says unlimited calls to Landlines AND Mobiles, but when I subscribed and checked my subscription info, it just says I have unlimited calls to the 'following landlines'….. so NO calling mobiles numbers for free???

    found the clause - Calls to mobiles and landlines in these countries: Canada, Guam, Hong Kong S.A.R. China, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and United States.

    ok so not all countries mobiles are eligible


    If you want to cancel during your first month

    Simply sign into your account and disable the subscription by clicking Subscription settings on the Call phones tab.

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    i've just activated the offer! no need for cc, i did it through Paypal :)

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      did the same! i also cancelled right after activation and stiill have the free 1 month.. woohooo
      removed approve payment agreement with skype on paypal to. so no auto recharge by accidents..


    Use it to shop around &/or haggle (with, eg, vendors in HK, EU, USA, NZ, etc.).


    I signed up, thanks op.
    If i call a mobile will they deduct it from my credit card?

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      No. I think you need Skype credit to make calls or send texts which land outside of the conditions of this subscription. For example, you can only call South Korean landlines with this subscription. If you want to call a mobile in South Korea, you need Skype credit. To get Skype credit, just pay the amount you want with your credit card. I think the minimum amount is $16 dollars if I am not wrong.

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    Can make phone calls to Australian landlines;
    Cannot make phone calls to Australia mobiles;
    Cannot make phone calls to China.

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    Could someone please let me know whether free calls could be made to Pakistan ?

    Just found, Pakistan isn't in eligible countries list :/

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    this include HK, but not mainland China,
    the deal is for Unlimited World. 11 euro per month
    there is another deal called "Unlimited world including China“ 17 euro per month.


    the region includes Taiwan?


    I tried. Even if you call China, it will charge you.


      seems this is answer my question

      qingyu 2 hours 42 min ago ¶
      this include HK, but not mainland China,
      the deal is for Unlimited World. 11 euro per month
      there is another deal called "Unlimited world including China“ 17 euro per month.


      So BS! Thanks for letting us know.


    Worldwide =/= 41 countries!!!


    Hey guys this might be an extremely stupid question but I was wondering, some friends and I are headed over to USA next month. Can we call each other using this deal?

    Also does one side need to be on wifi or 3G?

    I'm not familiar with how Skype technology works!

    Could this be a replacement for us getting US sim cards?


      skype is voip / internet phone, mean you need internet access. if your friend can have internet access then yes you can connect each other, you don;t call his phone number, but you call his profile, similar like you call someone on their email.
      try google it what is voip


        Thanks but this deal is to call landlines or mobiles so it wouldn't be on their profile right?

        As in I get that the common method of Skype is profile to profile over wifi, but Skype also allows you to call over phone networks right?

        Which means if I'm in my hotel room with wifi I can call my mate on their USA phone number for free? Even if they are not on wifi?

        What if they have their Aus sim in?

        Does that make sense?

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          joannatan has muddied the waters by introducing a new term "calling their profile".

          You can call somebody who also has Skype running via peer to peer. It cost both of you nothing except Internet traffic. Whether it goes through wired Ethernet, Wifi, or 3G for part of the way is irrelevant. But if 3G then you may be paying charges for that too.

          You can also make calls to normal phones (landline and mobile). This is what is offered here for free, normally it costs a few cents per minute.

          As for your phonebook, it can contain both Skype and phone number entries for a person. For example I normally call my relis on Skype, but if their Internet connection is down I can click on the phone number and pay a couple of cents per minute to make the call. Also if only a phone number is available for the callee, e.g. a local shop.


    doesnt include India as well :(


    Error - Link a new debit or credit card to make an instant payment - Paypal???

    Doesn't want to accept my paypal?


    For those thinking of cancelling before the 1 month period is up, be careful as they charge you renewal 3 - 4 days before the 1 month period is up. I joined 22 Aug. and they charged my credit card 18 Sept for the renewal. I complained because I have existing skype balance of around $9 and I noticed that my balance is being debited every time I call overseas during the free 1 month period.

    They did refund it to me when I complained to Skype and Paypal.


    I just cancelled my subscription as it didn't provide free calling to India, and I got a message saying "You've cancelled your Unlimited World subscription. You can continue to make calls until it expires on November 24, 2012.
    No further payments will be taken unless you reactivate this subscription."

    So that means, If you cancel you can still make use of the subscription until next month.


    Just signed up. Interesting confirmation email. They helpfully tell you when they will start charging for real (10 Dec for me), but also that this subscription started 01/01/1970. Now all I need is a time machine and I can have 42 years of free calls. LOL